5 Best Bottles for Thickened Formula (& Ideal Nipples)

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Have you recently started feeding your baby a thicker formula? If you’re using regular bottles, you might have noticed your baby seeming a little finicky. The reality is, your little one is most likely struggling to get the thicker formula through the normal-sized nipple. But there are some solutions.

The best bottle for thickened formula is Dr. Brown’s Options Baby Bottle for Thickened Formula. This bottle has always been a personal favorite because of its superior anti-colic vent system. Its Y-cut nipples make it easy for thicker formulas to flow through without any hassle. I’ve also compiled a list of 5 of the best bottles. 

Best bottles for thickened formula

  1. Dr. Brown’s Options Baby Bottle for Thickened Formula 
  2. Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Added Cereal Baby Bottle
  3. MAM Easy Start Anti-Colic Bottle 11 oz (3-Count)
  4. Playtex Baby VentAire Bottle
  5. Gaodear Baby Food Feeder Squeeze Cereal Feeding Bottle

Comparing my top 3 choices

FeaturesDr. Brown Options for Thickened FormulaTommee Tippee Closer to NatureGaodear Baby Food Feeder Squeeze Cereal Feeding Bottle
MaterialsNon-toxic & BPA-free materialsPhthalates free, BPA-freeHigh-quality food-grade materials, BPA-free, food-grade silicone
Anti-colic systemCan be used with or without internal vent systemNoNot a regular feeding bottle
Suitable for ages3 months +3 months+ 3 months+
Dishwasher-safeYes, on top rackBoth bottles & nipples are dishwasher-safeEasy to clean
Type of nippleSoft silicone, medium to fast flowY-cut nipple for optimum flowSilicone spoon suitable for thicker formula, rice, puree
Sterilizer safeYesYesYes

1. Dr. Brown’s Options Baby Bottle for thickened formula

Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow® Anti-Colic Options+™ Narrow Baby Bottles 4 oz/120 mL, with Level 1 Slow Flow Nipple, 4 Count (Pack of 1), 0m+


  • Anti-colic system designed to reduce spit-up & colic symptoms
  • Improves nutrients in milk
  • Consistent feeding pace aids digestion
  • Can be used with or without a vent system
  • Y-cut nipples with wide neck bottles

Why consider it

If you’re already using Dr. Brown’s Options + Anti-Colic bottles, blue or green bottles you don’t need to buy a whole new bottle. Simply buy the nipples designed to aid thicker formula. In doing so your baby can continue enjoying the benefits of Dr. Brown’s anti-colic venting system. If you’re buying this bottle for the first time, you’ll soon find out how great it is for reducing colic, spit-up, burping or gas which might increase as the baby adjusts to the increased formula. 


  • Anti-colic vent system
  • Preserves nutrients
  • Soft silicone nipples available in different flow rates
  • Dishwasher-safe


  • Vent-system can leak if not assembled correctly
  • Can be tiresome to take apart and clean
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2. Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Added Cereal Baby Bottle

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Added Cereal Baby Bottle, Y-cut Bottle Nipple, BPA-free (11oz, 3 Count)


  • Bottle comes in an 11-ounce size 
  • Y-cut nipple for optimal flow of thicker liquids
  • Smooth silicone nipple for natural feel
  • Easy-latch nipple

Why consider it

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Added Cereal Baby Bottle is another bottle that features the Y-cut nipple, making it easier for thicker formulas to flow through. With its bigger 11-ounce bottle, it holds larger volumes for infants & toddlers. It also doesn’t have as many components to take apart and clean! This is why it’s a great alternative for a Dr. Brown bottle.


  • Easy to clean
  • Nipples have a natural feel
  • Y-cut nipple makes it easier to use for thicker formulas
  • Nipple is flexible


  • Y-cut can be too big for smaller babies
  • Babies might struggle to adjust, flow can be fast
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3. MAM Easy Start Anti-Colic Bottle 11 oz (3-Count), Baby Essentials, Fast Flow Bottles with Silicone Nipples

MAM Easy Start Anti Colic 11 oz Baby Bottle, Easy Switch Between Breast and Bottle, Reduces Air Bubbles and Colic, 3 Pack, 4+ Months, Unisex,3 Count (Pack of 1)


  • Vented base design releases liquid at the right pace to prevent burping or gas
  • Elongated nipple makes latching and adjustment easier
  • Easy to clean & assemble

Why consider it

The MAM Easy Start Anti-Colic Bottle is worth considering if you want to switch your baby from breast milk to thicker formula. Its elongated nipple shape makes it easy for your baby to adjust. The bottle also reduces colic symptoms in 80% of babies, making it one of the better bottles for reflux. 


  • Sterilizes in the microwave
  • Minimizes colic symptoms
  • Fast flow silicone nipples


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4. Playtex Baby VentAire Bottle

Playtex Baby VentAire Bottle, Helps Prevent Colic and Reflux, 6 Ounce Bottles, 3 Count


  • Ergonomic, angled design enables semi-upright feeding 
  • Easy to clean & reassemble
  • Anti-colic design reduces air ingestion
  • Wide-shaped Naturalatch silicone nipple promotes proper latching
  • Nipple flow is ideal for thicker formulas

Why consider it

The angled design on the Playtex Baby VentAire Bottle makes it easier to feed your little one and prevents ear infections. It also reduces colic and reflux symptoms. The nipple flow is ideal for introducing your baby to thicker formulas. 

This is also my recommendation when comparing Playtex to Avent bottles.


  • Easy to clean
  • Fewer parts allow quicker assembly
  • Silicone nipple for easier latching
  • Suitable for thicker formulas


  • Bottles prone to leaking
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5. Gaodear Baby Food Feeder Squeeze Cereal Feeding Bottle

Gaodear Baby Food Feeder,Squeeze Cereal Feeding Bottle, Silicone Dispensing Spoon with Dust Cover (Green, 3oz/90ml, for 4 Months+ Babies)


  • Designed with high-quality food-grade materials
  • BPA-free & non-toxic
  • Spoon feeder massages baby’s gum
  • Ideal for feeding thick formula, rice, cereal, fruit puree
  • Comes with a sealing cover to prevent leakage
  • Dishwasher & sterilizer safe

Why consider it

The Gaodear Baby Food Feeder Squeeze Cereal Feeding Bottle is the ideal way to feed your baby thicker formula, rice, puree or even cereal. The soft spoon is made of silicone which helps massage your baby’s gums during teething and there’s no risk of getting hurt with a conventional spoon. It’s also great for traveling!


  • Easy to clean
  • Silicone spoon ideal for thick formulas
  • Leakproof
  • Great for traveling
  • Non-toxic


  • Spoon can be too soft
  • If the top isn’t screwed on correctly, the feeder will leak
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What to do when the formula is too thick for the nipple

The best thing to do when the formula struggles to pass through the nipple is to opt for a new set of nipples. If you’re using a bottle that accommodates different-sized nipples, it might be as simple as buying the next-level nipple

Ideal nipple size for thickened formula

Most babies start eating thicker formula at the age of 3 months. At this time the most ideal nipple size to use will be a level 2 nipple. This nipple is sometimes also referred to as a medium flow nipple and is suitable for ages 3 to 6 months. After which you’ll progress to fast flow nipples

Best nipples for thickened formula

Two of the best nipples for thickened formula are those on offer from Dr. Brown and Philips Avent. If you already have these bottles, you won’t have to replace the whole bottle. Simply stock up on new nipples! 

1. Dr. Brown’s Original Nipple, Y-cut

If you already have Dr.Brown’s bottles, simply buy these nipples designed for thickened milk, formula or cereal. They’re compatible with Dr.Brown’s Natural Flow Bottles as well as Dr. Brown’s Options Bottles. The Y-cut nipple ensures a consistent flow. 

2. Philips Avent Natural Baby Bottle Variable Flow Nipple

Just like other Avent nipples, this one, suitable for thicker formula, is made of breast-shaped silicone. Unique airflex technology reduces feeding issues such as colic, burping or gas by venting air away from the baby’s tummy during faster feeding. 

Factors to consider when looking for bottles for thickened formula

When it’s time to swap bottles for thicker milk or formula, it’s essential to use a few of the same criteria you used to find the ideal bottles for the early stages. I’ve listed a few of the most prominent factors to consider when choosing the most ideal bottle. 

Always choose BPA-free

The most essential point to consider is the materials the bottles and nipples are made of. As with anything else you’ve bought for your baby, the next set of bottles should also be BPA-free as well as non-toxic. 

Easy to clean

As with your first set of bottles, you’ll want bottles and nipples that are easy to clean. Some bottles can be quite annoying and time-consuming to clean, especially if you opt for bottles with many components. To make the process simpler, choose bottles that are quick and easy to clean, especially dishwasher-safe options! 


You don’t want to be buying nipples every week, so always opt for a brand/type that’s durable. Believe me, it’s worth paying a little extra for a few nipples that are durable and non-leaking! 

Choose soft nipples

Nipples are the most important part of the bottle since this is the part that goes into the baby’s mouth. In addition to being the correct shape and size, the nipples you choose must be durable and able to ensure thicker milk or formula flow. It’s always wise to use a nipple made of food-grade silicone.

In addition to buying the ideal bottle for thick formula, you might like to see an easy clip about thickening baby formula.


The top options I’ve listed make finding the next set of bottles so much easier. The very best for me is Dr. Brown’s Options Baby Bottle for Thickened Formula

The most important tip to pay careful attention to is the nipple size when selecting the right for you. Ensure that the formula can flow through without any hassle so that your little one can still get the right amount of food! Any one of the bottles on this list will be ideally suited to feeding thicker formula or even milk, so rest assured that whatever option you choose, you won’t struggle!

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