Thanks for visiting this site. I guess you’re anxious to learn a little bit about who I am, why I started this blog, what’s in it for you.I’m Balint, a new father living in the north of Switzerland who is the lucky one to have a young lady, my first daughter Amelia. At the time of this writing, she’s turned recently 10 months old, and therefore I’m literally a new father.

Fatherhood is not a piece of cake. This insight I learned slowly but surely. Even though it’s usually the mom who takes care of most of the baby stuff, we as fathers can and I believe should assist our other half in different ways. Moms can get overwhelmed and in the end fathers might become the target for the remaining surplus of energy moms might have. By assisting in cooking, playing with our child, changing sometimes the diapers can give the needed insights into the world of moms, to really see things through their eyes. I have gone through a full immersion recently by actually being home alone with her, being responsible for my daughter for a day. There is no better way to appreciate the level of help children need and to understand what moms do every day. This one day of victory has also earned me some other good points with my partner.

As first time fathers we go through the ups and downs of becoming true fathers who take the responsibilities we’ve been given. When comparing fathers vs dads, by taking fatherhood as a project, I believe everyone could become a nurturing dad. In this blog you get to read about some of my insights based on lessons learned on upbringing, on how to get more sleep during nights, what gears your family might need to make your life easier, and many more.

I put together all content on this side by digging into topics, doing research, buying stuff, trying out things hands on to see what works and what doesn’t. We live in a fast-evolving, unpredictable world and my goal is to teach my child and family how to thrive in such a world. By constantly learning and trying out things we can have the best chances for our future selves. I want this site to be a source of information for busy fathers who need tools and tricks for making their newly created life with a child easier. 

If you want to shout out to me, have a request, a question or just want to say hello, go to my contact page to send a message. I’d be happy to hear from you!

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