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Whether you’re going on vacation or paying the grandparents a quick visit, always pack a baby monitor. Which one you might ask? I’d go with the Goodbaby Video Baby Monitor which in my opinion is the best baby monitor for travel. It’s compact, reliable, and has long battery life.

Traveling with a baby can be pretty stressful. You wonder what to pack and what you can go without. I can assure you that a baby monitor should NEVER be left behind. I’ll explain why you need one when traveling and how to go about picking the right monitor for the trip.

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Why You Need A Baby Monitor When Traveling

Parenting is a full-time job. You must always keep an eye on your little one — especially when traveling. It’s important you pick the right baby monitor for the job. It’s apparent when picking a travel baby monitor, certain features take priority over others.

Because a regular baby monitor won’t cut it. This often leaves parents feeling a little confused regarding which product to go with. That’s why I’ve put this section together so I can help you arrive at the right decision.

What is a Portable Baby Monitor?

I know dads love to travel light. But that might be a little unrealistic when traveling with your little one. Traveling with a baby requires you to pack a LOT of stuff so your vacation is stress-free for both you and your baby. A stroller, diapers, and carrier are just some of the items you need to pack. And you’ll still need to carry your baby too!

The most you can do is to pick portable items. You won’t have to lug a heavy bag wherever you go. Opt for a portable baby monitor designed to make handling a breeze. Such a monitor is compact, small, and lightweight.

Also, portable units usually run on batteries and rarely need to be plugged in. This comes in handy if your destination doesn’t have a power source.

Have a look at this video outlining what else you can pack for a trip with your baby.

Key Features of Baby Monitors

When deciding which baby monitor to buy, pay attention to the following key features:

  • Video or audio: Some monitors allow for audio functions such as the Phillips Avent Monitor and Vtech DM111 Audio Baby Monitor. The Motorola Crib Baby Monitor, Goodbaby Video Baby Monitor, and Victure Baby Monitor allow for video function. Or, you can pick a unit that allows for both functions. A video baby monitor allows you to keep an eye on your baby from wherever you are. You can’t see your baby using an audio-only baby monitor. This feature only allows you to hear sounds coming from your baby’s room.
  • Sound Quality: Pick a unit with impressive sound quality so you can hear your baby clearly if she’s in distress and needs attention. Find a monitor that comes with sound interference filters to block out noises for clear transmission. Or, you can pick a unit that incorporates DECT technology designed to eliminate white noise for clearer signal transmission.
  • Transmission range: Speaking of sound, consider the transmission range of the monitor. Is it long or short? A long-range baby monitor will come in handy if grandma has a huge house and you want to listen in clearly on your baby from afar.
  • Image quality: Opt for a baby monitor that offers crystal clear vision — even at night. A baby monitor with infrared or advanced night vision allows you to view your baby clearly in low light conditions.
  • Two-way communication: You don’t have to swoop into your baby’s room each time you hear a sound or sneeze. Pick a unit that allows for two-way communication so you can soothe your child via the monitor when necessary.
  • Music: A monitor that plays soothing lullabies will come in handy if your baby is in distress.

Pros and Cons of Video Baby Monitors

Video monitors are the obvious choice when picking a travel baby monitor. I’ll quickly point out their pros and cons:


  • Video monitors allow you to see and hear your baby. You can see if your child is crying because his little foot is trapped between the crib slats or is being smothered by a blanket. In other words, video monitors allow you to get a full picture of your little one and relay images in real-time.
  • They allow you to respond to your baby much quicker in urgent situations.
  • They allow the streaming of your baby’s activities to your phone or tablet for your convenience.
  • Some smart video monitors are adjustable. You can tilt or swivel the wide-angle lens to get a better view of your little one.

If you’re picking a video baby monitor, make sure it has video interference filters that allow for better image clarity.


With regards to cons, video baby monitors have the following disadvantages:

  • They fetch a higher price tag than their audio-only counterparts
  • They usually operate on a higher frequency resulting in higher radiation emission which might have undesirable health effects on your little one.
  • They use up the battery quickly.

What to Look for When Choosing a Travel Baby Monitor

Along with the size and portability of the baby monitor, a few other considerations need to be kept in mind when choosing a travel unit. Here are some key features to look out for:

  • Power Source: Consider the source of power. Is the baby monitor battery-operated or must it be plugged into a power source? All the models on my list except the Victure Baby Monitor are battery operated.
  • Battery life: We’ve established a battery-operated unit is ideal if you’re traveling with a baby—especially to a place with no power sources Make sure you pay attention to the battery life of the unit. Is it long or short? The Phillips Avent Monitor and Goodbaby Video Baby Monitor both have long battery life.
  • Rechargeable vs disposable batteries: Purchase a unit that comes with rechargeable batteries as opposed to disposal batteries. Rechargeable batteries are more cost-effective in the long-run. Plus, you don’t need to be dashing to the convenience store every other day, during your trip, to buy batteries for your monitor. And you may not even have a convenience store nearby!! The Goodbaby Video Baby Monitor is the only unit on my list of recommendations that comes with rechargeable batteries.
  • Multiple cameras: Some units such as the Victure Baby Monitor come with 4 cameras which allow you to get a full view of your baby’s room.
  • Warnings: A baby monitor that gives off “low battery” alerts is convenient when traveling with your little one. You’ll rest assured the monitor is charged up at all times.
  • Travel case: A travel case is a nice touch when picking a travel baby monitor. You can keep all the components of your baby monitor safely in one place.

Best Overall Baby Monitor – Goodbaby Video Baby Monitor

Video Baby Monitor with Camera and Audio - Auto Night Vision,Two-Way Talk, Temperature Monitor, Lullabies, 960ft Range and Long Battery Life 12

I’ll kick off my list with this video baby monitor from Goodbaby Video Baby Monitor which I’ve voted as the best overall on my list.

Expect impeccable sound and video quality if you pick this unit which features a high-quality LCD display screen & night vision. You’ll see your baby’s face clearly even after turning off the light in his room. The picture quality is clearer thanks to the stable and non-interference video filters incorporated in the unit.

Who It’s For

The unit is ideal for tech-savvy parents looking for a sophisticated smart baby monitor.

Why You Should Consider It

This product features all the bells and whistles you need to monitor your baby efficiently. It comes with a two-way communication feature, room temperature monitoring, and plays soothing lullabies. The fact you can hear your baby from a distance of 1000ft is also a huge plus—provided you’re in an open area.

Aside from monitoring your baby via the unit, it also has a feeding reminding alarm. This notifies you when your baby is due for his next feeding. You’ll like how the unit is designed to operate in off-screen mode. When your baby starts crying, the screen will turn on. This not only eliminates unnecessary sounds coming from the monitor but preserves the battery life.

Product Information

  • Dimensions: 7.12 x 6.73 x 3.3”
  • Weight: 1.14lb
  • Power source: Rechargeable batteries


  • Long battery life
  • Long transmission range
  • Connects up to 4 cameras allowing for optimum room viewing


  • The camera doesn’t rotate
  • Can’t adjust monitor settings when in zoom mode
  • No movement detection
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Best Sound Quality- Phillips Avent Monitor

Philips AVENT Dect Audio Baby Monitor SCD720/86, White and Gray

You can’t discuss baby monitors without including this brand. The brand doesn’t disappoint when designing reliable smart baby monitors. This audio-only baby monitor uses DECT technology which allows for zero transmission interference resulting in clear sound quality.

Who It’s For

This is perfect for parents wanting a unit with exceptional sound quality.

Why You Should Consider It

This baby monitor allows you to soothe your baby via the intercom thanks to the two-way talkback feature. If for any reason, you can’t sing to your baby when in distress, the soothing lullabies will help you out. You’ll love the monitor’s impressive long-range. You can listen in on your baby from as far as 1000ft.

The night-time friendly function dims the monitor’s light and sounds at night to avoid interfering with your baby’s sleep. But what has to be the unit’s most impressive feature is the eco-mode function. Not only does this feature minimize noise transmission but increases the monitor’s battery life.

Product Information

  • Dimensions: 3.7 x 8.66 x 6.14”
  • Weight: 1.15lb
  • Power Source: Battery


  • Long battery life
  • Impeccable sound quality
  • Monitor’s temperature in baby’s room


  • No video function
  • Pricy compared to other products
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Best Portable Baby Monitor – VTech DM111 Audio Baby Monitor

VTech Upgraded Audio Baby Monitor with Rechargeable Battery, Long Range, and Crystal-Clear Sound

This baby monitor has an impressive long transmission range of 1000ft. You can hear your little one clearly from a distance. The fact it operates using DECT technology allows for even better signal transmission because it’s designed to eliminate white noise.

Who It’s For

This model is perfect if you’re visiting a large home.

Why You Should Consider It

The unit features a 5-level sound indicator which allows you to control the amount of sound coming from the unit. Using this feature, you can monitor the noise level coming from your baby’s room while it’s muted.

The belt clip is a nice touch. Simply clip the receiver onto your belt and you can move around with it hassle-free. This allows you to monitor your baby from anywhere. The nightlight turns off automatically after 15 minutes if no sound is detected from your baby’s room. This saves the monitor’s battery from draining prematurely.

Product Information

  • Dimensions:1.9 x 4.6 x 2.6”
  • Weight: 15.2 oz
  • Power source: AC power, battery-operated


  • Long battery life
  • Easy to set up
  • Reasonably priced


  • Produces a lot of static
  • Doesn’t come with batteries
  • Makes annoying clicking sounds
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Best Video Quality- Motorola Crib Baby Monitor

Motorola Halo+ Video Baby Monitor - Infant Wi-Fi Camera with Overhead Crib Mount - 4.3-Inch Color Screen with Infrared Night Vision and Intercom - Compatible with Remote Viewing App and Sleep Tracker

If you prefer an audio plus video baby monitor consider this Motorola unit. Thanks to the video function, you can monitor your child visually. Plus, you can stream your baby footage via your Smartphone making it even more convenient.

Who It’s For

For parents who want to monitor their baby via their mobile phones.

Why You Should Consider It

I love how the unit produces clear and crisp images. You can make out every feature on your baby’s face even in low light conditions. This is thanks to the sizeable 4.3” display color screen and infrared night vision technology incorporated. The monitor allows for two-way communication so you can soothe your child via the intercom.

And it plays soothing lullabies. The manufacturer added 7-night colors you can pick from creating a soothing ambiance in your little one’s room. Over and above these features, the monitor is designed to track your child’s feeding and sleeping times as well as diaper changes. You can expect to be on top of your parenting game if you pick this sophisticated device.

Product Information

  • Dimensions: 16.5 x 8.25 x 63”
  • Weight: 3lb
  • Power source: Battery


  • Comes with batteries
  • Easy to set up
  • Offers two viewing options (your phone and original display unit)


  • Expensive
  • Disconnects frequently
  • Alert sounds too loud
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Most Versatile Baby Monitor- Victure Baby Monitor

I’ll round off my list of recommendations with this versatile baby monitor which allows you to keep an eye on your baby whenever they’re out of sight. The unit allows you to view your baby clearly whether it’s night or day time. This is because the monitor automatically switches to advanced night vision at night so you can see your baby clearly when the lights go out.

Who It’s For

This monitor is ideal for parents looking for a baby monitor, security, and nanny cam all in one.

Why You Should Consider It

The manufacturer went all out including features that make monitoring your baby a breeze from anywhere in the home. These include the two-way communication, anti-noise technology, and smart motion detection feature.

When movement is detected in your baby’s room, an alert is sent to your phone. This makes the monitor double as a security cam. Along with sound detection, if your baby cries, an alert is sent to your phone. Your baby footage is stored in the device for later viewing. This comes in handy if you’re using the unit as a nanny cam.

Product Information

  • Dimensions: 6.6 x 4 x 3.7”
  • Weight:12.8 oz
  • Power source: Plug-in


  • Easy to set up
  • Can control the camera angle and set alerts via the app
  • Crisp pictures both in day and night mode


  • Sound alerts too low
  • A red light on camera distracting
  • Not battery operated
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What type of baby monitor is best for traveling?

A portable baby monitor that doesn’t require plugging into a power source is ideal for traveling.

Do I need a baby monitor?

Yes, monitoring your baby 24/7 is no walk in the park. A baby monitor not only helps you keep an eye on your child to ensure their safety, but also helps relieve any parental anxiety.

What is important when I shop for a travel baby monitor?

When shopping for a travel baby monitor consider aspects such as battery life, transmission range, portability, and reliability. You want to pick a monitor which effectively does the job it’s designed to do.

Pro Tip: Did you know that there are baby monitors also on your phone? You might want to check out for example app.

Final Thoughts

Traveling with your baby need not be something you dread. Take advantage of the nifty little gadgets designed to make parenting easier and run with them. And that’s exactly what a travel baby monitor does.

The right travel baby monitor must be compact, easy to set up, simple to use, and have long battery life. In my opinion, the Goodbaby Video Baby Monitor ticks all these boxes and more.

It allows you to see your baby clearly, uses rechargeable batteries, and has a long transmission range. To top it off, the monitor is reasonably priced and I guarantee you’ll certainly be using this unit well into your baby’s toddlerhood years. Talk about a worthwhile investment. That’s my take. Which travel baby monitor are you going with?

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