Can You Sell Used Baby Mattresses? Safe and Legal?

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Babies outgrow their gear and furniture very quickly. In some instances, items such as crib mattresses are only used for a few months before a little one moves onto a bigger toddler bed. When this happens, you might be asking, if you can sell your used baby mattress?

Crib mattresses can be resold if they are unstained, sanitary, and don’t have any loose threads or tears. Whether you’re buying or selling a used crib mattress, always check that it’s still in good condition and firm enough to be considered safe. Always wash the mattress before listing it for resale. 

Key takeaways

There are some key pointers to keep in mind when you’re considering selling your crib mattress. The most significant are:

  • There are no legal criteria determining if you can resell a mattress
  • Always check the firmness and general quality to avoid buying an unsafe product
  • A used baby crib mattress must be clean, stain-free and regularly washed 

Can you sell a used baby mattress?

While medical experts recommend always using a new crib mattress, the reality is that there’s a market for all types of reused baby gear. That includes baby mattresses. If the mattress is still sanitary and unstained, many parents believe it can easily be reused. 

Legalities of selling used baby mattresses

There are no specified legal criteria for selling baby mattresses. However, there are a few pointers you should look out for when you’re deciding to buy or sell a used crib mattress. 

  • Check the firmness: A crib mattress should always feel firm. Your baby should be comfortable without sinking into the mattress. When a baby sinks into the center of the mattress, there’s the risk of the sides folding over. This increases the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome as a result of suffocation. 
  • Scrutinize the cleanliness: Used mattresses have been exposed to an array of germs and bacteria from spit-ups, food spills, and diaper blowouts. If the mattress wasn’t regularly cleaned, the bacteria can easily lead to mold and mildew which can lead to respiratory illnesses. 
  • Avoid mattresses with loose threads or tears: Little hands are eager to grab at all sorts of things. That includes loose threads on a mattress. This can in turn provide a choking hazard. Additionally, loose threads and tears are a clear indication that the mattress isn’t suitable for resale. 

Is it safe to sell used baby mattresses?

If a baby mattress has been regularly cleaned and maintained, then there should be no reason why you can’t resell it. If the mattress meets the above criteria, and it’s the first time it’s been used, there should be no harm in selling it. Ideally, you don’t want to sell a mattress that’s been used for more than one baby already. 

Why you might want to sell your baby mattress

Some of the reasons you might want to sell your baby mattress include:

  • You’re selling the crib and would like to include the mattress as a package deal
  • A baby mattress lasts as long as your baby hasn’t outgrown the crib and the mattress; you might want to sell it if you’re not planning any more babies
  • No one in your friends or family circle is planning a baby
  • You would like to buy a toddler bed and selling the crib and mattress will help offset the cost

How much should you sell your used baby mattress for?

Selling a mattress with a crib is often a good idea when both items are in a good, sanitary condition. Parents who are looking to save some money on a temporary item will easily opt for a used crib and mattress. As a potential seller, you might be wondering how much to sell your crib mattress for. Here’s an estimated guide you can use as a guideline. 

Mattress ConditionEstimated Sales Price = % of Retail Cost
Unused50% of original cost
Lightly Used30% of original cost
Well UsedNot recommended for sale

You can also look for local listings on various seller platforms to get an idea of the general cost of used crib mattresses in your area. 

Where to sell your used baby mattress

There are several places where you can opt to sell your used baby mattress. Online market platforms are generally the easiest and most popular. I’ve listed a few of the more common options to consider. 


eBay is currently one of the more popular seller’s platforms for new and used items. In fact, it’s estimated that an average of 159 million users make use of this platform monthly. The good news is that the first 50 items you sell can be listed for free. 

Facebook MarketPlace

Facebook MarketPlace has become one of the more innovative social media selling platforms. With easy access to this platform, buyers and sellers can get easy access to new and used items in their area. Unlike eBay, Facebook will take 5% of each sale.

Craig’s List

Craig’s List is quite possibly the most popular American classified advertisement platform. With its ease of use, you can set up a listing in a matter of minutes by choosing the relevant category. 

Types of baby mattresses and if you should sell them used

The good news is that the criteria for used baby mattresses apply to all brands. No matter what brand you’ve bought, if it’s in a good, sanitary condition, it can be resold. 

Alternatives to selling your baby mattress

You might also be in a situation where you don’t feel that your mattress is in good enough condition to sell, but also not bad enough to just chuck away. So, are there alternatives to selling your baby mattress? I have a few ideas to share!

  • Turn it into a playbed on the floor: Since crib mattresses are small and easy to carry around, you can easily turn them into a floor mattress. Your toddler can sit on it when they’re watching T.V., playing in the living room, or even playing on the floor at grandma’s house. 
  • Make a pet bed: After you’ve given the mattress a good clean and aired it out to dry, it can easily be used as a bed for one of your pets. If you have small dogs, you can even cut them in half to make two beds. 
  • Create a reading corner: Use their mini crib or regular crib mattress to create a reading corner for your toddler. Alternatively, they can use it as a base in their play tent to create a little fort.

Here’s a short clip to show you how to turn your crib mattress into a mini daybed for your little one to read or nap in.

Should you donate your baby mattress?

Donating used baby items is a very easy way to help someone less fortunate. This is a brilliant option if your baby mattress is still in good condition. My article about selling or donating your used crib covers an extensive list of places where you can donate baby gear. Here are a few of the more common options.

Alternatively, any foster care centers or women’s and children’s shelters in your area will easily have a use for a lightly used baby mattress. 

Should you give your mattress to friends or family?

With the cost of brand-new baby gear and the number of items that need to be bought, it’s not uncommon for parents to rotate items in family or friends’ circles. Inspect the mattress using the guidelines I detailed earlier, if the mattress is still in good condition, there’s nothing wrong with donating it.

If you know from the onset that you’re going to donate it afterward, be sure to keep it clean by regularly washing and airing it out. 

Should you reuse a crib mattress for your next baby?

On the other hand, many first-time parents put their baby gear in storage to be used for their second and even third babies. If you store your items correctly then it’s an ideal way to save money the second time round

Follow these simple storage tips. 

  • Wash the mattress and any coverings that go with it
  • Air dry to ensure any bacteria is destroyed
  • Place the mattress in its original packaging or a new, sealable plastic bag
  • Store in a cool, dry cupboard away from sun and moisture

How to clean a used baby mattress

Since babies spend the majority of their early months in their cribs, it’s fair to say the crib mattress can easily get very dirty. Diaper blowouts, spilled milk, spit-up, and urine are only a few of the substances that can cause bacteria build-up on the mattress

To keep the mattress as sanitary as possible, consider these cleaning steps:

  1. Vacuum the mattress to remove any loose dirt and dust
  2. Scrub any stubborn stains using hypoallergenic detergent or soap
  3. Rinse with warm water
  4. Disinfect the mattress by spraying with mild sanitizer
  5. For odors, use a combination of vinegar, lemon juice, water, and baking soda – let this paste sit on the stains and odors for 30 minutes
  6. Dry the mattress by blotting with a dry towel and then place the mattress outside to air dry for a couple of hours


If you’re opting to buy or sell a used crib mattress, be sure to check the condition. Avoid damage, torn, or badly stained mattresses. If you buy a used mattress, always wash and sanitize it before letting your baby sleep on it. 

If you might be selling also your crib, you might want to read that separate article I wrote.

For additional info about crib mattresses, read my article on choosing the best cheap crib mattress to give you an idea of what you need!

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