Cubo Ai vs Cubo Ai Plus vs Nanit Plus vs Arlo Baby vs Lollipop – which smart baby monitor is smarter?

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Google smart baby monitors and you’re likely to be blown away by these revolutionary devices designed to make parenting a breeze. It seems like the next monitor I see has even better features than the last. When comparing Cubo Ai vs Cubo Ai Plus vs Nanit Plus vs Arlo vs Lollipop, I’m convinced that Cubo Ai Plus baby monitor takes the prize. Read on to find out why.

It’s literally the battle of the smart baby monitors. Companies are outdoing themselves in an effort to make their monitors more alluring to parents. Today I have some top four to compare. So what’s your priority? Is it a monitor that allows you to keep an eye on multiple kids at once? Or you want one that offers advanced infrared night vision? Let’s discuss them all. 

My Top Picks

Your Baby Monitor Buying Guide

It’s easy to get carried away by all the fancy terms and features found on these smart baby monitors. If you’re not careful, you’ll end up spending more money than necessary on features that won’t provide you with any real value. But not on my watch. Allow to me guide you through your recommended decision-making process to avoid buyers’ remorse.

A Bit About the Brands

I’ll start by discussing the brands first. Let’s first define how we should intrepret the term brand by using the definition by the “godfather of modern marketing”, Seth Godin.

A brand is the set of expectations, memories, stories and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumer’s decision to choose one product or service over another – Seth Godin

After all, a product is only as good as its manufacturer, right? Let’s start with Cubo Ai. For a company that was founded only in 2017, it has certainly made waves and a name for itself over this short period. Its monitor can easily pass off as the world’s smartest baby monitor on the market. Despite the company being relatively new, there’s nothing amateurish about the team involved in the designing of the product. In fact they’ve had over 15 years experience in artificial technology software & hardware. Joanna (a mom of two) together with Dr Kenneth Yeh are the brains behind this ingenious smart monitor. Next up is Nanit which is no stranger to the baby market. Founded in 2014, it’s also a fairly new company that specializes in designing baby monitor devices. The Nanit team consists of designers, parents and scientists that came together to design innovative baby products that are safe & secure. Aside from monitoring systems, the company also manufactures baby breathing ware and related accessories. Founded in 2018, Arlo was originally a home automation company that manufactured wireless security cameras. It’s only recently that the company began penetrating the baby market by designing smart baby monitors. Innovative, safe and reliable products are synonymous with the brand. Last but not least I have Lollipop which was started in 2014. One would wonder if the actual baby monitor design resembled a lollipop. Surprisingly it does. Aside from the stunning aesthetics, you can expect sophisticated but easy to use baby monitors from this brand.

Similarities and differences

Now let’s move on to the actual products. What key features are found on these units and how do they compare to each other?

  • Video streaming – Being smart baby monitors, it’s not surprising that the video streaming function is a standard feature in all units. You can expect to watch your little one sleeping in exceptional HD quality regardless of the brand you pick from this list. But Nanit Plus, Cubo Ai Plus , Cubo Ai take it a step further by offering an overhead view and mobile stand that allow you to enjoy a better look of your child from above. And by using the Nanit stand which switches to a 130ᵒ angle lens, you can view your entire baby’s room. Lollipop, Cubo Ai Plus and Cubo Ai also decided to take it up a notch by allowing parents to keep an eye on multiple children at once thanks to the multi-streaming feature. The only difference is that with the Lollipop monitor, you can purchase as many extra cameras as you want. On the other hand, Cubo Ai Plus and Cubo Ai allow you to pair a maximum of five cameras to the same account. If you do want to set up the sixth one, you’ll have to contact the friendly support team first. But note that both brands sell the units separately.
  • Night Vision – All units allow you to view your child with clarity at night using the night vision feature. Plus they all use infrared vision that further enhances visual clarity even in total darkness. The only difference is that unlike the other two models, Cubo Ai doesn’t come with a red light which is known to distract your little one while they attempt to sleep. Some parents have highlighted that their baby does tend to stare at red lights, so this is a definite plus.
  • Two-way communicationCubo Ai Plus, Cubo Ai, Nanit Plus and Arlo baby monitors allow you to communicate with your child if you want to calm them down. Only the Lollipop baby monitor is missing this feature.
  • Air sensors – Over and above monitoring your baby while sleeping, a unit that also monitors the temperature and humidity in your child’s room is the real deal. Only the Cubo Ai Plus, Cubo Ai and Nanit Plus baby monitors offer this function.

Standout Features

  • Cubo Ai: Its sleep safety system is the product’s most outstanding feature. It alerts you if your baby’s mouth or nose happens to be covered by blankets or if your little one is stuck while rolling over. It also has a danger zone alert detection system that lets you know if your child is attempting to enter a restricted area that may compromise their safety.
  • Cubo Ai Plus: With all the great features of the Cubo Ai, the upgraded version is smart-home enabled (connected with Google devices and Alexa). It now includes lullabies, soothing sounds, and white noise to lull your baby to sleep.
  • Nanit Plus: For Nanit Plus I’d say the sleep tracking and guidance feature is pretty handy. It gives you your baby’s sleep stats each morning.
  • Arlo: it is the only monitor on my list that plays soothing lullabies for your little one.
  • Lollipop: I must say I’m still blown away by the multi-streaming feature on this unit. But I also like that it alerts you when your child climbs out of his or her crib.

Top Baby Monitor Buying Tips

When it comes to buying a smart baby monitor, I’d advise you to rather keep the following important factors in mind:

  • Price – Your budget will obviously determine the unit you pick. But cheaper smart baby monitors are sometimes compromised where quality and durability are concerned. Plus, they have fewer features. But I’m not saying opt for the most expensive baby monitor you see because you might waste money on features you’ll never use. Rather weigh your pros and cons.
  • Brand – Again, I’ll reiterate why buying from a reputable brand is for your own good. Pick a brand that’s known for designing safe, reliable and high-quality baby monitors. If they can back up their monitors with meaningful warranties, that’d be even more ideal.
  • Features – As I mentioned earlier, weigh the features of each model. What value will the feature offer? Buying an expensive unit which includes Wi-Fi functionality is pointless if you live in an area with connectivity issues. A monitor with Bluetooth functionality will work best in this instance.
  • Size – A compact and portable unit will always look neat and tidy when compared to a bulky one.
  • Aesthetics – We love smart baby monitors for their practicality. But of course, you can never overlook how the unit will actually look in the nursery. It’s okay to consider the aesthetics of the unit. Buy one that matches your nursery decor to keep things in sync and stylish.

Product Reviews

Cubo Ai (discontinued by manufacturer!)

A smart monitor that alerts me when my baby’s safety is threatened will naturally top my list. To top it off, the unit comes with all the necessary features I need to keep in touch with my child such as cry and noise detection.

Who it’s for

This monitor is ideal for parents who are anxious about their baby’s safety.

Why You Should Buy It

I like how this unit allows for family access sharing. You can grant access to the app with up to seven family members. Simply invite them to join your account and customize your permissions according to your preference. This means that you can have one Cubo Ai but Grandma and Granpa can also view their grandbaby – via their own phones! Also, your video footage is kept secure thanks to the data encryption. This unit is designed to protect your child beyond the crib which is something that appeals to me greatly.

Product Information

  • Dimensions: 3.4″ x 4.3″ x 4.4″
  • Weight: 6.05lb
  • Sensor technology: Temperature and humidity alert, cry detection, rollover alert, covered face alert


  • Three mounting options
  • No wearables
  • No connectivity problems


  • Occasional false alerts
  • Floor stand can be difficult to set up (you may have to use more force than necessary to get the pieces together)

Cubo Ai Plus (upgraded version)

A smart baby monitor which alerts when your baby’s face is covered or they roll over, facing downwards. From all reports, this upgraded version gives what it promises to do and more.  I’ve recently been in contact with the Cubo team on their product and they’ve clearly worked hard on improving the software of this product.

Who Its For

This monitor is ideal for parents who worry about their child’s safety especially if they’re anxious about their baby smothering.

Why You Should Buy It

An upgraded version of the Cubo Ai Smart Baby Monitor, this product includes the same plus additional features. These include built-in lullabies, a 1-year premium subscription service, upgraded lens, and speaker & upgraded stand.

A smart home integration with devices such as Google Home and Alexa is also another upgraded feature.

Product Information:

  • Dimensions: 3.43” x 4.32” x 4.4“
  • Weight: 9.9 oz
  • Sensor technology: Temperature and humidity alert, cry detection, rollover alert, covered face alert


  • Excellent video resolution
  • Accurate notifications – no false alarms
  • Great customer service


  • Nightlight brightness is not adjustable
  • Cry detection only works on the highest sensitivity mode
  • Premium membership could offer more for the price

Nanit Plus-Smart Baby Monitor and Wall Mount and Nanit Multi Stand

This safe and secure device will always pop up on my list of smart baby monitor recommendations thanks to its innovative features & technology. Real-time alerts and adjustable sensitivity are among the impressive specs found in this unit. Feel free to read more about this monitor in my previous blog post. On top of this, there’s also a brilliant accessory that I’d be remiss not to recommend. That it the Nanit Multi Stand: a versatile stand that allows for both wall mounting or floor stand installation. It is particularly great for traveling as you need simply pick up the compact stand, drop it into your luggage and you’re all good to go. Nanit also offers 100% cotton Breathing Wear which is a fantastic accessory to use in conjunction with its monitor. It’s machine washable,  available in sizes small and large, and tracks your baby’s breathing patterns. Should anything be out of the ordinary, the swaddle sends alerts to the baby monitor as well as the Nanit app to prompt you to check on your baby.

Who it’s for

This device is perfect for those who are primarily concerned about the safety of their little ones – both on and off the internet. Naturally, the Nanit Multi Stand is suitable for parents with a Nanit Plus smart baby monitor.

Why You Should Buy It

By attaching your camera to this stand, you can enjoy a better view of the entire baby room. And it’s super easy to set up. So what this combination promises you is full visual access to your child at all times. What could be better?

Product Information

  • Dimensions: 2″ x 2″ x 4″
  • Weight: 0.5lb


  • Easy to set up
  • Adjustable


  • Nanit stand is sold separately
  • Purchasing the recommended accessories can be costly

Arlo Baby Monitor

This baby monitor is the only model on this list that can play lullabies. But that’s not the only reason why it made my list. If you ever want to view your baby with absolute clarity, pick this unit. And it also allows you to talk to or comfort your child when need be.

Who it’s for

This Alexa-enabled smart baby monitor is appealing to parents used to dealing with fancy and sophisticated gadgets.

Why You Should Buy It

I like that it has air sensors that monitor the humidity and temperature in your child’s room. And I’d also buy it for the dimmable multi-colored night-light that’ll create a soothing ambiance for my baby’s room.

Product Information

  • Dimensions: 8.22″ x 6.68″ x 3.37″
  • Weight: 0.58lb
  • Sensor technology: Air sensors, motion and sound alerts


  • Easy to set up
  • Free library for stored images


  • Temperature reading might not update as it should
  • Connectivity issues are a common issue

Lollipop Baby Monitor with True Crying Detection

I’ll admit that I’m drawn to the unit’s playful design and cute turquoise colors that’ll make any nursery look modern and stylish. But aesthetics aside, this monitor allows you to see your baby with clarity and alerts you if your baby is trying to escape from the crib.

Who it’s for

It’s perfect for parents who want an affordable smart baby monitor with all the necessary features.

Why You Should Buy It

The monitor is compatible with both iOS and Android devices which takes care of any compatibility issues. Plus, it comes with a 30-day free money-back guarantee (no questions asked) if you’re not happy with the product. Sounds to me like the brand is quite confident in the quality of their product, don’t you think?

Product Information

  • Dimensions: 11.7″ x 3″ x 1.6″
  • Weight: 1.1lb
  • Sensor technology: cry detection, loud noise detection


  • Made of high-quality silicone
  • Flexible mounting options
  • Great night video quality


  • Delayed notifications
  • Connectivity issues over time


Can I operate the smart baby monitor outside of my home network?

Yes, but you first need to configure your router. Also note that when operating this monitor outside of your home network, delays may occur plus you’ll have to pay additional costs incurred by your network operator.

How do I reset my smart baby monitor to factory settings?

This will usually depend on the model in question so I’d advise you to have a look at the product manual. However as a general rule of thumb, with most smart monitors, you simply press and hold the reset button which is usually located at the bottom of the unit. Do this while the power cord is connected. Hold the button until the green light on the unit flashes and turns off.


Now a decision should be made. Which brand are you picking? Rather, which brand impressed you more? If you want my opinion, I’d say invest in the Cubo Ai Plus smart baby monitor. What’s not to love? The unit specifically prioritizes your child’s safety and protects your child both inside and outside of the crib. Fidgety babies might cover their faces while sleeping — which by the way is one of the risk factors associated with SIDS. And you’re alerted as to when your little one is about to enter a dangerous area. I don’t know about you, but I definitely need a unit like that in my corner. Besides, the monitor also offers exceptional video clarity, two-way audio, room temperature monitoring, and family access sharing. Plus, it’s data encrypted to allay your privacy concerns. It sounds like the total package, don’t you agree?

Note on the last update: This article was originally published on 2 June, 2020 and has been revamped and updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness. Special thanks to Karmen Truong from the Cubo Ai team who checked the accuracy of this review AFTER it’s been published. For the sake of completeness, I have NOT received any compensation from Cubo Ai and my view had been formed entirely independently of them. 

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