Do Breast Milk Storage Bags Expire? (e.g. Medela, Lansinoh)

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New moms can sometimes be overwhelmed by the crazy amount of feeding sessions. But expressing breast milk into milk storage bags ahead of feeding time can make the process much easier

You might purchase several packets of breast milk bags. But, if you have too many, you might be wondering:

Do breast milk storage bags Really expire?

Generally, unopened breastmilk storage bags don’t expire. According to experts, unused milk storage bags should last indefinitely as long as they are kept in a dry cupboard where they’re not exposed to moisture of any kind. An airtight container is a great way to keep the bags cool and dry. 

How long are unused breast milk bags good for?

Unused breast milk bags don’t expire. The rule of thumb is to keep them stored in a cool dry cupboard. Keep them away from any type of moisture and dampness. An airtight container is a great way to eliminate the risk of bacteria and moisture from settling on the unused bags. 

Do Medela Pump and Save bags expire?

The good news is Medela Pump and Save bags don’t expire. They are pre-sterilized, you can use them straight out of the packaging without needing to be washed. They’re for one-time use only and can be added to your recycling when you’re done with them. 

Do Lansinoh storage bags expire?

Lansinoh storage bags don’t have expiration dates since they don’t expire. Keep them unopened and stored in a dry area and you’ll probably be able to use them indefinitely. It’s important to remember that these bags aren’t reusable, so this rule applies to unused bags only. 

How to properly store milk storage bags for maximum durability

Let’s have a look at the best way to store bags that will ensure you get the longest lifespan out of your bags. 

Unused Bags

To ensure your milk storage bags don’t become contaminated, follow these simple steps:

  1. Open the bag of milk storage bags
  2. Place the bags into an airtight container to avoid them getting damp or contaminated by bacteria
  3. Keep the unused bags in the sealed container, and use only as needed. 

Bags in Use

When it comes to using milk storage bags, special care needs to be taken to keep the milk fresh. You could use one of the best coolers for breastmilk or follow these steps:

  1. Since the pouches are already sterilized, you can use this immediately.
  2. A great idea is to have a mini-fridge in the nursery, which keeps your milk bags and bottles from picking up odors from the kitchen fridge. 
  3. Don’t store the bags in the freezer door as this will cause the temperature to drop every time you open the door. Freezer doors also tend to be warmer.
  4. Organize the bags by date or volume to make it easy to get the right bag.
  5. Stand the bags upright or side by side. 
  6. Milk bags can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 4 days and in the freezer for as long as 6 months, provided the bags are placed in a position where they won’t tear or break. 
  7. Pour them into bottles as needed for feeding.

Here’s a short clip showing some additional tips on how to store and freeze breast milk in a storage bag.

How to dispose of storage bags

If you’re going to be using these storage bags for the first time, you might also be wondering what to do with them when you’re done using them.

Used bags: Some storage bag brands can’t be reused and these need to be disposed of. Once you’ve emptied the bag, the good news is these bags such as the Medela brand can be recycled.

Unused bags: If you have too many bags and no babies in your friends and family circle, you might consider donating them. Many charity organizations collect breast pumps and milk bags for less fortunate parents.

Final thoughts

Using breast milk bags is an absolute must for parents who are breastfeeding and want to make the feeding process as simple as possible. The good news is these bags are pre-sterilized so you can use them without having to wash them first. 

Aside from being BPA-free, they’re also easy to use! The unused bags can be kept in a cool, dry cupboard, in an airtight container to be used later. They can also be used to store baby food as they grow. Simplify feeding time for you and your little one, invest in a few breast milk bags! Just now how many breast milk storage bags to buy

In case you’re interested in Medela and Lansinoh, you might want to compare Medela vs Lansinoh breast pumps, too, which I wrote about. 🙂

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