Elecare vs Neocate – Which Baby Formula is BEST?

Elecare vs Neocate

As a parent, you want the best for your growing baby. One of the biggest challenges for a parent is finding a healthy formula for a baby especially if they suffer from extreme allergic reactions to protein or they have eczema (like my daughter had). Elecare vs Neocate is a common debate among parents when picking a hypoallergenic formula.

There are many hypoallergenic formulas on the market but not all of them are the same. Two of the best quality hypoallergenic formulas that parents are buying are Elecare and Neocate. This is because the two formulas are amino acid-based. However, you can only pick one formula for your baby, so how do you choose? That’s what I’ll be discussing in the following article.

Continue reading to find out what the similarities and differences are between Elecare and Neocate so you can pick a suitable formula for your baby’s requirements.

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The Differences Between Elecare and Neocate

One of the major differences between Elecare and Neocate is the price. Neocate is more expensive than Elecare, mainly because the former has an extra ingredient that Elecare doesn’t have which is nucleotides – a compound that is responsible for strengthening an infant’s immune system.

Additionally, Neocate is 100% GMO-free which is also the reason why the price of this formula is significantly higher than Elecare. There is no mention of Elecare being free from GMOs on the label and the manufacturer hasn’t made any claims against it.

Another difference is that Neocate has more calories and fat content per 100g compared to Elecare. On the other hand, there’s more Iron and double the Manganese in Elecare than there is in Neocate. Manganese is particularly important for the growth of infants because it contributes to the metabolism of glucose, cholesterol and carbohydrates. 

What’s more, manganese is excellent for babies suffering from digestive issues.

Are There Similarities Between Elecare and Neocate?

There are many similarities between Elecare and Neocate. For starters, both formulas contain DHA, ARA and Iron. Additionally, the two formulas are both amino acid-based which makes them both suitable for hypoallergenic babies.

Based on their nutritional value both Neocate and Elecare have the same minerals such as Vitamin B6 and B12 as well as folic acid and thiamine.

Best Overall – Neocate Junior with Probiotics

Neocate Junior - Powdered Hypoallergenic, Amino Acid-Based Toddler and Junior Formula - Vanilla - 14.1 Oz Can (Case of 1)

If your baby suffers from a cow milk allergy then Neocate will work well for your little one. It’s also suitable for other types of food allergies as well as gastrointestinal conditions. You’ll appreciate that Neocate is soy oil and dairy-free.

The formula contains probiotics to promote a healthy digestive system. Neocate has 28 essential vitamins and minerals to support the growth of your baby.

Neocate is suitable for babies that are 1 year or older that suffer from food allergies. Therefore, if you’re not breastfeeding for some reason, this could be a great choice for you.


  • Contains 28 vitamins and minerals
  • 100% dairy-free
  • Can be used for tube feeding
  • Helps with gastrointestinal conditions


  • Expensive
  • Not easy to mix
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Best Value – Elecare Junior – Unflavored

Elecare Junior is a formula designed for babies and children that suffer from congestion and food allergies. This baby formula uses corn syrup solids as its main ingredient as well as high oleic safflower.

Elecare provides fat, carbohydrates and protein to provide the dietary needs for your baby’s first year. It’s an unflavored product that contains more than 35 vitamins. This formula is suitable for babies that are 1 year and older.


  • Contains DHA and ARA for brain and eye development
  • Higher in calories to keep tummies full
  • Affordable baby formula
  • Easy to mix


  • Difficult to find
  • Contains corn
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Elecare vs Neocate – Which Baby Formula is Best?

Elecare and Neocate have different purposes. Even though these formulas are both amino acid-based, Neocate is the top pick for babies that suffer from food allergies and gastrointestinal ailments.

What’s more, if you’re serious about not feeding your baby GMO products then Neocate is suitable for your baby’s needs. Elecare may contain more vitamins and minerals compared to Neocate but Neocate has probiotic properties that promote a healthy gut.

On the other hand, if you’re on a budget then Elecare is ideal for you. It will still provide the benefits that Neocate does but you may not like that it may contain GMOs. Lastly, Neocate may be easier on the palate because it comes in a vanilla flavor. Elecare has no flavor or smell.

So based on this information which formula do you think is best for your baby? Pick Neocate if your baby suffers from congestion problems and allergies. Or pick Elecare for its 35 vitamins and hypoallergenic properties.

Elecare vs Neocate Comparison Table

Contains 35 vitamins and mineralsContains 28 vitamins and minerals
Main ingredient is corn syrup Main ingredients are corn syrup solids, sunflower oil, vegetable oil and canola oil
Has no smell or tasteComes in vanilla flavor
This is a medical food with amino acids and IronThis is a hypoallergenic formula that's also amino acid based
Comes at an affordable costMore expensive
Doesn’t state that it’s GMO free100% GMO and dairy free
Contains more manganeseContains more calories and fat content per 100g

How to Get Your Baby to Drink Elemental Formula

Elemental formula is known to have a foul taste and smell that’s similar to sour milk. So it can be difficult to try and get your baby to drink this type of formula.

Unfortunately, children don’t know when you’re trying to help them with foods or medicine that could assist with food allergies or stomach problems. So how do you get your little one to drink elemental formula? There are a few ways you can disguise the flavor of the elemental formula.

The first step you can try is mixing the elemental formula with breastmilk or previous formulas you’ve used in the past. This will provide a familiar taste and flavor your baby may enjoy. If that doesn’t work you can flavor the formula with something healthy like vanilla extract.

You can also puree safe food such as bananas or strawberries to place inside the formula to give it a different flavor. 

Or why not try an elemental formula that already has a flavor? Neocate has a range of formulas that come in various flavors for babies that are transitioning to elemental formulas. Elecare also offers various flavored formulas that may help with feeding times.

However, some babies can still be fussy so try mixing some of the elemental formula in with baby cereal so that your little one can get used to the taste.

What Changes to Expect When Starting Baby on Neocate or Elecare

Once you’ve picked the formula you want to start your baby on, you may want to monitor certain changes. There will be changes you can expect to see in your baby when they start either Neocate or Elecare. Let’s take a look at these expectations below.

Neocate Expectations

When your baby starts to drink Neocate you’ll notice a change in stool consistency. For some babies, the stool may become looser but for others, it can be normal. Every baby is different but with Neocate you may find yourself changing your child’s diaper less frequently.

If your baby suffers from food allergies then Neocate will help alleviate symptoms with consistent feeding within 2 weeks. You may also notice an increase in flatulence after a few days of your baby drinking the Neocate formula.

Elecare Expectations

For parents who prefer Elecare, you may also experience less frequent diaper changes. One parent stated that her son went from pooping five times a day to once every three days. Elecare is also perfect for babies that tend to throw their food up regularly. 

Within a few weeks of drinking Elecare, your baby will be able to withstand foods he or she has an allergic reaction to.

Elecare vs Neocate: A Bit About the Brands

What is Elecare as a Brand?

Elecare is a baby formula product produced by Abbott Nutrition. This group makes a range of infant formulas including Elecare’s specialized amino acid-based formulas for infants and toddlers with severe food allergies. Abbott Nutrition prides itself on making products that are clinically proven to help babies and infants. It’s known as a medical food to support the nutritional growth of your baby.

What is Neocate as a Brand?

Nutricia, who is part of the Danone group, specializes in therapeutic foods and clinical nutrition. Neocate is one of their products that makes powder formula that’s amino acid-based. The brand has made a formula that’s the first of its kind that contains probiotics and prebiotics. Neocate formula is specifically designed for babies suffering from food allergies and gastrointestinal conditions.


Is Elecare good for a baby?

Yes, Elecare is good for your baby because it doesn’t contain any lactose-based ingredients. Furthermore, this formula helps with digestive problems because it contains all the vitamins and minerals a baby needs.

Does Neocate help with reflux?

Yes, Neocate is the perfect baby formula to use for reflux. When babies suffer from food allergies they can suffer from major reflux problems. You can manage these symptoms with a Neocate formula.

What does Neocate taste like?

Since Neocate is an amino acid-based formula it can have a unique taste. Sometimes amino based formulas can have a sour taste that most babies don’t enjoy. That’s why some parents struggle to get their children to transition to elemental formulas.

In baby formulas, artificial flavoring is prohibited but for Neogate you can add some natural flavorings to your baby’s formula such as vanilla essence. On the other hand, Neocate does have a range of formulas that come in different flavors with natural ingredients so that it’s easier on your baby’s palate.

Does Elecare have soy oil?

Yes, Elecare contains 7% soy oil in its formulas. Soy oil and soy lecithin are regarded as safe ingredients in baby formulas. However, there are some concerns when it comes to soy-based formulas.

Soy formulas tend to have a higher level of phytate and aluminum which can negatively affect a baby’s brain and bone development. But this is only a risk for babies born preterm or below 4lbs. Babies that are healthy and born to term won’t be at risk when consuming soy-based formulas.

Watch this video about getting the safest baby formula for your baby.

Final Thoughts

Is Neocate or Elecare the best formula to provide for your baby? Some parents say it’s difficult to say because they’re so similar. However, Neocate seems to be the best choice considering it contains prebiotics and probiotics and it’s ideal for babies with gastrointestinal complications.

Additionally, Neocate is 100% GMO and dairy-free which is what needs to be in a hypoallergenic, amino acid-based formula. So even though Neocate is slightly more expensive than Elecare it may be worth the price if you want to provide your baby with high-quality and healthy baby formula.

On the other hand, Elecare is an affordable alternative to Neocate that also contains the vitamins and minerals your baby needs for a healthy nutritious diet. So which one will you pick?

And when you have finally picked a baby formula, how do you mix it perfectly? Here’s an article I wrote on a brilliant machine: Baby Brezza Formula.

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