Evenflo vs Chicco Travel Systems Compared

evenflo and chicco comparison

Are you down to comparing the Evenflo vs Chicco travel systems for your baby and not sure which brand to pick? Both are reputable manufacturers of baby products, offering high safety standards and amazing features. But, which one is best for your baby’s travel needs?

To help you make the right decision, I’ve done the research for you by comparing both brands’ travel systems. My in-depth comparison review highlights the features of each travel system and based on my findings, my top pick is the Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System with its top-rated Keyfit 30 Infant Car Seat

Travel Systems Offered by Chicco and Evenflo


Chicco offers a wide range of car seat and stroller combos in a variety of styles and sizes:

  • Corso Modular: A travel system that’s lightweight while durable enough to handle uneven terrain with adjustable rear suspension and large EVA tires.It’s paired with the Keyfit 30 Infant Car Seat but is compatible with all Chicco car seats.  
  • Corso LE Modular: Includes all Corso features plus 4 adaptable parent- and forward- facing modes. Includes the Keyfit 35 Infant Car Seat
  • Activ3: The lightweight jogging stroller comes with hand-operated functionality and great maneuverability with front swivel wheel and air-filled tires.. It comes with the highly-rated Keyfit 30 Infant Car Seat.
  • Bravo Trio: This popular travel system has large, treaded tires and all-wheel suspension with rear-linked braking system. It folds quickly with one hand. The Keyfit 30 Infant Car Seat clicks into the child tray with no need for an adaptor.  
  • Bravo LE Trio: Has all of the above mentioned features but extra storage, reversible seat insert, detachable snack tray, and extra visor on the canopy make this the luxury version. 
  • Bravo Primio Trio: Click-in compatibility with the Keyfit 35 Infant Car Seat, the stroller includes the quick one-hand fold feature. Big tires, all-wheel suspension and foot-operated brake makes it ideal for uneven terrain. 
  • Mini Bravo Plus: Small design with convenient features such as user-friendly touchpoints, quick and compact fold, canopy, and multi-position backrest. Includes the Keyfit 30 Zip Infant Car Seat.
  • Mini Bravo Sport: All of the above but comes with a padded handle, is more lightweight, and includes a parent tray. The design is also more dynamic and comes with a large storage basket. 
  • Viaro Quick-Fold: Stroller has a 3-wheel design and lightweight aluminium frame. It folds quickly and compactly with one hand. It’s compatible with all Chicco car seats. 


Evenflo travel systems use safe and innovative features to make traveling with your baby convenient:

  • Pivot Xpand: The stroller expands to accommodate one to two children. It comes with large tires for easy use on uneven terrain and includes a range of useful accessories. Includes the SecureMax Car Seat with SensorSafe technology. 
  • Pivot Xpand Modular: All of the above but comes with the SafeMax Infant Car Seat. 
  • Pivot Modular: Includes all the Pivot features but is only suited for one child. It includes the SafeMax Infant Car Seat. This is one of the more popular Evenflo travel systems. 
  • Gold Shyft: This one has 6 modes of use, the SecureMax Car Seat, and premium finishes such as padded handlebar and textured fabrics. 
  • Verge3: The stroller comes with a 3-wheel design for easy maneuverability. Backrest reclines to a flat position and includes a large canopy. Includes the SecureMax Car Seat.
  • Folio3 Jog & Stroll: A jogging stroller with tires for all-terrain use. Includes the LiteMax Infant Car Seat
  • Clover: Adjustable handlebar, rotating child tray, and zip-up sides make this stroller a popular choice. It comes with the LiteMax Infant Car Seat.
  • Clover Sport: Designed for life-on- the- go, it includes the same features as the above Clover but has a stay-in car base. This makes it easier to switch the car seat from the vehicle to the stroller. 
  • Sibby: Compact fold for smaller cars, this lightweight stroller has a standing space for an extra rider. It comes with the LiteMax Infant Car Seat.
  • Omni Plus: Has 6 convenient modes of use. Backrest can be fully reclined and it includes a storage basket, cup holder for the parents, canopy, and removable arm bar. Comes with the LiteMax Infant Car Seat.

Differences and Similarities – Evenflo vs Chicco Travel Systems



All the strollers come with large canopies for protection against the elements. The Bravo travel systems canopies are also UPF-rated for extra sun protection. Both the Activ3 and Viaro travel systems include braking systems. All Chicco travel systems include top-quality infant seats with their own safety features. A secure click-on attachment keeps the car seat safely on the stroller. 


All the strollers are equipped with large canopies and secure click-in attachments when using any of the compatible high-safety standard infant car seats. The brakes are flip-flop friendly while ensuring a safe stroll at all times. The Folio3 model has a front-wheel swivel lock, keeping the stroller stable on uneven terrain. The Clover models include zip-up sides for extra security and the Omni Plus includes a 5-point harness system

Ease of Use


The rear-linked braking system of the Bravo models makes it easy to stop the stroller. The Activ3 brakes are hand-operated while the Viaro braking system is activated by toe-tapping

The click-in attachment makes it easy to switch the car seat from the vehicle to the stroller. 

Large tires make navigating uneven ground a breeze. The all-wheel suspension of the Bravo series makes it even easier to push the stroller while keeping your baby comfortable no matter how bumpy the surface. The one-hand fold compacts the stroller into a compact shape for storage or traveling. 

An ergonomically designed handle means you can push the stroller with ease. The Viaro travel system has a detachable tray making it easier to place your baby in and out of the stroller. The canopy is also adjustable and this travel system is noted for its lightweight features. Storage comes in the form of large baskets, pockets, and cup holders. 


Different modes of use make using these travel systems comfortable. The Pivot Xpand has 22 different configurations for optimal expansion and compressing. The Shyft and Omni Plus models have six modes while the Cover travel systems have 3 modes of use. 

Large cruiser tires allow for smooth maneuverability. The Verge3 comes with a 3-wheel design while the Folio3 front wheel has a swivel lock for better control when out and about. A rotating tray in the Clover series makes it easier to move your child in and out of the stroller. 

All models are easy to fold and become self-standing when collapsed. Large storage features mean you can stash both your and your baby’s stuff in the stroller without losing any of it while on the move. 



The Bravo travel systems are designed to accommodate both seated and standing children. It also stands out for its quick-fold design. The frame carrier is lightweight. The Corso models integrate both parent- and forward-facing in their design and the carrier frame is also lightweight. Premium features in the Corso Modular include a multi-position backrest, extra-large canopy and storage space, and leatherette details.

The Activ3 design makes it an ideal jogging stroller with its 3-wheel design, lightweight frame, It has three compact folding configurations and ample storage including a parent tray with 2 cup holders. The Viaro model is designed for quick and easy use when traveling, with a lightweight frame, one-hand fold, and detachable child tray. 


A unique design feature of the Pivot Xpand travel system is that it can expand to carry two babies at the same time. Parent- or forward-facing mode is possible with the Shyft design and it comes with a large storage basket. The sleek, modern design of the Verge3 travel system makes it an aesthetically appealing stroller for many parents. And, it comes with two, spacious storage baskets. 

The design features of the Folio3 such as pneumatic tires, front-wheel swivel lock, and adjustable handle make it easy to take baby jogging with you when using this travel system. The Sibby ride-along removable board offers standing space while longer, extendable sport handlebars also make the design of this travel system comfortable to use.

The Clover travel system design includes a stay-in-car base which makes switching the car seat from the vehicle to the stroller easier. The Omni Plus is designed to take both an infant car seat or convert to a carriage. Parent- and forward-facing modes are available with this system. 



The Corso systems come with an infant car seat adaptor. The other  Chicco travel systems allow the infant car seats to be conveniently secured to the stroller frame with a click-in attachment feature. No adaptors are required here when using infant car seats paired with compatible strollers.


The Pivot Xpand Stroller Infant Car Seat Adaptor allows you to adapt other branded car seats to the stroller. However, when using Evenflo infant car seats compatible with the brand’s travel systems, no adaptor is needed. The infant car seats connect with the stroller frame easily with minimal fuss. 

Stroller Frame


All stroller frames are lightweight. Depending on the model, various reclining positions are available as well as adjustable footrests. The stroller frame can accommodate children weighing up to 50 lbs


The Evenflo stroller frames are lightweight and can accommodate children up to 50 lbs. They offer multi-positions when reclining the backrest. Depending on the model, the frame comes in either black or steel-grey colors. 

Infant Car Seats


Both the Keyfit 30 and 35 Infant car seats have a range of safety features, keeping your baby secure at all times when traveling in the car. These features include a 5-point harness system, removable head and body support, a SuperCinch latch tightener, and breathable fabric. All Chicco infant car seats meet the high safety standards stipulated by industry regulations. 

For a more in-depth review of the Keyfit 30 Infant Car Seat, check out my article comparing the Graco vs Chicco infant car seats.


The SensorSafe technology of the Securemax Infant Car Seat uses smart technology to tell you if your baby has managed to unlock the harness or they’re getting too hot in the seat. This gives parents peace of mind all is well in the back when driving.  All Evenflo infant car seats have been tested for side-impact and rollover, meeting federal safety standards



The Chicco brand overall is known for its higher-quality products. This applies to their travel systems too, assuring parents they’re getting a premium stroller and car seat all-in-one. The travel systems do seem more durable being constructed with solid, good quality materials. Chicco manufacturers place a big emphasis on safety and design features which adds to their high-quality ethos.


This brand has been in the business of making top-quality baby products for over 100 years. They’re proud of using precision manufacturing with superior materials, guaranteeing all their products, including their travel system range, are designed for real-life situations. 



The cheapest Chicco travel system is the Mini Bravo Sport model. Their prices do include the infant car seat. 


The premium Evenflo Travel System will see you forking out around the same as for Chicco. Some of the lower-priced travel systems from Evenflo however can come in at a cheaper price than from Chicco, with the cheapest being the Clover Sport. 

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly travel system for two babies, read my review comparing Evenflo Pivot Xpand and UppaBaby Vista for more information. 

Evenflo Pivot vs Chicco Bravo Travel Systems Compared

Evenflo 53112310 Gold Pivot Xpand Smart Modular Stroller and Car Seat Travel System with SensorSafe Technology and Large Cruiser Tires, Onyx BlackChicco Bravo 3-in-1 Trio Travel System, Quick-Fold Stroller with KeyFit 30 Infant Car Seat and base | Camden/Black

The Evenflo Pivot and Chicco Bravo Travel Systems are some of the most popular designs used by parents. If you’re trying to decide which one is better, consider the following factors:

  • The Evenflo Pivot is bulkier compared to the sleeker design of the Chicco Bravo Travel System.
  • The Bravo can accommodate both seated and standing positions while the Pivot offers car seat and carriage modes. 
  • The Bravo travel system stands out for its quick one-hand fold feature while the Pivot requires two hands to collapse the system for storage or traveling purposes. 
  • The Chicco Keyfit 30 Infant Car Seat is a popular choice for many parents with its highly-rated safety features. However, the Evenflo infant car seats also make sure their products meet all federal safety standards. 
  • No adapter is needed with the Bravo Travel System with its secure click-in attachment while the Evenflo Pivot makes it easy to connect the car seat to the stroller frame. 
  • The Pivot has an extra-large storage basket, large adjustable canopy, and an ergonomic handle. The Bravo has a UPF-rated canopy, spacious storage basket plus two large pockets, and a 3-position handle. 
  • The Evenflo Pivot allows you to place the infant seat forward-or rear-facing while the Bravo only allows the parent-facing option when using the car seat.

The Evenflo Pivot wins hands down for being cheaper than the Chicco Bravo Travel System while not compromising on many features. However, some parents do find the quality of the Chicco Bravo Travel System is of a higher standard, making it a worthwhile investment if you want to spend more cash. 

Watch this demo video showing all the highlights of the Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System.


Both Chicco and Evenflo manufacture high-quality travel systems. I picked the Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System as my top pick. It was also one of my top picks when I reviewed Graco or Chicco travel systems because of its great features and functionality. 

But, which brand and model will you choose for your little one’s strolling and car trip experiences? 

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