HALO Swaddle Vs SwaddleMe – Differences Matter!

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One of the easiest ways to keep a newborn calm during sleep is to swaddle them. Swaddling involves wrapping them in a manner that immobilizes their arms and keeps them snug. This might leave you wondering which swaddle is better – HALO Swaddle vs SwaddleMe?

Both HALO Swaddle and SwaddleMe are popular options among parents. They’re both easy to use, have adjustable fasteners, and are available in a variety of different colors and designs. The main difference between the two is that the HALO Swaddle is recognized by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute whereas the SwaddleMe isn’t. The HALO Swaddle has a TOG of 1.5 while the SwaddleMe features a TOG of 0.5.

When you should start and stop swaddling

Essentially, swaddling is only for newborns and protects your baby against their natural startle reflex as they adjust to sounds around them. Being so snugly wrapped imitates being held by you and reduces anxiety. It also keeps your baby’s hands off the face area to prevent scratching. 

It’s time to stop swaddling your baby when they start rolling over. This typically happens between two and four months. For the most part, the baby will probably be able to roll onto their tummy but won’t be able to roll back. Being stuck on their tummies can increase the risk of SIDs. 

Similarities and differences between HALO Swaddle vs SwaddleMe

Comparing the two options will make it easier to objectively choose the best one for your little one.


SwaddleMe is made from 100% soft cotton and provides your little one with ultimate comfort. The HALO Sleepsack Swaddle is made from 100% organic cotton which is lightweight and breathable enough to prevent your little one from overheating. The HALO Micro-Fleece Swaddle is another version made of micro-fleece and features a TOG of 3.0.


On the HALO Sleepsack, adjustable fasteners create a perfect fit making it easy to keep your baby snug and comfortable. Zipper and velcro wings make swaddling easy for the parents and convenient for the baby. The SwaddleMe has two velcro flaps that adjust to fit your baby to keep their little arms secured. 

Available sizes

The SwaddleMe Original comes in 3 different sizes. Preemie fits up to 7lbs, small fits 0-3 months (7 – 14lbs and up to 26” long), large fits 3 – 6 months (14 – 18 lbs and up to 33”. The Halo comes in sizes from preemie to large as well. 

Healthy hip development

The HALO Sleepsack is a roomy sack design that’s recognized by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute for promoting healthy hip development. The SwaddleMe however isn’t recognized by the Institute for this feature. 

HALO Swaddle

The HALO sleepsack Swaddle is suited for a newborn aged 0 – 3 months and has a TOG of 1.5. It also features a nifty inverted zipper that makes diaper changes easy. Read about what your baby should wear under a swaddle. 

What TOG is a HALO Swaddle?

HALO 100% Cotton Sleepsack Swaddle, 3-Way Adjustable Wearable Blanket, TOG 1.5, Cream, Small, 3-6 Months

TOG refers to “Thermal Overall Grade” and indicates the unit of heat measurement that a type of fabric provides. Essentially, it comes down to the amount of warmth provided by the fabric or material the item is made of. 

The TOG of fabric is generally measured on a scale of <0.2 to 3.5. TOG ratings are prevalent in baby clothing, sleep sacks, and swaddles to improve sleep safety for babies. Since overheating can lead to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, TOG ratings are important to consider. For the most part, the lower a TOG rating, the more insulation the fabric provides.

The Halo Swaddle is made of organic cotton, giving it a TOG of 1.5. Some of the other fabric options of a Halo include cotton muslin with a TOG of 1.5 and a micro-fleece that has a TOG reading of 3.0. If you’re wondering about how many swaddles to buy, read the article I wrote about how many swaddles you really really need.


  • 3-Way Swaddle adjusts to fit baby’s sleep style
  • Adjustable fasteners to create a comfortable fit
  • #1 Choice of hospitals nationwide
  • Inverted zipper makes diaper change easy
  • TOG 1.5 ideal for temperatures of 65 – 75°F
  • Available in different colors and designs
  • “Back is Best” embroidery reminds parents to place the baby in the recommended sleeping position

Why consider it

One of the top reasons to invest in the Halo Swaddle is that it’s recognized by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute. This promotes healthy hip development and allows your little one to move their hips around without feeling stuck and uncomfortable. 

It’s also a great alternative to the Love to Dream swaddle.


  • Adjustable fastener
  • Versatility
  • Comfortable material
  • Easy to use
  • Endorsed as hip-healthy for baby


  • Doesn’t have slits at the back
  • Velcro fasteners are noisy
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How to use a HALO Swaddle

Here’s a short clip to see just how quick and easy it is to wrap your baby in the Halo Swaddle. 


SwaddleMe Original Swaddle - Size Small/Medium, 0-3 Months, 3-Pack (Busy Bees) Easy to Use Newborn Swaddle Wrap Keeps Baby Cozy and Secure and Helps Prevent Startle Reflex

The SwaddleMe Original Swaddle is an easy-to-use wrap swaddle that creates a cozy, snug womb-like environment for your newborn baby. SwaddleMe prevents the startle reflex that newborns experience in the first few weeks after being born. 

What TOG is a SwaddleMe? 

Since the SwaddleMe is made from 100% cotton, it’s both soft and lightweight. It boasts a TOG rating of 0.5, making it an ideal option to prevent your baby from overheating. 


  • Perfect for keeping newborns snug enough to stay cozy during sleep
  • Made from 100% cotton for ultimate comfort
  • Machine washable
  • 3 Sizes available from preemie to large (labeled as stage 1, stage 2 and stage 3)
  • Available in different colors and designs
  • Soft adjustable wings keep baby secure while still allowing natural movement

Why consider it

The SwaddleMe creates a cozy, womb-like feeling for your little one and prevents the startle reflex that sometimes causes babies to wake from their sleep. Keeping the baby snug allows everyone to get a good night’s sleep! 


  • 3 or 5 point harnessing slits enable bouncing or swinging
  • Comes in all baby sizes up to 18 lbs
  • 100% cotton makes it breathable
  • Secure velcro fastener
  • Easily transitions to normal sleeping


  • No zipper makes diaper change difficult
  • Not certified as hip-healthy
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How to use a SwaddleMe

If you’ve never used a SwaddleMe, there’s no need to stress about it being difficult to use. Watch this short clip to see these easy steps in action. 

Which one to choose

When it comes to HALO Swaddle vs SwaddleMe, it’s worth noting that both options have positive and negative points. Based on the information I’ve provided, their pros and cons as well as the ease of use, my vote goes to the HALO Swaddle! The biggest selling point is the hip health certification which allows your baby to have adequate hip movement. It’s comfortable for both you and your little one!

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