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Collecting toy cars has always been a popular pastime among children and adults alike. As a kid, I was a huge fan of Matchbox. When it comes to the most popular collection, it’s been a strong competition between two of the most popular toy car brands: Hot Wheels vs Matchbox.

It’s often a close tie when you compare these two. But, do you know the difference between these iconic brands and what makes them so special?

Buyer’s Guide to Picking Between Hot Wheels vs Matchbox

Most people, by their own admission, don’t really know the difference between the two brands. Often it’s only the most ardent collectors that will be able to distinguish the two brands.

Today I’ll be looking at a few of the key differences between these two giants as well as what makes them so popular. I’ll also be reviewing a few of the current most popular packages in their current ranges. With this knowledge, you’ll know which option your children, or even yourself, will enjoy the most!

What You Need to Know About Hotwheels and Matchbox

First, let’s go back to their roots, shall we?

Matchbox has been on the market for just over 50 years. These little cars are available in a variety of sizes. Some options even allow the user to assemble their own versions by selling interchangeable parts. These multifaceted options have increased the brand’s popularity with collectors. To give you an idea of the passion of some Matchbox collectors, have a look at this video that shows a collection since 1974!

One of the reasons many avid collectors love the Matchbox range is the fact that new cars are released at irregular intervals. For instance, they aren’t like some other brands that have a new model out every second week.

Hot Wheels has been expanding in popularity since its release date in 1968 under the Mattel toy brand. In 1997 Mattel bought the Hot Wheels brand thereby getting full ownership of the model. This sparked an improvement in the design options. Recent years have seen the release of several limited-edition models. These limited-edition models are very sought after by collectors.

Another point that makes Hot Wheels popular with kids is the range of fantasy cars that imitate the cars found in their favorite animation movies. So, if your little one is looking for the latest version of the Batmobile, you’ll find it in the Hot Wheels range.

What’s the Main Difference Between Hotwheels and Matchbox for the Collector or for the Kid?

Both brands are equally popular with adult collectors and children alike. Hot Wheels tends to appeal to collectors who prefer cars with fantasy elements. Hot Wheels are created in a more hot-rodded fashion. This makes this range very appealing to the younger generation.

Matchbox cars are more realistic. These little push play cars are designed to replicate ordinary street cars and trucks that already exist on the road. Since the Matchbox range also includes a wide variety of trucks, this collection is well-loved by adults and kids who love realistic looking trucks.

Matchbox also has a series of construction and rescue vehicles. As a matter of interest, Matchbox has launched an airplane range as well as an aircraft carrier replica.

If your kids enjoy playing with cars, the performance is something that will be important to them. They’ll want the speed and agility of a Hot Wheels push car on their racing tracks. Matchbox cars on the other hand don’t perform as well on the track but have the aesthetic value only a collector would appreciate.

Further Differences Between Hotwheels vs Matchbox

When it comes to introducing your kids to these brands, you might be wondering which one would be more entertaining? You might also be wondering if you’re going to introduce these little wonders to your kids as toys to be played with or as the beginning of a collection to be placed on a shelf and admired.

The advantage of both these brands is the add-ons that have been created over the years. Multi-level garages and looping tracks are among them. These add-ons will provide hours of entertainment to your kids and can be used in addition to some of their other toys.

I don’t think it should be as simple as deciding which collection you’re going to buy for your kids. Involve your kids in the choice. Establish if they’re drawn to the classic looking streetcars of the Matchbox collection or the funky designed hot rod type Hot Wheels. Children who enjoy pushing around racing play will definitely enjoy the Hot Wheels models.

It’s highly unlikely toddler would want to have either as a collection only. Kids who enjoy toys such as Legos and structures to park their cars in won’t really be interested in keeping toys as a collection. It could be a good idea to check which add-ons look more appealing and suited to your kids’ age group. It’s also possible to buy the packages where you get a lot of cars in one box. For younger children, this is a real treat!

To give you an idea of some of the different packages available in these two brands, I’ve done a few product reviews on both.

Hot Wheels

Since 1997 Hot Wheels have moved away from regular looking cars and focused more on hot rod movie cars. Let’s have a look at two of their popular toy packages:

The Ultimate Hot Wheels Starter Set

This package is one of the biggest Hot Wheels packs currently available. The collection is made up of 50 colorful little push around vehicles sporting realistic details and offering an assortment of authentic decor. The branded box is ideal for storage and easy to wrap as a gift.

Since the cars are individually wrapped, they can be shared between more than one child or kept as a collection. These little speedsters are designed at a magnificent scale of 1:64 and will provide hours of entertainment.

Hot Wheels City Robo T-Rex Ultimate Garage Multi-Level

This is every push car-loving kids dream! A vertical Hot Wheels tower garage allows for easy play and storage of more than 100 Hot Wheels cars. The tower is an impressive 3 ft (90cm) tall which makes it the tallest Ultimate garage so far.

Kids can easily take the hot rod inspired models all the way to the top using a kid-powered elevator which easily houses 2 cars at a time. The cars then speed down the side-by-side racetrack for an exciting downhill hot rod challenge.

As if that isn’t exciting enough, there’s a mechanical T-Rex that’s just dying to capture a hot rod in his crushing jaws! Racing and avoiding the T-Rex will provide your kids with hours of wild entertainment.

Who it’s For

These two Hot Wheels packages are suitable for kids older than three years. These packages are more suited to kids who love to push car racing as opposed to collectors.

Why I Would Consider It

Awesome features make this the ideal toy for kids older than three to keep them entertained for hours. Both packages can be shared between more than one child, so if you have a few kids to entertain, this is a plus!


Matchbox places a lot of focus on attention to detail. They pride themselves on making their designs look as realistic as possible.

Matchbox 50 Car Pack

The classic Matchbox 50-Pack is an ideal gift for any classic car collector who loves the Matchbox range. Each car is made up of realistic details like rolling wheels, doors that open and close, and real-life replicas.

This Matchbox package is made up of a variety of vehicles from rescue, construction and adventure themes. Kids will have hours of fun by using each vehicle to come up with car chases, rescues and more while constructing adventure stories. This gift is the ideal way to introduce your kids to the exciting world of car collecting!

Matchbox 4-level Garage

This nifty 4-level garage is guaranteed to provide your kids with hours of exciting adventures. Features include four levels of fun activity including a working elevator as well as a spiral ramp for the rescue vehicles to speed down.

This pumped-up garage also features a car wash to “clean” cars after their exciting daily adventures. The service station offers “repair services” to keep the Matchbox vehicles in tip-top shape.

The package includes one Matchbox tow truck should any of the other vehicles require a “rescue.” This package is the ideal way to grow your kids’ imagination. Combined with the 50 car package reviewed above, will provide your kids with hours of imaginative storylines.

Who it’s For

This is a must-have for Matchbox collectors whether they’re new or existing lovers of the brand. It’s also a great way to introduce your kids to build their first car collection. Not suitable for kids under three years as small parts are a choking hazard.

Why Would I Buy It?

It’s a great addition to a current collection or the start of a new collection for both adults and youngsters!

Final Word

Both brands are highly regarded and sought after by both adults and children. While it’s true these companies’ products are a tad more expensive than your average toy car, the level of quality and fun factor make up for that.

When it comes down to choosing between Hot Wheels vs Matchbox, I would recommend both brands for adults who want to have a super interesting car collection as well as to children who want to play for hours!

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