How Long to Microwave Milk – The Quick Way to Warming Milk

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As a father, I’m always looking for quick and convenient ways of doing things. This includes warming up milk when my daughter (and I) wants her favorite hot chocolate drink. Believe it or not, I drink hot chocolate every evening. You can’t deny the convenience of the microwave! But do you often wonder how long to microwave milk so it’s perfectly heated and safe to drink?

My article today takes you through the steps of how to microwave milk, what types of milk can be microwaved and the best containers to use. I’m also going to explain why you need to pay special attention when microwaving milk for your kiddie’s hot chocolate.

How Long Should I Microwave Milk?

When it comes to heating up milk using a microwave, special attention is needed. Milk takes about 30 to 60 seconds to heat up in the microwave for a standard cup size of 250 ml.  

Factors that influence the heating up time

The time will vary depending on the following:

  • The type of microwave you’re using and power settings
  • The quantity of milk
  • The type of container used to heat up the milk
  • The level of warmness you want

Steps to Heating Milk in the Microwave

Use the following steps to get a nicely warmed cup of milk.

Step 1: Pour 250 ml of milk into a microwaveable mug or jug. The container must only be ¾ full to prevent the milk from boiling over during the heating process.

Step 2: Set the microwave on medium-high (or 70%) and set the timer for 60 seconds.

Step 3: Place the milk inside and switch it on. Stop the microwave every 15 seconds to stir the milk to prevent the milk from scorching and skin forming on the top.

Step 4: When steam starts to rise from the top of the milk, stop the microwave, and remove the milk. Be careful not to spill any as you’ll scald your hand or arm. 

Give the milk a good stir when you’ve taken it out. This will eliminate any hot spots that have formed during the heating process. These spots, if left as is, will cause serious scalding on your lips and in your mouth.

Note: If you’re using a 700 watts microwave, you can set the power setting to 100%. It’ll take 40 to 45 seconds for 1 cup (250 ml) of milk to warm up to just above room temperature.

How Safe is it to Heat Milk in the Microwave?

If you’re wondering about microwave heating destroying nutrients in the milk, the good news is it’s no different from conventional boiling on the stovetop. If anything, microwaving may even preserve some of the nutrients.

The main danger of heating milk in the microwave is the “hot spots” and scalding your hands, lips and mouth. This is particularly important to watch out for when heating your baby’s milk in the microwave. Always let the bottle sit for a minute after coming out of the microwave and test with small drops on your wrist for the right temperature.

It’s strongly recommended not to heat breast milk in the microwave. Not only do you run the risk of having “hot spots” to deal with but microwaving will destroy the natural immunological properties found in breast milk. It’ll also decrease the fat content.

Watch this video explaining why heating breast milk in the microwave is not a good idea.

Special attention must be given when microwaving milk. The reason being, it can become easily scorched or burnt. This will leave an unpleasant taste to the milk and you’ll end up throwing it away. The other problem is milk skin forming on the top. This ultimately changes the texture of the milk and again, will not taste good.

Containers: Which Can I Use and Which Ones Must I Avoid

You must always use a microwavable container when heating up milk in the microwave. Here’s a table detailing what types of containers to use and which ones to avoid.

Container Types to Use
Heat-resistant glassFor example, the Elixir Glassware Large Coffee Mug - Dishwasher and Microwave Safe - will work well for heating up milk in the microwave.
Microwave-safe plasticThe Norpro 4-Cup Plastic Measuring Jug will give you peace of mind it’s safe to use plastic in the microwave.
CeramicsThe 18 oz Bosmarlin Glossy Ceramic Coffee Mug is great for heating up 250 ml milk without worrying about it boiling over.

Containers made up of the following materials must be avoided using in the microwave:

  • Metal
  • Aluminum
  • Wood
  • Low-quality plastic

Final Thoughts

It takes anything between 40 to 60 seconds to heat milk in the microwave. It all depends on the type of microwave you’re using and how powerful it is and the quantity being heated. The type of container may also influence the timing.

Do you heat milk in the microwave often? How long does it take you to do it? I would love to hear your comments and feedback so feel welcome to write in my comments section below.

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