How Many Baby Washcloths and Baby Towels Do I Need?

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Towels and washcloths are known to harbor a range of mold, fungi, bacteria, and yeast. Knowing that these could be festering with germs after a few times of use, you may be wondering how many baby washcloths and towels do I need to be hygienic? 

The answer really depends on how many times you’re bathing your baby and doing the laundry. And, from my own experience as a father, I know how dirty my daughter can get when she’s been playing and eating! 

Read on to discover what my research into the topic uncovered to ensure your baby is germ-free after each wash or bath. I’m talking about numbers, why you need more than less, when to increase the quantity, and how many times you can use baby towels and washcloths before washing them.

How Many Baby Washcloths Do I Need? 

When you’re wondering about how many baby washcloths you need, the general rule of thumb is you need between 7 to 8 washcloths if you’re doing laundry twice a week. This may seem like a high number of washcloths to have for your little one so if you’re doing laundry more often, 3 to 6 may be enough. 

Are Baby Washcloths Better Than Regular Ones?

While it may be tempting to use your regular washcloth for your baby, it’s better to buy washcloths specifically designed for the baby’s bathing time. This is because they’re made softer and thicker, making it easier to give your baby a gentle wash. 

Using designated washcloths for your baby also means they’re protected from any germs you may be carrying on your own washcloth. This is essential as your baby’s immune system only matures after 2 to 3 months

Buying your baby’s own washcloths may seem like an unnecessary expense, especially when you’re also buying other baby items such as swaddles, receiving, and muslin blankets. But as a father who’s done plenty of bathing duties with my daughter from the day she was born, I highly recommend having baby washcloths and enough of them. 

How Many Baby Towels Do I Need? 

If you’re washing your baby every day and doing laundry twice a week, then 4 to 5 baby towels will be enough. The number of towels you have depends on the age of your baby, how often you’re washing them, and if you’re doing laundry every day or only every couple of days. If you’re only washing your baby every 2 to 3 days, then 3 baby towels will do. This means you have one for drying your baby after their bath, one in the laundry, and one in the cupboard. 

Can I Use Regular Towels for My Baby?

Baby towels are designed to be softer and gentler on the baby’s skin which is why you don’t want to be using your regular towels on them. The materials of baby towels are often hypoallergenic which means your baby’s sensitive skin will be protected from skin rashes. 

These towel types are also smaller, making it easy to dry your baby. Hooded towels for babies are also popular, especially for newborns and babies up to 12 to 18 months old. 

Why Do You Need More Than One Baby Towel and Washcloth? 

Towels and washcloths are home to a number of germs that come off our bodies. What’s more, damp washcloths and towels allow mold, bacteria, and fungi to thrive! A fully-grown, healthy adult has a stronger immune system compared to a small baby’s which is still developing. This is why you need more than one baby towel and washcloth.

Watch this video to find out just how dirty your towel gets!

It’s recommended to use a clean washcloth every time you wash your baby. You can use a baby towel 2 times before putting it into the laundry but always make sure they’re hung out to dry fully after each bath. 

How Many Baby Towels and Washcloths Does a Newborn Need?

Have at least 6 baby washcloths in the cupboard if you’re a first-time parent with a newborn baby, and you want to keep laundry days down to the minimum. This means you can have a clean one on hand whether you are bathing or simply giving your baby a wipe down. 

Newborns normally only need to be bathed two to three times a week, so 3 baby towels should be more than enough. But, this does mean doing laundry twice a week. If you’re only running a wash cycle once a week, then you may want to increase the number to 6 or 7 baby towels. 

How Many Times Should You Use Baby Washcloths and Towels Before Washing Them?

I like to use a clean washcloth whenever I bathe my daughter but it’s safe to use them twice before putting them into the laundry basket. A clean baby towel should be used every time which is why I’m recommending more than fewer towels in the house! 

However, the following factors will also determine how many times you can use baby towels before washing them:

  • If your baby is sick then definitely only use a clean towel with each bathing session.
  • When towels are dried in direct sunlight, they’re less likely to become breeding grounds for germs and microbes so you can use them 2 times before washing them.
  • Only use baby towels once before washing them if you’re living in a humid environment. 

Remember to always keep your baby’s towels and washcloths for them and not for anyone else in the family. 

Will You Need More Baby Washcloths and Towels as Your Baby Grows? 

My own experience with my toddler daughter has taught me that you can never have enough baby washcloths! So, as your baby grows older you’ll definitely need more and I find at least 10 washcloths do the trick. 

Older babies, especially when they reach toddlerhood, need to be bathed once a day. This means you’ll need to add more towels to the stash. Once again, it’s dependent on how often you’re doing the laundry and how strict you are about using a clean towel every time your older baby bathes. 

What Are Baby Washcloths Used For? 

Baby washcloths serve many purposes besides washing your little one down in the bath. You can use them to give your baby a quick wipe-down instead of giving them a full bath. Washcloths are also great for cleaning your baby’s bottom every time you do a diaper change. They’re perfect for those times your baby is battling with a diaper rash or has sensitive skin.

Washcloths are a great eco-alternative to using many baby wipes especially when you need to clean sticky fingers and dirty faces throughout the day. And, when your baby is going through painful teething times, you can gently rub their gums with a damp washcloth. 

Best Fabric for Baby Washcloths 

Baby washcloths are made with soft and thicker fabrics to cater to your baby’s sensitive skin. You can also find washcloths made with hypoallergenic materials which are extremely useful if your baby breaks out in hives or skin rashes. This type of fabric also prevents eczema

It’s always recommended to go with natural products so read carefully the description before you decide to buy washcloths.

Best Fabric for Baby Towels 

The best fabric for baby towels is natural, 100% cotton. This fabric makes it easy to wash and dry quickly and they handle a lot of wear and tear saving you from having to replace them often. This type of fabric is also softer, making them kinder for a baby’s sensitive skin. 

Final Thoughts 

How many baby washcloths and towels you need depends on the age of your baby, how often you’re bathing them, and when you do the laundry. To prevent germs from thriving on damp towels and washcloths, it’s always recommended to use clean ones every time you bathe your baby. This means you’ll need more than less of these essential baby items. 

Take it from a father who’s been raising a baby girl and make sure you have enough of both baby towels and washcloths in the cupboard.

By the way, when cleaning my daughter, she cried whenever I washed her hair until I discovered there are shower caps for babies. An interesting invention.

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