35 Best Middle Names for Ava – Which One is the Cutest?

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Looking for a middle name for Ava? Ava has to be one of the cutest and shortest baby names I know. That’s why picking it is probably a no-brainer. But what about the second name?

Picking out baby names is lots of fun. It’s easy to forget what a huge responsibility it is for any parent. While your daughter will outgrow a lot of things, from clothes to tantrums, her name is there is to stay. Well, at least you can only hope so. If you give her the wrong name, she might outgrow it too and decide to change it! After all, it’s certainly legal.

Let me help you pick the right middle name so it doesn’t come to that.

Middle Name Ideas for a Girl Called Ava

Giving your child a second name isn’t a legal requirement. We do it for different reasons. Either to honor an older family member, your culture or to give the first name a nice ring to it. Whatever your reasons, it must at least have meaning, right? What are your thoughts on the following:

  1. Ava Beatrice
  2. Ava Eden
  3. Ava Hannah
  4. Ava Lauren
  5. Ava Megan
  6. Ava Scarlett
  7. Ava Sophie
  8. Ava Josephine
  9. Ava Zoey
  10. Ava Willow
  11. Ava Francesca
  12. Ava Isabel
  13. Ava Jocelyn
  14. Ava Naomi
  15. Ava Rebecca
  16. Ava Samantha
  17. Ava Rosanne
  18. Ava Natalie

One-Syllable Middle Name Ideas for Ava

You may have noticed all names listed above have one or more syllables. That makes sense since Ava is short and cute. But it’s still acceptable to pick another short middle name especially if your surname is hard to pronounce. These one-syllable names go beautifully with Ava:

  1. Ava Paige
  2. Ava Leanne
  3. Ava Rose
  4. Ava Grace
  5. Ava Belle
  6. Ava Dawn
  7. Ava Fern
  8. Ava Faye
  9. Ava June
  10. Ava Beth
  11. Ava Jeanne
  12. Ava Joy
  13. Ava Lynn
  14. Ava Quinn
  15. Ava Ruth
  16. Ava Tess
  17. Ava Skye
  18. Ava Reese

Meaning of the Name Ava

Prominent celebrities, the likes of Hugh Jackman, and Reese Witherspoon named their baby Ava. But I’m guessing that’s not reason enough to also give it to your daughter. You must know what it means.

The name Ava has different meanings in different languages. It means “bird” in Latin, “sound” or “voice” in Persia and “island” or “water” in German. If you’re not sure which meaning to go with, capitalize on the personality traits associated with the name. According to experts, women named Ava are loyal in friendship and make excellent counselors.

Nicknames for the Name Ava

It’s hard to imagine such a short name can be further shortened into a nickname. But it can be, and beautifully too. Alternatively, you can turn it into a longer nickname. There’s no rule saying you can’t do that! The point is your daughter will feel special and unique each time you call her. You could consider:

  • Av
  • Avie
  • Avia
  • Avalanche

Spanish Middle Names for Ava

Are you thinking of picking a Spanish middle name for Ava? Whether you want to honor your culture or simply love how Hispanic names sound, the following will complement Ava well:

  • Julietta
  • Reina
  • Savanna
  • Rosa
  • Olivia
  • Teresa
  • Ramona
  • Paula

Different Ways to Spell Ava

Granted Ava, is the most used spelling, but it’s certainly not the only way. There are a couple of variations that you might find appealing to make your daughter’s name more unique. How about the following suggestions?

  • Avah
  • Ayva

A Final Word

Which one do you feel is the perfect middle name for Ava from my recommendations? The ideal middle name should work well with both your daughter’s first and last name, not look weird when written as initials, and sound great. So be sure to say the full name out loud before heading to your child’s christening.

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