35 Best Middle Names for Claire – May the Best Name Win!

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Want ideas on the perfect middle name for Claire? I must say kudos to you for choosing such a pretty first name! It’s short, cute, and easy to pronounce. Just about everything you want in a name.

Naming a child is all fun and games until your daughter grows up to hate it. That’s why parents shouldn’t take this important task bestowed on them lightly. The wrong name will have your daughter ridiculed all through kindergarten and high school. In some cases, the wrong name may cause your daughter to drop out of college!

As a master of research (see my bio below), I waded through tons of data from baby name databases, discussion forums for parents, articles by notable magazines to actually discussing it with other parents to find out what they think. Of course, my opinion has also been considered.

You owe it to your baby girl to pick both a first and middle name she’ll love. And since you’ve nailed the first part, let me help you pick the second one.

Middle Name Ideas for a Girl Called Claire

These days middle names are just as important as the first. Many people grow up to use their names interchangeably or even prefer going by their middle name. That’s why the same careful consideration you awarded the first name must be done on the second. Choosing a longer multiple syllable middle name is an awesome idea since Claire is short and to the point. Try out the following:

  1. Claire Margaret
  2. Clair Eden
  3. Claire Eleanor
  4. Claire Jocelyn
  5. Claire Naomi
  6. Claire Samantha
  7. Claire Rebecca
  8. Claire Samantha
  9. Claire Meredith
  10. Claire Olivia
  11. Claire Lorraine
  12. Claire Elizabeth
  13. Claire Sophie
  14. Claire Riley
  15. Claire Josephine
  16. Claire Sarah
  17. Claire Nicole
  18. Claire Natalie

One-Syllable Middle Name Ideas for Claire

Yes, the name Claire is short but there’s no law against picking another short middle name. Your little one won’t have any difficulties spelling or pronouncing it when the time comes. And chances are, she’ll love it when she’s an adult. The following one-syllable names work well with Claire:

  1. Claire Jean
  2. Claire Rose
  3. Claire Anne
  4. Claire Sloane
  5. Claire Belle
  6. Claire Joy
  7. Claire Fay
  8. Claire Grace
  9. Claire Tess
  10. Claire Lynn
  11. Claire True
  12. Claire June
  13. Claire May
  14. Claire Jade
  15. Claire Eve
  16. Claire Paige
  17. Claire Ruth

Meaning of the Name Claire

So, what exactly does this short and dainty name mean? The name Claire has French origins. And it means bright and clear. In other language variations, it’s termed Clara.

If you look it up under the urban dictionary, you‘ll find the name refers to a type of woman who’s honest, confident, and knows what she wants in life. Who wouldn’t want their daughter to have such traits?

Nicknames for the Name Claire

Claire is a very popular name in the U.S. If you want to make your daughter feel unique, you can consider turning it into a nickname for those special moments. What do you make of the following suggestions?

  • Clairy/Clarey
  • Claire Bear

Spanish Middle Names for Claire

Do you want to give your baby a Hispanic middle name? Spanish names are increasingly becoming popular. Whether you appreciate how the language is universally recognized, want to keep up with trends, or pass down your heritage, consider the following:

  • Alicia
  • Jasmine
  • Savanna
  • Olivia
  • Lucia
  • Maria
  • Paula

Different Ways to Spell Claire

Since the name Claire isn’t exactly exclusive, you’re bound to find a handful of Claire’s in any given school at any given time. You can decide to play around with the spelling to make your daughter’s name stand out. Consider using the following spelling variations;

  • Klaire
  • Clare

A Final Word

No doubt the name Claire will be around for a long time. Short, crisp, and sweet names rarely go out of style. Your task is to pick yet another sweet middle name for Claire. Just make sure your daughter will still love her full name when she’s older.

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