45 Best Middle Names for Luke – Which One is Your Favourite?

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Sometimes narrowing down the list of options for baby names can be quite challenging. In fact, some babies are born without having a name waiting for them. But, if you’re not one of those ”leave it to the last minute” types, your boy will be called Luke the minute he’s born. The next challenge is finding the perfect middle name for Luke.

While his grandma is creating monogrammed baby towels and bibs with his name, Luke, she really would like to add his middle name too!

As a master of research (see my bio below), I waded through tons of data from baby name databases, discussion forums for parents, articles by notable magazines to actually discussing it with other parents what they think. Of course, also my opinion has been considered. To help you with some ideas, I’ve compiled a list with a few popular options. 

Middle Name Ideas for a Boy Called Luke

Traditionally the purpose of a middle name was to honor a much-loved family member. Nowadays, middle names are as important as the first name. When choosing a middle name you want something that fits with both the first name as well as the surname. A few two-syllable options include:

  1. Luke Aaron
  2. Luke Andrew
  3. Luke Brayden
  4. Luke Brian
  5. Luke Caleb
  6. Luke Daniel
  7. Luke David
  8. Luke Ethan
  9. Luke Finley
  10. Luke Frank
  11. Luke Gavin
  12. Luke Henry
  13. Luke Issac
  14. Luke Jaden
  15. Luke Jacob
  16. Luke Kevin
  17. Luke Liam
  18. Luke Matthew
  19. Luke Nathan
  20. Luke Owen
  21. Luke Peter
  22. Luke Rowan
  23. Luke Ryan
  24. Luke Steven
  25. Luke Trevor
  26. Luke Tristan
  27. Luke Victor
  28. Luke William
  29. Luke Xavier
  30. Luke Zander

One-Syllable Middle Name for Luke

If you’d rather have a one-syllable option as a middle name, there are a lot of options to choose from. A few of them include the following:

  1. Luke Ash
  2. Luke Blaine
  3. Luke Cain
  4. Luke Drake
  5. Luke James
  6. Luke Max
  7. Luke Troy
  8. Luke Mark
  9. Luke Kyle
  10. Luke Kurt
  11. Luke Seth
  12. Luke Paul
  13. Luke Jude
  14. Luke John
  15. Luke Zane

Meaning of the Name Luke

The name Luke is an English derivative of the Latin name Lucas. It was originally derived from the Latin name Lucius and in its shortened form means “the one born at dawn” or “the bright one”. Over time, Luke has come to simply mean “light’. So, your little Luke will definitely be the “light’ of your life!

Nicknames for Luke

Almost everyone has a nickname. Sometimes it’s a shortened form of your first name or even surname. Other times it’s something completely silly and unrelated to any of your names. A few nicknames for your little Luke could include the following:

  • Lukey
  • Lee
  • Lu
  • LK
  • Luca

Spanish Middle Name for Luke

If you have a Spanish heritage, you might want to honor that by adding a Spanish middle name. Here are a few popular Spanish options for Luke:

  • Luke Aljeandro
  • Luke Diego
  • Luke Carlos
  • Luke Mateo
  • Luke Javier

Different Ways to Spell Luke

Some names are so unusually spelled that it’s common for there to be a variety of options. Luke, however, is not one of those names. The only options for different spellings are Louk or perhaps even Luuk.

A Final Word

I hope all these available options will make it easier to select a middle name for your precious little Luke. By considering the names on my list or even from one of the two books mentioned, I’m sure you’ll have the right name in no time!

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