30 Best Middle Names for Olivia – The Perfect Middle Name for Your Baby Girl

So, you’ve decided to name your new princess Olivia. Firstly, it’s an excellent choice! No doubt Olivia is a popular name especially in English-speaking and European countries. It’s ranked Nr. 1 in the US. And understandably so. It’s cute and downright classy, something your little one will appreciate when she’s older. But have you thought of a middle name for Olivia?

You’ve got the first name in the bag, now you have to pick a middle name for your baby girl. A middle name is perfect if you want to personalize your baby’s name or just add a nice ring to it.

As a master of research (see my bio below), I waded through tons of data from baby name databases, discussion forums for parents, articles by notable magazines to actually discussing it with other parents what they think. Of course, also my opinion has been considered.

So without further ado, let me help you pick the best middle for Olivia.

Middle Name Ideas for a Girl Called Olivia

Gone are the days when parents only picked one syllable middle names for their kids that kind of rhymed with the first. These days middle names matter just as much as the first name and are made of more than one syllable. If that’s the route you’re going with, consider the following:

  • Olivia Emma
  • Olivia Eden
  • Olivia Anna
  • Olivia Mackenzie
  • Olivia Bella
  • Olivia Charlotte
  • Olivia Aubrey
  • Olivia Chloe
  • Olivia Alice
  • Olivia Ella
  • Olivia Lauren
  • Olivia Kayla
  • Olivia Nicole
  • Olivia Riley
  • Olivia Isabelle

One Syllable Middle Name Ideas for Olivia

In case you want to keep the middle name short and sweet, that’s still fine. Olivia does have four syllables. So picking a one syllable middle name is perfect to balance it out. Here are 15 examples of short one syllable names that go well with Olivia:

  • Olivia June
  • Olivia Quinn
  • Olivia Anne
  • Olivia Blue
  • Olivia Claire
  • Olivia Eve
  • Olivia Kate
  • Olivia Skye
  • Olivia Page
  • Olivia Blake
  • Olivia Jade
  • Olivia Jane
  • Olivia Rain
  • Olivia Kim
  • Olivia Jean

Meaning of the Name Olivia

We’ve established Olivia is a popular name, but what does it mean? Olivia comes from the Latin word “olivia” which means olive. In ancient Greece, the olive was considered a token of peace and fertility. Who knows? Your baby girl might just live up to her name and be a peaceful little baby!

The name Olivia is also associated with an admirable balance of strength and femininity. Sounds like the perfect combination of traits to have in any woman, don’t you agree?

Nicknames for the Name Olivia

And now for the ideal nickname to go with the name Olivia. You have two options; to either use her short one syllable name as a nickname or think up a totally new one. Either way, nicknames are precious. They’re often viewed as a sign of intimacy and trust.

Use a nickname to express affection to your princess or as a term of endearment. Need help with a few cute nicknames for Olivia? Consider these:

  • Olive
  • Livvy
  • Liv
  • Oli
  • Livia

Spanish Middle Names for Olivia

Are you interested in picking a Spanish middle name for your daughter? Whether you want to pay homage to her Latina roots or simply love the way a Spanish name sounds, I have a few examples for you.

Either way, I’m sure you want the Spanish middle name to embody the positive dreams and hopes you have for your little girl. Ultimately, the decision is up to you. Here are a few examples you might like that go with Olivia:

  • Frida
  • Eva
  • Sonia
  • Leonita
  • Fermina
  • Isabella
  • Mia
  • Nova
  • Ava
  • Luna

Book Recommendation to Come Up With: Even More Ideas

To search for the perfect baby name, you could spend hours online looking for it. Or, you could simply buy a book with baby names. Try this 100000 Baby Names book that gives you a list of baby names, from popular to the latest ones if you want something trendy. The book has names for both girls and boys so you’ll find it useful if you’re planning on growing your family.

Another delightful book to help you find your baby’s perfect name is The Baby Name Wizard. This book weaves magic to find the right name for your little princess or prince!

Different Ways to Spell Olivia

I’ll have you know you can spell Olivia in many other ways! You might be open to this idea if you want your baby’s name to be truly unique. Besides, you don’t always have to stick to the conventional way of spelling the name, right? Switch things up by considering the following spelling variations:

  • Olevia
  • Olyvia
  • Oliveea
  • Olivija
  • Alyvia

A Final Word

Searching for a baby’s name isn’t easy. You have to dedicate hours to the process to come up with the perfect name. Hopefully, this article has just made things easier for you! Which middle name for Olivia will you be going with? Even though it’s cute now, make sure it earns her a lot of respect when she’s older!

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