111 Great Middle Names for Benjamin [Cool, Unique, Short]

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Are you looking for a cool, unique or short middle name for your little boy called Benjamin? There are plenty to choose from but to help you find one easily I’ve given 111 suggestions in today’s blog. Benjamin is a classic name so it requires a middle name that will complement it well.

Find out ways on how to choose a middle name and take a look at some Spanish middle names that go well with Benjamin. You’re bound to find the perfect middle name for your boy. Keep reading to find out more.

How To Choose A Middle Name For Benjamin

  • Keep the other parents’ maiden name: The middle name slot is the perfect way to include your partner’s maiden name in the family equation. Doing it this way is less hassle than double-barrelling. This will be helpful in cultures where the children should have both parent’s surnames.
  • Consult baby name books or websites: If you’re totally stumped for ideas, consult the many online sites or baby books that will give you the name, meaning and origin as well. This will give you some ideas to choose a unique name, or a name from your country of origin with a significant meaning.
  • Combine names: If you and your partner are at loggerheads over names and can’t decide on just one, you could follow a growing trend of creating a unique name out of the letters of different names. For example, Jason + Daniel = Jaydan.
  • Sound it out: Once you’ve shortlisted your options, sound all the names and the surname out loud. Ideally, you want the names to flow. Also, be wary of adding names that could embarrass your little ones when they grow older. Ensure that initials don’t sound out a silly word, like ASS or COW.
  • Honor a mentor or role model: If you have a mentor, role model or favorite celebrity, a middle name spot might be the ideal place to honor that person. In this instance, you’d want to pick a name that will still be relevant when your little Benjamin grows up.
  • Use an unusual place name: It’s not uncommon to name your baby after a place that has significant meaning to you. For example, London or Paris.

Cool Middle Name Ideas For Benjamin (boy)

  1. Benjamin Kennedy 
  2. Benjamin Alvin 
  3. Benjamin Lorent
  4. Benjamin Taluke 
  5. Benjamin Willow
  6. Benjamin Caidance 
  7. Benjamin Starr
  8. Benjamin Luke 
  9. Benjamin Shake 
  10. Benjamin North

Unique Middle Name Ideas For Benjamin (boy)

  1. Benjamin Amber
  2. Benjamin Alestair 
  3. Benjamin Ariadne
  4. Benjamin Ber
  5. Benjamin Maxwell
  6. Benjamin Phoebs 
  7. Benjamin Brent
  8. Benjamin Michaellee 
  9. Benjamin Constantine 
  10. Benjamin Charles 
  11. Benjamin Louis
  12. Benjamin Stevenson 
  13. Benjamin Mecha 
  14. Benjamin Armalo 
  15. Benjamin Ericson 
  16. Benjamin Emile 
  17. Benjamin Raegar 
  18. Benjamin Carolson 
  19. Benjamin Elija 
  20. Benjamin Merdock 
  21. Benjamin Lork
  22. Benjamin Patric 
  23. Benjamin Mathius 
  24. Benjamin Loki 
  25. Benjamin Charliton 
  26. Benjamin Bradbery 
  27. Benjamin Theador 
  28. Benjamin Aregorn 
  29. Benjamin Dolce 
  30. Benjamin Savvy 
  31. Benjamin Nickson 
  32. Benjamin Bartemeus 
  33. Benjamin Rodrick 
  34. Benjamin Kellan 
  35. Benjamin Lenny 
  36. Benjamin Harrison 
  37. Benjamin Geoff 
  38. Benjamin Peterson 
  39. Benjamin Arbello 
  40. Benjamin Ernest 
  41. Benjamin Anderson 
  42. Benjamin Alexandria
  43. Benjamin Jett 
  44. Benjamin Joel
  45. Benjamin Elvis 
  46. Benjamin Clyde
  47. Benjamin Lorent 
  48. Benjamin Arb 
  49. Benjamin Marlo 
  50. Benjamin Marion 
  51. Benjamin Maude
  52. Benjamin Lupin 
  53. Benjamin Autumn
  54. Benjamin Brook
  55. Benjamin Kay
  56. Benjamin Henny 
  57. Benjamin Harper
  58. Benjamin Jupiter 
  59. Benjamin Geronimo 
  60. Benjamin Merl 
  61. Benjamin Rubeus 
  62. Benjamin Kent 
  63. Benjamin Tryton 
  64. Benjamin Deacon 
  65. Benjamin Blade 
  66. Benjamin Lane
  67. Benjamin Ronin 
  68. Benjamin Lewi
  69. Benjamin Nova
  70. Benjamin Vincent 
  71. Benjamin Sky
  72. Benjamin Lars
  73. Benjamin Alexandre 
  74. Benjamin Jordan 
  75. Benjamin Peyton
  76. Benjamin Oliver
  77. Benjamin Praxton 
  78. Benjamin Lonnie
  79. Benjamin Bradly 
  80. Benjamin Francio 
  81. Benjamin Jean
  82. Benjamin Pierce 
  83. Benjamin Alexis 
  84. Benjamin Scout
  85. Benjamin Jude
  86. Benjamin Daylen 
  87. Benjamin Jamie
  88. Benjamin Zaiah 
  89. Benjamin Pauly
  90. Benjamin Cato 
  91. Benjamin Camden 
  92. Benjamin Carleto 
  93. Benjamin Merrick 

One-Syllable (Short) Middle Name For Benjamin (boy)

Considering that Benjamin is a longer name, you might want a shorter name between it and your surname. If this is the case, have a look at a few of these options:

  1. Benjamin-Blue
  2. Benjamin-Jade
  3. Benjamin-Jett 
  4. Benjamin-Lex 
  5. Benjamin-Rae
  6. Benjamin-Al
  7. Benjamin-Bo 
  8. Benjamin-Pike

Nicknames For The Name Benjamin

Nicknames are fond little names that our loved ones give us. Sometimes they’re a shortened version of your name, other times it’s something completely different. Some of the nicknames for a baby named Benjamin include the following:

  • Ben
  • Benny
  • Benji
  • Mina
  • Benja

Meaning Of The Name Benjamin

The name Benjamin is originally a Hebrew name meaning “son of the right hand” and spelled as “Binyamin” in the old scriptures.

Spanish Middle Names For Benjamin

A middle name is an excellent way to honor a Spanish heritage. Some of the most popular Spanish names to complement your little Benjamin include the following:

  • Benjamin Abilo
  • Benjamin Luciana
  • Benjamin Abril 
  • Benjamin Adan
  • Benjamin Barto 
  • Benjamin Balta
  • Benjamin Marcus 
  • Benjamin Carlito 
  • Benjamin Ceron
  • Benjamin Domingo 
  • Benjamin Emillio 

Different Ways To Spell Benjamin

Spelling your little one’s name differently is another way to separate them from all the other Benjamin’s out there. Some of the unique ways to spell Benjamin include:

  • Benjomin
  • Benjaman
  • Bhenjamin
  • Benjhamin
  • Benjoman

Final Thoughts

Choosing a unique middle name for your little Benjamin will be a lot easier now that you’ve read through some of the options I’ve given you. Whether you choose something classic, trendy, or create a whole new name, choose a name that will be as unique as your baby!

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