Muslin vs Swaddle vs Receiving Blankets – Differences?

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Infants have delicate skin and it should be covered regularly. To keep them snug, you need fabrics that are comfortable from the moment they’re born. But which options work best? I’ve put together this muslin vs swaddle vs receiving blanket review for you based on my nearly 3 years of experience as a father and also by relying on my fianceé, as well as other parents and of course our research.

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What are baby blankets and why you should consider them

When we knew we were expecting our daughter, we looked around the market for baby blankets, and like you, we noticed they come in different varieties. As first-time parents, we had no idea what to look out for which was a little confusing. Pretty much probably like what you are going through right now.

So, exactly what is a receiving blanket and swaddling blanket? And what about muslin blankets?

Swaddling blankets wrap-up your baby for a snug fit. The fit your baby receives with it calms them by giving the feeling that they’re still in the womb.

A receiving blanket, on the other hand, gives you more use than swaddling blankets. They’re what your baby will first get wrapped in after birth hence the name. But unlike the swaddling options, these offer you more functionality and you can use them for longer.

There isn’t much difference between a muslin blanket and a receiving blanket. Typically, both are used to swaddle a baby. Muslin, however, refers to a type of cotton weaving that allows a garment to have more breathability. Unlike the receiving blanket, the muslin blanket is a little larger.

Main features – similarities and differences

Here you’ll see a comparison between different blankets that we love based on some important criteria.


There are a variety of baby blankets out there. The options reviewed can all be used for multiple purposes such as swaddling, lining your stroller or crib mattress, as a nursing cover, and more. Swaddling is not so easy to learn for most first-time parents. We had our share of tries before we got it right; this video will show you how to swaddle like a pro.


How much you’re willing to pay will decide which varieties you consider. Generally, swaddling baby blankets like the XMWEALTHY swaddle tend to cost more. That’s because of their unique design that makes swaddling simple. Options such as the Simple Joys by Carter’s the Luvable Friends Unisex, and the Cute New York Premium Muslin Cotton Blanket cost less.


How many baby blankets you receive with your purchase could also help you make your choice. Obviously, you’ll need many as babies frequently spit up and burp. Purchasing the Cute New York Premium Solid Muslin Cotton Blanket and the XMWEALTHY swaddle blanket gives you only one item. When you buy the Simple Joys by Carter’s or the Luvable Friends Unisex Baby Cotton Flannel, you’ll receive seven and four blankets respectively.

I actually wrote a separate detailed article which should help you decide how many swaddles, receiving, muslin blankets you need.


Fabrics you use with your baby often need to be cleaned. All the options reviewed are strong enough to withstand multiple washes, so you’re assured you’ll have them around for long.


How old your child is also matters when making your selection. For instance, options like the Simple Joys, the Luvable Friends Cotton Flannel, and the Cute New York Premium Muslin Cotton Blanket are suitable for newborns to about two months. The XMWEALTHY Swaddle Blanket leaves more room for growth as it can accommodate babies from birth up to six months.

Which one to choose?

Nowadays, swaddling varieties come in a fold that makes it easy to wrap your child up. But if you need something that will grow with your baby, the receiving blankets are more versatile.

Simple Joys by Carter’s Receiving Blankets

Simple Joys by Carter's Unisex Babies' Muslin burp cloths, Pack of 7, Multicolor/Dinosaur/Dots/Floral/Lemon/Turtle, One Size

Product information

  • Dimensions: 11.8×11.8 inches
  • Material: 100% Cotton
  • Weight: 1.4 pounds
  • Color: Floral/Lemon/Pink/Dino/Mint, Pink/White

Why you should consider it

The Simple Joys by Carter’s Baby Girls Flannel receiving blankets are a great option to get you started. You can use them from the moment your baby’s birth. It comes with seven pieces, so you can use them interchangeably without running out of options. They’re made from 100% cotton, making them remarkably comfortable on your little one’s skin. The fabric is light but works well for hot and cold days. They’re machine washable and dry fast since they’re lightweight.

Who it’s best suited for

  • Ideal for smaller newborns, upwards.


  • Affordable
  • Purchase includes seven pieces
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to wash
  • Lightweight yet durable fabric


  • Size isn’t ideal for swaddling larger babies
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Luvable Friends Unisex Receiving Blankets

Luvable Friends Unisex Baby Cotton Flannel Receiving Blankets, Basic Elephant 4-Pack, One Size

Product information

  • Dimensions: 11×11 inches
  • Material: 100% Cotton
  • Weight: 8 ounces
  • Color: Girl Clouds, Tribe, Girl Feathers, Boy Feathers, Yellow, Girl Geometric, Boy Geometric, among others.

Why you should consider it

The Luvable Friends Unisex Baby Cotton Flannel receiving blankets are another great option. The soft flannel fabric makes it ideal for newborns. Your purchase comes with four flannel blankets in a variety of pastel-colored options. Since receiving blankets are multipurpose items, you can use them for swaddling, as burp cloths, as a breastfeeding cover-up, among other uses. You won’t need to get rid of them once your baby’s too big to swaddle. Instead, you can get the best use out of them and which is great value for your money.

Who it’s best suited for

  • For newborn babies and above.


  • Extremely lightweight
  • Comes with four blankets
  • Affordable
  • Comfortable for your baby’s skin


  • Size makes it hard to swaddle bigger infants
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XMWEALTHY Swaddle Blankets

XMWEALTHY Cute Baby Items Newborn Plush Nursery Swaddle Blankets Soft Infant Girls Clothes Light Blue

Product information

  • Dimensions: 24×11 inches
  • Material: Polyester
  • Weight: 7.2 ounces
  • Color: White, Brown, Grey, Pink, Light Blue

Why you should consider it

The XMWEALTHY Cute Baby Plush Nursery Swaddle Blankets consist of plush Polyester. It’s super thick and has a big hoodie making it ideal for outdoor tours when it’s breezy outside or indoors after a bath. This is one of the features we live most, the hoodie. Your baby’s legs have a separate insert so they can freely move their legs. With the separate leg section, your child won’t remove the blanket no matter how energetic their kicks get. Even when taking chilling afternoon walks, you can be sure your little’s feet are safe from the cold. The baby blanket also comes with a hook and loop that make it adjustable depending on the fit your child needs.

Who it’s best suited for

  • For newborns up to 6-month-olds, depending on their size.


  • Has an adjustable hook and loop
  • Warm
  • Thick fabric makes it comfortable
  • You can adjust the fit to suit your baby’s size
  • Has a bear head shaped hoodie
  • You can swaddle with hands in or out
  • Plenty of color schemes to choose from


  • Not suitable for babies with long legs
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Cute New York Premium Muslin Cotton Blanket

Cute New York Premium Solid Muslin Cotton Blanket (White) 47' x 47'

Product information

  • Dimensions: 19×19 inches
  • Material: 100% Cotton
  • Weight: 5.1 ounces
  • Color: Polka Dots, White, Red, Tiffany Blue, Dark Navy, Black, Fuschia, Burgundy, Grey, Pink Rose

Why you should consider it

In case you prefer fabrics without patterns, the Cute New York Premium Solid Muslin Cotton Blanket could be an excellent option. Their baby blankets come in 10 plain colors. The double gauze muslin fabric makes it lightweight and breathable yet, it still keeps your baby warm. It’s also flexible, for easier swaddling of your little one. With every wash, the fabric becomes softer to give your baby extra comfort when wrapped. These blankets can serve purposes other than swaddling. You can use them as a crib mattress cover, nursing cover, and a bath towel, to name a few.

Who it’s best suited for

  • For newborns and on.


  • Comes with a drawstring storage bag
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Made from cotton
  • Machine washable fabric


  • Sometimes lint balls form after washing
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If you’re a new parent, swaddling blankets are the best option for you until you learn how to wrap your baby correctly. This is what we did with our little girl and it paid off for us.

For those well versed on baby matters receiving blankets would work best. Their dimensions and fabric make them suitable for a variety of purposes other than swaddling. And with an infant, you’ll be glad to have easy to clean and use materials on hand for the impromptu mess babies make.

Now that you know more which one to get, you might want to get an answer to how many swaddles, receiving, muslin blankets you really need, a separate article I wrote on this quantity question.

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