113 Nicknames for Stepdads [Unique, Stereotypical, Mean?]

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Being a stepdad can be very challenging. Aside from different parenting styles, there are often power struggles within the family unit. Each person has their particular idea of how parenting should be done and these styles are often conflicting. In addition, there’s the awkward question of finding a name for the stepdad.

More often than not, names and nicknames just happen because they’re derived from a fun or quirky moment experienced by everyone. But does it have to be like that? Maybe it helps if the stepdad and the children come up with a name that isn’t mean or insulting.

I’ve had extensive chats with parents, stepdads in particular, to see what names they’re comfortable being called. I also digged into forums. Let me show you some stepdad nickname ideas and how you can come up with a suitable one.

Common Nicknames for a Stepdad like “Dad”

The following variations of “dad” work exceptionally well if you want to be easily differentiated from the biological father. Some of the ones below are stereotypical:

  1. Daddy “First Name” such as Daddy James or Daddy Bill
  2. Pop
  3. Pa
  4. Papa
  5. Pa + first name (Pa John)
  6. Daddy-O
  7. Baba
  8. Popster
  9. Poppa
  10. Pops
  11. Pop-Pop
  12. Poppy
  13. Poopsie
  14. Daddyo
  15. Step-Daddio
  16. Mom’s Man
  17. Step-Bear

Should a Child Call a Stepdad Dad?

The general consensus here is that as long as a child is old enough to distinguish between the biological parent and the stepparent, it’s perfectly alright to refer to the stepdad as “dad”. However, in most cases, to avoid confusion in smaller children, it’s often easier to choose a different name. 

Unique nicknames for a stepdad

Sometimes it’s easier to transition into the stepdad role if the parties involved come up with a name together. Some unique nicknames include the following.

Use your name after the word dad or pappa

Try one of these:

  1. Daddy Joe or Daddy Roger
  2. Pappa Gary or Pappa Adam

Nickname based on your profession

Try these:

  1. Coach 
  2. Teach 
  3. Warden
  4. Judge
  5. Professor
  6. Doc or “the Doc”
  7. Chef

Variation of your first name

Go for one of these:

  1. If your name’s Matthew, they can use Matt/Maddy
  2. If your name’s Joseph, they can use Joe/Joey

Your initials as a name

Simply try this:

  1. If your name is Donald Jameson, use D.J.

Use a military/navy or airforce rank if you are or were enlisted

Perhaps one of these:

  1. Admiral
  2. Commander
  3. Captain
  4. Chief
  5. General
  6. Sarge
  7. Agent 

Your second name as a nickname if no one else uses it

Or this one:

  1. Matthew James Williams – they’ll use “James”

Naming you after your favorite movie characters

How about:

  1. Gandalf
  2. 007
  3. Godfather
  4. Terminator
  5. Superman
  6. IronMan

Naming you after your favorite musician

One of these perhaps:

  1. Elvis
  2. Johnny Cash
  3. Bruce
  4. Elton
  5. Prince

After your favorite sports stars

What about these:

  1. Tiger
  2. Sergio
  3. David
  4. Neymar
  5. LeBron

If you speak a different language than your stepchildren, using the word dad or father from your native tongue

Try these:

  1. Vater (German)
  2. Papi (Spanish)
  3. Athair (Irish)
  4. Abba (Hebrew)
  5. Padre (Italian)
  6. Abbi (Arabic)
  7. Otec (Slovak)
  8. Otosan (Japanese)

Mean Nicknames for a Stepdad

If the relationship between the stepdad and the children is somewhat tense, the nicknames could be mean and disrespectful. Some of those include the following:

  1. Dork
  2. Wallet (they might see as the money supplier only)
  3. Baby Face (if you look younger than their biological dad)
  4. Alpha (if you like to lay down the law resulting in conflict)
  5. Bourbon (if you like the occasional drink)
  6. Dictator (if you’re strict)
  7. Fatso (if you’re not as thin as their father)
  8. Four eyes (if you use glasses)
  9. Nosey (if you ask many questions)
  10. Snooze
  11. His Highness

Cute and funny nicknames for a stepdad

When the relationship is great from the beginning, or the children are younger, it’s easier to develop funny and quirky nicknames. Examples include:

  1. Papa Bear
  2. Old Man
  3. Dado
  4. Zeus (if they regard you as the King of the house)
  5. Boss (if you have a bossy personality)
  6. Guy
  7. Sensei (if either of you does martial arts)
  8. Daddy-kins
  9. Dadinator (a variant of the terminator)
  10. Daddy dearest
  11. Buddy
  12. BFG (Based on the children’s story Big Friendly Giant)
  13. Baldy 
  14. Care Bear (if you’re a cuddly guy)
  15. Dada (an option for little ones to use)
  16. Diddums (often used by smaller children)
  17. Fixer (the guy who fixes everything)
  18. Grizzly
  19. Homer
  20. Huggy Bear
  21. Joker
  22. Mayor + first name (Mayor Bob)
  23. Governor
  24. Mufasa (King of the Jungle)
  25. Santa
  26. D2 (dad number 2)
  27. Boo-boo (used by little ones)
  28. Big-Guy
  29. King + first name (King Jack)
  30. MG (mom’s guy)
  31. Sailor + First name (Sailor Joe – if you enjoy sailing)
  32. D2 (dad number 2)
  33. Boo-boo (used by little ones)
  34. Big-Guy
  35. King + first name (King Jack)
  36. MG (mom’s guy)
  37. Sailor + First name (Sailor Joe – if you enjoy sailing)
  38. Honcho
  39. Pop Rocks
  40. Dadzilla
  41. Dadasaur

Other Ways to Choose a Nickname for a Stepdad

The easiest way to ensure your nickname isn’t a mean or insulting name chosen by the children is to be involved in the selection process. Be open to some strange and unusual choices for bonus dad nicknames, especially from younger children who often see adults in a different light. 

Let your stepchild call you

As the relationship develops, see what the children are calling you out of their own. Explain to them that they don’t have to call you “dad” if it makes them feel uncomfortable. If the nickname they choose for you is mean or an ugly word, encourage them to come up with a different name. Use my list as a guideline!

Help Your Kids Come up With One you’ll Like

No one wants to be called by an ugly, insulting, or derogatory name. So, if you have had a rocky start to the relationship with your stepchildren, the easiest resolve will be to sit down with them and help them come up with a name. 

Final Thoughts

If you’re going to be part of a blended family, one of the best ways to assert your role within the current dynamic is to get the name and nickname sorted out early in the game. Just as you aren’t there to replace any parent, it also isn’t necessary to be called by the “dad” moniker. 

The important aspect here is building a relationship, and often that means dealing with a quirky name as your new nickname. Be open to accepting a few name options that might not have originally crossed your mind. Nicknames for stepdads can be fun, just like nicknames for stepmoms.

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