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Babies and younger children tend to complain a lot since it’s the only way to get your attention. Our little attention seekers. With this Philips Avent Super Soothie vs Soothie vs Pacifier review, you’ll know some of the best options available to help you in those special moments. Science says babies use crying to communicate when something is wrong. If your little one is hungry, for instance, the only way they know to let you know about that is by crying. Pacifiers and soothies are a great way to help calm them down.

Let me summarize in this article the differences and similarities of these 3 options in terms of their features based on my 2.5 years of experience as a father.

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What are pacifiers and why you should consider them?

It’s a well-known fact that children like to suckle. That’s why some suck on their fingers or fists. Other children find it necessary to get breastfed or bottle-fed so that they can sleep. Having something in their mouths soothes them significantly. Pacifiers are the most preferred method by parents compared to sucking a finger or fist. Pop it into their mouths when they get fussy, and they almost instantly relax, especially if you’ve taken care of every other possible issue. It’s not a full-proof method for everyone, but it’s worth a try; some parents swear by it.

For my daughter, pacifiers didn’t really work (see image above with one of our trials), even though we tried all these in this review, but for my sisters’ three daughters they did. Every time.

Super Soothie vs Soothie vs Pacifier – similarities and differences

Child’s age

Pacifiers are mainly for children under two years. However, not all sizes are suitable for all ages. There are those for younger babies and those for older ones. The Soothie works for children below three months. The Super Soothie is suited for three months and above, while one pacifier I recommend, WubbaNub works for any toothless munchkins.


Some pacifier nipples are softer than others. Rubber pacifiers have a firmer texture than silicon and latex options, such as the three reviewed models in this post. Be willing to try out different options to find your child’s best fit. Here’s a great video I found on pacifiers which is useful to check out.

Nipple shape

Pacifiers are either round nipple shaped or orthodontic. Some parents say the nipple shaped options are better as they’re closer to what a mother has. Others say the orthodontic shapes are better since they fit inside the baby’s mouth with little interference. These three options are all orthodontic.


A variety of factors usually influences the pacifier cost. If you have a budget, then that will decide which brand you should choose. However, if you have no price point in mind, check the pacifier’s features against what you desire. With the three options in this review, the WubbaNub costs the most, followed by the Super Soothie. The Soothie cost the least.


Since this is something that your child will suck on, it needs to come from safe materials. There are mostly silicone and latex pacifiers in the market now that are BPA-free, which makes them safe. Though you need to be wary of the latex variety as some babies are allergic to them. There are also rubber pacifiers. These cost more but are sturdier than the other two materials. The Soothie, Super Soothie, and WubbaNub pacifier are all made from medical-grade silicone.

Added features

Some pacifiers have one purpose, such as the Soothie and Super Soothie, while others glow in the dark, or have toys attached like the WubbaNub. There are also novelty options and feeding pacifiers for added functionality. Choose an option that suits you and your child’s needs.

Which one to choose?

When it comes to pacifiers, your baby will have the final say on what’s best. That’s because they’re the ones using it. Therefore, they will mostly rely on how it feels in their mouth. However, having different criteria to help guide your purchase helps narrow down your options. Your child has no say on things such as the cost, material, and additional features. So, look into these to find safe options that you can trust.

For newborns – Philips Avent Soothie

Product information

  • Number of pieces in the package: two
  • Construction: one-piece
  • Colors: Pink, Green, Blue, yellow, Purple
  • Weight: 0.64 ounces
Philips Avent SCF190/01 Soothie 0-3mth Green/Green, 2 Count

Why consider it

The Philips Avent Soothie pacifiers are made from medical-grade silicone. You’ll find them in hospitals, and you can use them from the day your baby is born. Each pacifier has a symmetrical shape that should comfortably fits into your child’s mouth. The collapsible silicone ensures there’s no disruption to the development of your baby’s gums or palate. Its shape also makes it easy for breastfed babies to latch on.

With this model, you don’t have any odors or tastes that may upset your child. However, you do have the option to purchase either a vanilla scented one or a natural, no scent option. To make it harder to lose, you can attach a pacifier clip to it. Since it’s a single piece, cleaning it is fast. You can even place it in the dishwasher. Also, ensure you sterilize it before first use. You can do this in the microwave or use boiling water.

Who it’s best suitable for

  • Newborns up to three-month-old babies can use it.


  • BPA and latex-free
  • One-piece construction
  • Easy to sterilize
  • Distributed by hospitals
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Safe to boil
  • Can be used from birth


It doesn’t come with a hygienic cap to cover it

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For older infants – Philips Avent Super Soothie

Product information

  • Number of pieces in the package: two
  • Construction: one-piece
  • Color: Blue, Green, Yellow, Pink, Purple
  • Weight: 1.6 ounces
Philips Avent Super Soothie Pacifier, Green, 3+ months, 2 Pack, SCF192/05

Why to consider it

As your baby grows, you can get them the Philps Avent Super Soothie. It comes with a hole where you can place your finger. That way, you can add some support to help your baby adjust to using it. The nipple is orthodontically designed for suckling and even teething babies. You can choose from five different colors, which are all transparent. This pacifier is a single-piece construction made from hospital-grade silicone. This feature makes it an excellent option because it can take tons of abuse from your little one, and it won’t come apart. That factor also makes it easier to wash, as it’s even dishwasher safe. To sterilize it, you can place it into boiling water or the microwave. The Super Soothie also comes with holes you can use to attach a pacifier clip.

Who it’s best suitable for

  • Babies from three months and upwards can use it.


  • Comes in five different colors
  • BPA free
  • Has no taste or odor
  • Shield shape doesn’t interfere with your baby’s breathing
  • You can sterilize it in multiple ways
  • Lightweight
  • Unique design to accommodate your finger
  • Has an orthodontic design
  • Durable enough for teething babies


  • Some babies find it too hard, so it takes them longer to get used to it
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Best Multifunctional Pacifier – WubbaNub Infant Pacifier

Product information

  • Number of pieces in the package: one
  • Construction: one-piece
  • Color: Blue
  • Weight: 1.6 ounces
Wubbanub Infant Pacifier - Giraffe

Why to consider it

You can get your little one a WubbaNub Infant Pacifier from birth as hospitals have these, too. It’s made from medical-grade silicone, guaranteeing that it’s soft enough for younger babies. Children who either breastfeed or are being bottle-fed can all use it. You can purchase your WubbaNub Infant Pacifier with any of a variety of plush toys attached. These include a Monkey, Puppy, Penguin, Giraffe, Unicorn, Moose, Elephant, Duck, Lion, and Panda, among others. The attached toys make it unnecessary to add a pacifier clip for keeping it from getting lost. The toy is also big enough for younger infants to snuggle. That helps them to self-soothe whenever necessary.

Although I prefer the giraffe WubbaNub pacifier, the WubbaNub elephant is also a great option. My daughter loved to play with it. They have bright colors which attract kids but they’re also easy to clean.

Who it’s best suitable for

  • For newborns to older infants without teeth.


  • Phthalate, PVC, BPA, and latex-free
  • Comes with a plush toy attached
  • Suitable for any child without teeth or not teething
  • Plush toy is machine washable
  • You can sterilize the pacifier
  • Single-piece construction that’s easy to clean


  • You cannot detach the pacifier to wash the toy
  • Not suitable for teething infants
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Wrap Up

Pacifiers are one of the few things that your little one has a say in when you are buying one. You may make a selection based on factors like price and safety while your baby will only go for the one that feels comfortable, regardless of your selection criteria.

Therefore during the shopping phase, be ready to go through some trial and error. Your child may adapt quickly to the first option you give them. They could also refuse the first few they try. But that’s no reason to get frustrated.

There are plenty of parent reviews supporting the three options in this article. Apart from that, the fact that hospitals issue them to newborns is a plus. Always ensure you sterilize your baby’s pacifier after buying it and wash it as often as necessary. To keep your child safe, check the nipple for signs of wear before and after each use. Your child should also change their pacifier after about two months. That’s regardless of whether they still look new.

See this article I wrote on how many pacifiers are necessary in order to determine the right quantity.

And if your baby is not really ready to take a pacifier at all, I have some good news: alternatives to pacifiers do exist!

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