Where to Put Baby and Toddler When Showering

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Whether you’re new to the parenting scene or managing a toddler, showering with kids around can have its challenges! How many times do you find yourself asking where to put your baby or toddler when showering with nobody on hand at home to help you?

If your partner is at home then you know you can shower in peace. But what do you do on those days when you simply have to take the baby with you into the bathroom? This happens to me every Saturday when my fianceé has to work and I get to stay behind with my daughter the whole day. I go jogging every Saturday and I need to take a shower afterward.

I know how difficult it gets when my daughter insists on being in the same room as me or her mother. So, as a father, I decided it was time to figure out ways parents can keep their kids entertained safely while they take a shower.

Should I let my baby or toddler watch TV while I shower?

It would be so tempting to sneak into the shower while your toddler is watching their favorite show on the television. But how do you know they won’t get up to mischief while you’re out of sight? If you’re living with a toddler, you know how quickly they can get involved in something they shouldn’t!

Where Do I Put my Baby or Toddler While I Shower?

Put your baby or toddler (or both) in the bathroom with you while you shower. Keeping your baby or toddler entertained in the bathroom would give you peace of mind. If they were outside the bathroom, out of sight, they could be up to some mischief and you would need to keep straining your ears for any sounds of a mishap. 

Of course, if you want to bring in the portable playard and set it up in the bathroom, you could put your kid inside it to play. Read my article on travel cribs vs pack ‘n play for some product ideas. You’ll also find some pack ‘n play products in this article.

A pack n’ play is perfect if you have a large bathroom but what do you do when the space is limited? This is when a bit of creativity is called for and I’ve compiled some ideas for you for newborns, older babies, and toddlers.

Ideas on What I Can Do With My Newborn or Older Baby While I Shower

And, before I get to the ideas it would be worthwhile to invest in a clear shower curtain. This way your baby can see you and you can see them while they’re positioned in front of your shower. Another great investment would be a waterproof speaker. You can then turn on your baby or toddler’s favorite tunes while you’re showering.

If you’re a first-time parent, the prospect of taking a shower with a newborn in the house can be a daunting one. You could always try and make sure you shower while your partner is still at home but sometimes it doesn’t work out that way.

Here are a few more options to consider, especially when you’re alone at home with no other adult around:

  • You could wait until your newborn is asleep in their portable bassinet. Place the bassinet on the floor at the open door of the bathroom and take your shower knowing all you have to do is peek out and check on your baby every couple of minutes.
  • You could invest in a baby bouncer to place in the bathroom. The Fisher- Price Sweet Snugapuppy Dreams Deluxe Bouncer is compact enough to place in a small bathroom plus it has non-skid feet. Your baby will be kept entertained with a toy mobile, soothing vibrations, music and other sounds.
  • If your baby is three to nine months old you could give them some tummy time with the MAGIFIRE Tummy Time Baby Water Mat. You can keep an eye on your baby from the shower while they gurgle at all the colorful water creatures seemingly swimming beneath them on the mat.
  • If your baby is on the move and already crawling then you’ll need to get smart. This is the time to bring in the bouncer, the infant car seat or even an ideal high chair for small spaces. But they must all have a harness system so you can strap your baby in securely. Then, make sure there are enough toys strapped to the item so they’re kept entertained for the 10 or so minutes you need to shower.

Newborns and babies not yet mobile are relatively easy to bring into the bathroom with you while you’re showering. But what about the toddler who’s rearing to go all the time?

How Do I Keep Toddler Entertained While I am Showering?

Toddlers can be a handful. But let’s get smart. I’ve figured out some activities that’ll keep any toddler entertained in the bathroom while you get on with your own business:

  • Get a plastic container and fill it up with some toothbrushes, a doll, a selection of plastic toys and even throw in some soap and a cleaning cloth. Then leave your child to his or her own imagination. They can play at brushing their own teeth or brush the doll’s teeth while they’re playing with her. Or, they can get out of the rag and soap and clean the bathroom. The toys are only allowed during your showering time so they’ll look forward to playing with them during this time.
  • Have a set of Mega Blocks stored in your bathroom vanity cupboard. These building blocks will keep your toddler quiet while they’re constructing. Again, these blocks can only be played with during shower time.
  • You could ask your toddler to pick one favorite toy to take with them into the bathroom while you’re showering. This way you’ve given them the option to play with something they really want to play with. My daughter is crazy about magnetic blocks so I know she’ll be kept entertained without a murmur from her while I take my shower.

Can I Shower With My Baby or Toddler?

A lot of your showering problems could be solved if you took your baby or toddler into the shower with you. While a toddler is easier in the shower, trying to hold a baby while you’re washing is a challenge. But it can be overcome.

A baby wrap or carrier works well for holding smaller babies while you take a shower. You must make sure you get a wrap that won’t sag too quickly when it gets wet or else your baby will be hanging around your knees! The Breezy Wrap is ideal for taking your baby into the shower with you. And it can take babies weighing from 5 pounds to 35 pounds.

Another option to consider is something for your older baby to sit in with you in the shower. A baby bath seat with suction feet would work well or the OKBABY Swell Toddler Tub which is small enough to fit into a walk-in shower. This is perfect for babies from 12 months to 36 months old and allows them to sit upright while washing themselves.

Did you know there are even some special baby and toddler shower caps around so your child won’t start blinking wildly when water runs down her forehead and then lands in her eyes?

Two words of caution though. Only start taking your newborn into the shower when they’re two to three weeks old and their umbilical cord has completely healed. And, always make use of a good quality shower or bath mat to prevent you or your child from slipping.

Other tips if you’re going to take your baby or toddler into the shower are:

  • Always be prepared. Have everything you need before you step into the shower.
  • Don’t let the water gush out at full speed and keep the temperature lukewarm.
  • Be careful not to wash the soap off you and then onto your baby or toddler. Rather use baby-friendly soap when you’re in the shower with your child.
  • Have your towel and the baby’s ready to grab when you step out of the shower.

Final Thoughts

Instead of stressing about where to put your baby and toddler while showering, consider ways of keeping them entertained. Bring them into the bathroom with you and get on with your shower knowing they’re out of mischief and in sight.

And, if you enjoy the idea of showering with your baby and toddler, there’s nothing stopping you. Plus, you’re scoring from another bonding moment.

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