Always vs Depends Differences (Postpartum / Incontinence)

Always vs Depends comparison

Many new moms find it convenient to use adult diapers after childbirth to help control postpartum bleeding or even incontinence. The most common reason can easily be attributed to their excellent absorbency as well as their comfortability. When choosing the best option, you might be comparing Always vs Depends. Which is better? My top pick is Always Discreet.

Aside from being the most popular brand, Always Discreet Is also regarded to be the best adult diaper when you’re dealing with incontinence or postpartum bleeding. It’s generally a firm favorite because it’s absorbent, super soft, and a lot more breathable than most other brands, including Depends. 

Always vs Depends – differences and similarities

While both brands are reliable adult diapers, it’s important to note that there are a few features that differentiate them. 

Available products from them

Both brands, which are featured as one of the best postpartum diaper brands, feature a few products to choose from. Some of these are listed below. These have been listed based on their popularity.




Many new moms are quite impressed with the super absorbent core offered by Always Discreet. The rapid lock technology works well to provide additional protection from heavy leaking experienced in the early days after childbirth. 

Additionally, there are double leak guards all around to keep leaks away from the edges, making this brand 100% leakproof. Silhouettes on the other hand offer a great deal of absorbency but don’t feature the leak guards which means heavy leaks could still get through. 


With stitches, pain, and excessive postpartum bleeding, it can be difficult for new moms to be comfortable! Always Discreet goes the extra mile to provide as much comfort as possible. With 360-degree elastic bands, the core is pulled closer to the body creating an ultra-discreet fit under your clothes. 

They’re not tight or bulky and don’t make you feel self-conscious. A soft, contoured waistband follows your body’s curves, creating a comfortable fit no matter what shape your body is after childbirth! 

Depends are generally made from a flexible fabric with form-fitting elastic strands to avoid bulkiness under clothes. The fitted waistband mimics an underwear fit

Type of material – softness factor

Your postpartum after-care period can be both messy and painful. With a sensitive C-section area, a private area containing stitches, it’s super important to use products that are soft and lightweight. Always discreet is made using a soft cotton material that’s super-gentle on all your achy areas. A breathable material also keeps the area dry and as a result, speeds up healing! 

Depends, while also offering a certain amount of breathability, is made from a flexible fabric material that comfortably fits over swollen areas. 

Scented or unscented?

Whether you prefer a scented or unscented option is a matter of personal choice. It’s worth noting that Always Discreet features a fresh, dermatologically tested scent. If you prefer a scent-free option, you’ll be happy to know Depends are fragrance and scent-free. 


Depends are generally cheaper than Always Discreet. This however varies if you choose the Always Boutique wear which is slightly more expensive. The good news is, there are a few different options to choose from. 

Always Discreet

Always Discreet Adult Incontinence & Postpartum Underwear For Women, Size Small/Medium, Maximum Absorbency, Disposable, 32 Count x 2 Packs (64 Count total) (Packaging May Vary)


  • Available sizes: small/medium/large with different package sizes of 32, 34 and 56
  • Rapid dry core covers mom from front to back – ideal for heavy leak protection day or night
  • 360-degree elastics create a form fit that places the core closer to the body, creating a more discreet fit
  • Core technology easily turns liquid into gel to absorb heavy leaks
  • Double leak guards serve to keep excess wetness away from edges to create superior secure bladder leak protection 
  • Contoured core hugs your body for a comfortable, smooth fit – no bulky diapers making you feel uncomfortable and self-conscious
  • Gentle on sore areas such as C-section wound and stitches
  • Breathable material to keep private areas dry


  • Odor control technology
  • Rapid dry core
  • 360-degree form fit allows for a discreet fit under clothes
  • Contoured core ensure curvy moms have a comfortable fit
  • Double leak guards
  • Maximum absorbency


  • Scented – may cause allergies
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Are Always Discreet washable?

The Always Discreet range isn’t washable. Their underwear and diaper range is designed to be disposable for your convenience! 

Depends Silhouette 

Depend Fresh Protection Adult Incontinence & Postpartum Bladder Leak Underwear for Women, Disposable, Maximum, Large, Blush, 72 Count (2 Packs of 36), Packaging May Vary


  • Available sizes: Small/Medium/Large/Extra-Large
  • Made from premium shapewear fabric for added comfort that feels like regular underwear
  • Features an ultra-soft liner that’s designed to be gentle on the skin
  • Superior absorbency instantly locks away odors & wetness to prevent leaks
  • Discreet fit under clothing ideal for day and night use
  • Available in 5 feminine colors – pink, black, berry, teal and lavender
  • Disposable for convenience
  • Flexible fabric comfortably fits over swollen, sore areas


  • Soft, flexible fabric
  • Form-fitting elastic allows a discreet fit
  • Super absorbency


  • Unscented
  • Not very leakproof on the edges
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Is Depends Silhouette washable?

Depends underwear is not reusable. For added convenience, their range is completely disposable. 

Do adult diapers work better than pads?

Incontinence pads are great for moms who aren’t experiencing heavy flows or leaks and can easily get to the bathroom in time during recovery. Adult diapers, on the other hand, might be a better option for moms who need the extra absorbency. For severe postpartum bleeding, it might also be easier to wear them at night. 

 A common question expectant moms often ask is, Are Depends better than maxi postpartum pads? Once again this depends on your personal preference and your individual situation. For excessive bleeding, Depends are often a much easier option! It’s important to ensure you pack a few adult diapers in your diaper bag to the hospital

Other Items You’ll Need for Your Postpartum 

In addition to the right brand of adult diapers, there are a few other items you’ll need for your postpartum journey. Watch this clip for an idea of what else you need! 


Bleeding, pain, stitches, and even incontinence are only a few of the common symptoms experienced by new moms after childbirth. Dealing with all these symptoms as well as caring for a newborn can be overwhelming. My top recommendation, such as Always Discreet, specifically designed for postpartum and incontinence, are the ideal option to consider. These quality underwear products will help you get through those early days with comfort!

Another relevant gear that might come in handy is a pelvic exerciser such as the Elvie Trainer or Perifit.

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