Best Moisturizer for Baby Hair – Different Babies, Different Solutions

Every baby has different textured hair so what is the best moisturizer for baby hair? Some parents struggle to find the best products for their babies’ locks because not all moisturizers work the same. Certain products are developed for different types of hair. 

One moisturizer may be ineffective for curly-haired babies, like my daughter’s, while other types of lotions work perfectly. So how do you know which product is best for your baby’s hair? Well, the only way to find out is if you know what products there are on the market.

Detangling and softening your baby’s hair doesn’t have to be a struggle, the way it used to be for me. That’s why I’ve reviewed the top products on the market that I found to be the best for all types of baby hair. Whether you want products for black baby hair or moisturizers to help your baby’s hair grow faster, you may find what you’re looking for in my roundup review. Keep reading to find out more.

My Top Picks

Product Reviews

Best overall – Palmer’s Olive Oil Formula

Palm’s Olive is moisturizing hair milk that comes in an 8oz bottle. There are no sulfates, dyes, or parabens inside this hair lotion. It’s safe to use on a baby’s hair at least twice a week.

Who it’s For

This product is ideal for babies who have frizzy hair. Since there are no chemicals inside the lotion it’s safe to use on babies that are between the ages of 1 and 5 years old.

Why You Should Buy It

The Palm’s Olive hair moisturizer is not only suitable for your baby’s hair but also for your own hair. This lotion is light and helps to moisturize dry strands. The main ingredient in this lotion is olive oil to keep your baby’s hair soft and shiny.

Product Information

  • Bottle Capacity: 8oz
  • Main ingredient: Olive oil
  • Type: Hair milk or lotion
  • Recommended age: Between the ages of 1 and 5


  • Light moisturizer
  • Contains natural vitamins and minerals
  • Suitable for dry and frizzy hair
  • Promotes hair growth


  • Maybe too greasy for some
  • Not suitable for fine hair

Best for knotty hair – Just for Me Natural Hair Milk Lotion

Some babies have hair that knots easily. The Just for Me hair lotion is designed to untangle knotted hair so that brush time is not painful for your little one. The hair formula contains natural vitamins to keep your baby’s hair smooth and shiny.

Who it’s For

This hair lotion is suitable for babies of all ages that have frizzy or dry hair that knots easily. It’s ideal for parents that want an easy product to use for their baby’s hair.

Why You Should Buy It

Just for Me Natural hair milk is a formula that prevents hair breakage and promotes hair growth. The main ingredient inside the hair lotion is coconut oil. You’ll also appreciate that this hair lotion is free from toxins such as parabens, DEA, and sulfates.

Product Information

  • Bottle Capacity: 8.8oz
  • Main ingredient: coconut oil
  • Type: Hair lotion
  • Recommended age: All ages


  • Easy to use
  • Promotes hair growth
  • Prevents hair breakage
  • Keeps hair shiny and smooth


  • May not be suitable for all hair types
  • Poor packaging

Best Moisturizer for Black Baby Hair – CARA B Baby Shampoo

The CARA B baby shampoo is a tear-free formula that also doubles as a body wash. It contains natural oils such as coconut oil and aloe to promote healthy hair and a nourished scalp.

Who it’s For

This baby shampoo is specially designed for black baby hair. It’s best for toddlers rather than newborns.

Why You Should Buy It

The CARA B baby shampoo is a fragrant product that deep cleans hair and moisturizes your baby’s locks at the same time. This formula is gentle on your baby’s hair because it’s free from artificial colors, sulfates, and petrolatum. The shampoo and body wash are also ideal for sensitive skin.

Product Information

  • Bottle Capacity: 0.5oz
  • Main ingredient: Coconut oil and aloe
  • Type: Shampoo and body wash
  • Recommended age: Toddlers


  • Free from harmful components
  • Gentle on hair and scalp
  • Promotes hair growth
  • Softens hair


  • Not suitable for newborns
  • Poor packaging

Best Moisturizer for Mixed Baby Hair – Now Solutions – Sweet Almond Oil

If you’re looking for an organic baby hair moisturizer then you should use Now Solutions. This formula is a non-GMO product that’s used to revive hair and skin. Use it to smooth out your baby’s tangles or minimize dryness.

Who it’s For

This hair oil is suitable for biracial hair with various textures. It’s not suitable for infants but perfect to use on babies aged from 1 year and upwards.

Why You Should Buy It

The Now Solutions Sweet Almond oil is ideal for babies that suffer from dry scalp. This almond oil is easily absorbed and prevents hair breakage. Use the oil when braiding your little one’s hair to lock in moisture. It’s an all-natural product that’s GMP assured.

Product Information

  • Bottle Capacity: 4oz
  • Main ingredient: Almonds
  • Type: Oil
  • Recommended age: From 1 year and upwards


  • Locks in moisture
  • Can be used for dry skin
  • Promotes hair growth
  • Prevents breakage


  • Not suitable for infants
  • Not suitable for all hair types

Best Moisturizer for Curly Baby Hair – CurlyKids Mixed Hair Set 

If you want a complete range of products then you may love the CurlyKids Mixed hair set. In the range, you get shampoo, conditioner, spray, and lotion. Curly hair requires special products such as this one that can keep locks bouncy and untangled.

Who it’s For

This set of hair care products for kids is ideal for toddlers that have curly hair. The products can be used for all types of hair textures.

Why You Should Buy It

The products in this range are formulated to moisturize dry and frizzy curls to prevent them from tangling. All the baby hair care products in the range are paraben-free. The shampoo is a no-tears formula and the leave-in conditioner is suitable for babies that have dry scalps.

Product Information

  • Bottle Capacity: 8oz for shampoo/conditioner 6oz for spray and lotion
  • Main ingredient: Sunflower seed oil
  • Type: shampoo, conditioner, spray, and lotion
  • Recommended age: Toddlers


  • Paraben-free
  • Easy to use
  • No-tears shampoo
  • Lotion locks in moisture
  • Suitable for all hair textures


  • Not for infants
  • Can be expensive

Best for Wavy hair – Miss Jessie’s Baby Buttercreme

Miss Jessie’s baby butter creme is a thick hair cream that detangles hair and promotes hair growth. It’s used to soften hair and grow out your baby’s natural waves and curls.

Who it’s For

This formula is suitable for babies that have wavy hair. It can be used on babies between the ages of 8 months and older.

Why You Should Buy It

The butter creme formula is suitable for babies that have dry and itchy scalps. It’s also safe to leave in your baby’s hair for long periods of time to soften your little one’s waves. You’ll love the pleasant fragrance of this baby hair moisturizer too.

Product Information

  • Bottle Capacity: 8oz
  • Main ingredient: Abyssinica seed oil
  • Type: Hair cream
  • Recommended age: 8 months and older


  • Suitable for all hair textures
  • Detangles hair
  • Promotes hair growth
  • For dry scalps


  • Contains petrolatum
  • Not enough product in the jar

Best for Dry Hair – Johnson’s Aloe Vera Vitamin E Baby Oil

Babies with dry and static hair will benefit from Johnson’s aloe vera baby oil. It’s a light formula that can be left on the hair for long periods of time. This product also has a pleasant fragrance that will keep your baby’s hair smelling fresh.

Who it’s For

This baby oil is suitable for all types of hair and babies of all ages.

Why You Should Buy It

Johnson’s aloe vera baby oil contains natural vitamins to promote healthy hair and a moisturized scalp. It’s ideal for curly and straight hair and it keeps your baby’s hair untangled. It’s safe to apply to your baby’s hair every day. This product is formulated for delicate skin so you can also use it on infants’ skin, hair and scalp.

Product Information

  • Bottle Capacity: 20oz
  • Main ingredient: Mineral oil
  • Type: Oil
  • Recommended age: All ages


  • Softens skin and hair
  • Ideal for infants
  • Promotes hair growth
  • Free from dyes


  • Difficult to wash out
  • No pump dispenser

Can You Put Moisturizer in Baby Hair?

Moms aren’t the only ones that are concerned about the health of their baby’s hair. Dads like me are also looking for new ways to keep their little one’s hair soft and manageable. So the question is, can you put moisturizer in baby hair?

It will depend on the product. You should avoid putting body lotion in your baby’s hair, not even this popular one from Nivea – they are perfumed and contain chemicals. It’s best to use products that are specially formulated for your baby’s hair because there are moisturizers that are all-natural and safe for your baby’s hair and skin.

NIVEA Essentially Enriched Body Lotion - Pack of 2, 48 Hour Moisture For Dry to Very Dry Skin - 16.9 Fl. Oz. Bottles

There are plenty of products on the market for all types of baby hair such as oils, creams, and even hair gel that will soften your baby’s locks.

What is the Best Thing to Put in Baby’s Hair?

Most parents prefer putting oil in their baby’s hair because it locks in moisture and promotes hair growth. What’s more, oil is the ideal choice for babies with curly hair. The advantage of using oil is that it untangles knots and prevents breakage. But beware of the expiration of baby oil.

Some products such as Johnson’s can be used on infant and toddler hair. If your little one has dry strands that are difficult to manage, simply put some baby oil in your hands and run it through your little one’s hair before brushing.

Johnson's Aloe Vera & Vitamin E Baby Oil, 20 Ounces (Pack of 1)

Oil also moisturizes the scalp. If your baby suffers from dandruff and an itchy head oil may be able to nourish the skin to prevent it from flaking.

Can You Leave Baby Oil in Baby’s Hair Overnight?

Since baby oil products are non-toxic it’s safe to leave on your baby’s hair overnight for intense treatments. It’s a great product if your baby has cradle cap as my daughter had. You’ll also appreciate that baby oil is safe to use on all hair textures and types. Whether your baby has curly or straight strands the oil will provide many benefits.

If you want your baby to have shiny and healthy hair then apply a few drops of oil onto the hair and massage it into your little one’s scalp before bed. You may want to use an old pillowcase or place a towel over your baby’s pillow at night because the oil can damage the linen.

Make sure you purchase a product that’s easy to wash out of your baby’s hair because some oils are stubborn and won’t wash out.

What Can I Put on Black Baby’s Hair?

Black baby hair has a specific texture and therefore requires special care. You want to use a product that is natural and won’t cause your baby’s hair to dry out or break. The best product to put on a black baby’s hair is virgin coconut oil. You can also apply almond or avocado oil to your baby’s hair, such as this product.

Garden of Life Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil - Unrefined Cold Pressed Plant Based Oil for Hair, Skin & Cooking, 14 Oz

All-natural oils are ideal for black baby hair because you can leave the products in the hair overnight. These oils are also ideal for baby’s that have sensitive skin because there are no chemicals in them. Make sure your baby isn’t allergic to any of the products you use to avoid skin rashes.

How to Keep Your Baby’s Hair from Falling Out

Some babies have thin or fragile hair. Therefore you want to avoid doing anything that can cause the hair to fall out or break. To prevent your baby’s hair from falling out, avoid using headbands because the fabric can pull on the hair.

Another way to prevent your baby’s hair from falling out is to leave the hair loose. Don’t braid your baby’s hair or tie it up too tightly. You also want to brush your little one’s hair with a soft comb and don’t use styling products in your baby’s hair.

Use a vitamin E oil on the hair to provide some nourishment and ensure you’re providing the proper diet and supplements for your child. Sometimes hair loss can be caused by a poor diet not only for babies but for adults as well. It should also be noted that it’s natural for baby’s to start losing hair in the first few months.

How Can I Moisturize My Mixed Baby’s Hair?

Most parents of biracial babies are looking for ways to take care of their baby’s hair. First, you should consider buying a special comb for your kid such as a wide-tooth comb. Brush your mixed baby’s hair sparingly and only do it when the hair is wet to avoid breakage.

Condition the hair regularly. Ideally, you want a product that you can leave in your baby’s hair for the day or overnight. Choose products that have natural ingredients to avoid skin rashes and hair damage.

Comb the conditioner through your baby’s hair while the locks are wet and then leave your little one’s curls to dry with the product in. This method will leave your baby’s hair feeling soft and bouncy without frizz or dryness.

How Can I Moisturize a Curly Baby Hair?

To maintain your baby’s curls you should avoid shampoos that contain sulfate because this can make the hair frizzy and dry due to its chemical formula. After washing your little one’s hair, you should moisturize it with a conditioner and then rinse the product out.

You can oil your baby’s curls but only before washing the locks because leaving the product in the hair can make the curls flat and oily. Deep conditioning or oiling should be done once a week to prevent your baby’s curls from tangling.

Conditioning your baby’s hair regularly will prevent the hair from drying out and breaking. Moisturizing your child’s hair every week will create shiny and bouncy curls that won’t knot.

Alternative Ways to Keep A Child’s Hair Moisturized

Most parents will use store-bought products to moisturize their child’s hair. But did you know you can make natural products at home? Coconut oil can be mixed with olive oil to create an all-natural solution.

Another way to keep your child’s hair moisturized is to avoid heat at all costs because it can dry your baby’s hair out. Leave your little one’s hair to dry naturally. Or put a fan in your baby’s room because it may help to dry the hair faster.

If you don’t have any hair products in the house or oils you can also apply vaseline to your baby’s hair. Most parents do this to help the hair grow faster. Take a look at this YouTube video on how to apply vaseline to your baby’s hair safely.

Final Thoughts

There are many ways you can moisturize your baby’s hair to keep it smooth and soft and to prevent the strands from tangling. Take a look at the products I reviewed to see if there is one that will work well for your little one’s hair. Or follow the alternative methods to moisturize your baby’s hair in my guide.

Keeping your baby’s hair moisturized is important if you don’t want it to be painful for your baby when you brush his or her hair. You should also use a hair moisturizer if you want your baby’s hair to grow healthy and strong.

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