Best Olive Oil for Baby Massage and Skin

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Did you know that olive oil is a healthy moisturizer for your baby’s skin? That’s why I’m giving you information on the best olive oil for baby massage exercises. There are plenty of benefits to massaging your baby such as improving his or her sleep. However, you need the correct product for the job.

Since olive oil is extracted from olives it’s an all-natural product that doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals that will irritate your baby’s skin. On the other hand, you should always consult your family doctor before applying any product to your little one’s body. You want to ensure your child isn’t allergic to olive oil first.

Living in Europe where we have plenty of great olive oil, Italian, Greek, Spanish to name a few excellent sources, I’ve tried to benefit from such an abundance by massaging my daughter regularly. I believe this is why she’s developed physical touch as one of her love languages and why she might be an overall calm, well-behaving toddler.

Just like me, once you also know it’s 100% safe to use olive oil on your baby’s skin you can use it to massage your child’s muscles. Take a look at my top picks to see which is the best olive oil for baby skin and continue reading for the best methods on how to massage your little one’s muscles.

My Top Picks

Best overall – All Natural Figaro Spanish 100% Olive Oil

The Figaro Spanish olive oil is typically used in food, but you can also use it on your baby’s skin. It’s a natural moisturizer that gets rid of dry flaky skin and itching.

Who it’s For

This product is suitable for any parent that doesn’t have baby lotion in the house. It’s best for babies between the ages of 6 months to 1 year of age.

Why You Should Consider It

All Natural Figaro Spanish olive oil is for food and for topical use. When massaging your baby’s muscles with this product you don’t have to worry if some of it gets into your little one’s mouth. This is because it’s safe to consume. It’s a healthy alternative to any baby lotion.

Product Information

  • Bottle capacity: 375g
  • Vitamins: Contains vitamin E, D, and K
  • Type of Container: Tin can


  • Rich in vitamins
  • Comes in a large can
  • Commonly used in diets
  • Nourishes skin


  • Not approved by the FDA
  • Not suitable for newborns
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Best for sensitive skin – Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil

Tropical Holistic Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil 4 oz - Cold Pressed Unrefined - Use For Face, Skin, Hair, Dry Scalp, Massage

This extra virgin organic olive oil from Tropical Holistics is 100% natural so it’s safe to use on your baby’s skin for massages. There are no added colorants or toxins that may harm your child’s skin. It’s also great for food preparation.

Who it’s For

Ideal for moms and dads looking for a natural product to use when massaging their baby’s muscles. It’s suitable for all skin types.

Why You Should Consider It

This oil is made with the highest quality olives that have been grown without the use of chemicals. The yellow color is an indication that this olive oil is fresh. You’ll also appreciate that the oil is not scented and it’s easy to work with when massaging your baby’s muscles.

Product Information

  • Bottle capacity: 4oz
  • Vitamins: contains vitamin E and K
  • Type of container: BPA free container with a dropper


  • Made with organic olives
  • Easy to work with
  • No added colorants
  • 100% safe to use on skin


  • Not for infants
  • The dropper may be faulty
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Best for dry skin – Renewalize Certified Organic Olive Oil

Renewalize Certified Organic Olive Oil - Dry Skin Body and Hair Moisturizer | Unrefined Extra Virgin Cold Pressed | Hot Oil Treatment

The Renewalize olive oil is specifically formulated for the skin. You can also use it in your baby’s hair to keep it soft and manageable. When using this product for baby massages the oil penetrates the skin to keep it moisturized and nourished for longer.

Who it’s For

This is for babies that have dry skin and hair. It’s suitable for all skin types.

Why You Should Consider It

You’ll appreciate that the Renewalize olive oil is USDA certified so it’s safe to use on your baby’s skin. The oil is cold-pressed and sourced from organic farms in Italy and Spain. Additionally, it comes in a convenient sized bottle so you can keep it in your baby’s diaper bag.

Product Information

  • Bottle capacity: 4oz
  • Vitamins: Contains vitamin E and antioxidants
  • Type of container: Glass bottle with dropper


  • 100% organic
  • Safe for sensitive skin
  • Can be used in hair
  • Soothes irritated skin.


  • Dropper leaks
  • Poor packaging
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Best organic product – The Honest Company Organic Olive Oil

The Honest Company Organic Body Oil | Gentle for Baby | Fragrance Free, Plant-Based, Hypoallergenic | 4.0 fl oz

The Honest Company makes organic products for babies. If you’re looking for chemical-free olive oil for all types of skin then you’ll love this product. This olive oil will soothe your baby’s skin and make it easier for you to massage your little one’s muscles.

Who it’s For

You’ll love that you can use this on newborn baby skin because it’s specially formulated with babies in mind.

Why You Should Consider It

This organic massage olive oil is USDA certified so you know it’s safe to use on your baby’s skin. It’s a lightweight olive oil that eliminates dry skin and it’s best to use it after bathing your little one. The olive oil is packed with vitamins and minerals that are good for your baby’s skin.

Product Information

  • Bottle capacity: 4oz
  • Vitamins: Contains vitamin E and K
  • Type of container: Plastic spray bottle


  • 100% organic
  • Easy to use spray bottle
  • Lightweight
  • Not animal tested


  • Poor packaging
  • Not suitable for chronic dry skin
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Best Vitamin Infused Oil – US Organic Baby Oil with Calendula

US Organic Baby Oil with Calendula, Jojoba and Olive Oil with Vitamin E, USDA Certified Organic, No Alcohol, Paraben, Artificial Detergents, Color, Synthetic Perfumes, 5 fl. Oz (Pure Unscented)

This US Organic product is specially formulated for baby skin. It has properties inside that soothes your little one’s skin and muscles. It’s a multipurpose oil that can be used to nourish your baby’s hair, cuticles, knees, and heels.

Who it’s For

Ideal for all baby ages and skin types.

Why You Should Consider It

This olive oil has extra ingredients such as calendula and Jojoba oil that nourishes dry skin. The olive oil is 100% organic so you can rest assured it’s safe to use for massaging your baby’s muscles. You’ll also appreciate that it comes in a spray bottle so it’s easy to apply to the skin.

Product Information

  • Bottle capacity: 5oz
  • Vitamins: Contains vitamin E
  • Type of container: Plastic spray bottle


  • Easy to apply
  • Has calming ingredients
  • USDA certified
  • Unscented


  • The spray nozzle may not work well
  • Maybe too lightweight for dry skin
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Is Olive Oil Safe for Babies?

Olive oil is a safe alternative to baby lotions when you want to massage your little one’s muscles. So if you don’t have baby oil, vaseline, or lotion in your diaper bag or medicine cabinet olive oil will be a safe alternative to use.

There are also topical olive oil products on the market specially formulated for babies. Olive oil is an all-natural product that contains vitamin E, K, and important antioxidants that help to soothe baby skin.

Since the olive oil is a natural product it won’t be a health hazard if your baby consumes some of the product because it’s used in food. However, there are products that are not for consumption and only for topical use.

If you’re worried about your baby consuming some of the olive oil then get a product that’s used in food as well as a skin and hair moisturizer.

Which Type of Olive Oil Is Best for Baby Massage?

Extra virgin olive oil is the best product to use for baby massages. This is because it’s the purest form of oil that’s extracted from olives and isn’t mixed with any other solvents. What’s more, extra virgin olive oil contains more nutrients compared to other products.

You want a product that’s not going to damage your baby’s skin or cause discomfort. Therefore, if you want to use olive oil to massage your baby’s muscles you should only use extra virgin olive oil because it contains no harmful chemicals.

This type of olive oil is suitable for all skin types and it can be used to nourish your baby’s scalp too. If your baby is suffering from a dry and itchy scalp try using olive oil to soothe it.

Is Bertolli Olive Oil Good for Baby Massage?

Bertolli olive oil is typically used for cooking but it’s also ideal to use on your baby’s skin when providing your little one with a body massage. There are various Bertolli olive oils on the market but ideally, you want extra virgin olive oil from this brand if you’re going to use it on your baby’s skin.

Get the Bertolli Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Rich Taste from the brand for baby massages. There are no toxins in the oil and it’s 100% organic.

Bertolli Extra Virgin Rich Taste Olive Oil

You’ll love that Bertolli and any type of olive oil on the market is an affordable option if you can’t find a suitable baby product. Using products such as Bertolli is better compared to other types of massage oils because it won’t affect your baby’s muscles.

Which Olive Oil is Best for Skin?

When shopping for olive oil to use on your skin or your baby’s skin you want a product that isn’t going to cause breakouts, rashes, or inflammation. Buy a product that is 100% natural with no added chemicals or preservatives.

It’s recommended that you use a non-GMO product that’s cold-pressed and unrefined. You also want a product that contains the highest concentration of olive oil so you can provide the full benefits of the vitamins and minerals it provides to your baby’s skin.

The best product to use for your baby that’s unrefined and cold-pressed is Spectrum Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Spectrum Organic Extra Virgin Unrefined Olive Oil, 24.5 Ounce - 6 per case.

Can Olive Oil Expire?

It should be noted that most olive oils can last between 18 and 24 months from the time the product is bottled. You may find that extra virgin olive oil won’t last as long as 18 months. You’ll know that the olive oil has expired if it has a foul taste and odor. 

You should never consume expired olive oil because it can be a health hazard. However, expired olive oil is typically used to nourish and strengthen hair and nails so it can still be used topically.

Some parents may be skeptical about using expired baby oil on a child’s skin. If you’re one of those parents then check the label on the bottle to see when it was packaged and for the expiration date. Use the olive oil before it expires for baby massages.

Which Oil is Best for Newborn Babies?

The best all-natural oil to use for newborn baby massages is organic coconut oil. Medical studies have shown that applying virgin coconut oil to newborn baby skin helped to strengthen it and keep it nourished. It’s another healthy alternative to using traditional baby products.

Some parents also use coconut oil to nourish their baby’s hair. Coconut oil is safe to use on newborn baby skin but it’s also best to check whether your baby is allergic to coconuts first before applying the product to the skin.

Try Sky Organics coconut oil for baby massages. This oil is unrefined and it’s 100% cold-pressed and USDA certified.

Sky Organics Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil for Hair & Skin, 100% Pure & Cold-Pressed USDA Certified Organic to Moisturize, Soften & Nourish, 16.9 fl. Oz w/Exclusive Ebook

Olive Oil Massage for Babies – The Benefits and Risks

Massaging your baby with organic olive oil has plenty of benefits. Firstly, massaging your baby’s muscles helps your child cope with baby anxiety and improves sleep. Additionally, massaging your little one’s muscles encourages physical interaction with your baby and as a result, it may strengthen your bond with your child.

The benefit of specifically using olive oil for baby massages is that the product is packed with vitamins and antioxidants that can help reduce inflammation. Babies that are massaged with organic olive oil will have improved skin conditions because it will eliminate dry or flaky skin.

But there are some risks to using olive oil for baby massages. Some small studies show that babies who were massaged with olive oil for more than four weeks showed signs of red skin. This could be because olive oil thins the outer layer of skin that causes redness to appear.

Furthermore, it’s advised not to use olive oil on dry or cracked skin especially if your baby has eczema. This is because olive oil has oleic acid that can make your baby’s dry skin or eczema worse. Avoid using olive oil on your baby’s skin if he or she has eczema or red and dry skin.

How to Massage Your Baby with Olive Oil

Before you begin to massage your baby with olive oil you must make sure your hands are clean. Wash your hands with warm soapy water to get rid of any germs or bacteria that may be on your skin.

When using olive oil you have the option to warm it up so that it’s not too cold for your baby’s skin. If you do decide to warm up the oil make sure it’s not too hot so you don’t burn yourself or your baby’s skin.

Lay your baby down on a soft clean towel and make sure the room isn’t cold. You can use a heater to warm up the room before you begin. You can rub your hands together so that they’re not cold. Babies are sensitive to temperature so make sure your hands are warm before you begin massaging.

Put a few drops of olive oil into your hands and then rub them together. Start massaging your baby’s chest and then the stomach area. Don’t press too hard on the stomach because this is a sensitive area. After 30 seconds you can move to your baby’s arms.

Massage the shoulders, biceps, forearms, wrists, and hands. Spend at least 15 to 30 seconds on each section of the arms. Apply more olive oil to your hands before starting on the legs. Gently massage the areas with slow strokes.

Gently massage your baby’s ankles and feet. You may find that your baby is ticklish under the foot. If this is the case simply massage on top of the foot. You don’t want to cause any discomfort while massaging your little one’s feet.

Lastly, gently turn your baby over onto his or her tummy so you can massage the back and neck area. While massaging your baby you can sing or talk to your little one to keep him or her engaged.

After you’re done massaging your baby, you can clothe your child with clean and comfortable clothing and put your little one down for a nap. For more methods on how to massage your baby take a look at this YouTube video below.

Final Thoughts

When you use massage oil for babies you want the product to be unscented and have zero alcohol in it. The best product to provide the benefits you need for safe baby massages is olive oil. Pick one of the best olive oil for baby skin and massage exercises on my list.

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