Best Overnight Diapers for Heavy Wetters – Picking the Best One for a Dry Night’s Sleep

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If you’re searching for the best overnight diapers for heavy wetters, you’re in the right place. Choosing between disposable and reusable, cloth diapers is another decision to make. So, what about the best overnight cloth diapers for heavy wetters? I picked the ALVABABY Cloth Diapers for all-night dryness with their inserts for extra-absorbency.

When your baby is a heavy wetter, diaper changes become a mission. It’s worse when it’s happening multiple times overnight. Your baby’s unhappy and you’re grouchy from no sleep. But overnight diapers for heavy wetters do exist. And, you can choose between disposable and reusable, cloth diapers.

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How to Choose an Overnight Diaper for Your Heavy Wetter

If you’ve been in the market for overnight diapers for your heavy wetter, you’ll know a wide choice is available. Do you try each one out? Or do you read some reviews? A buyer’s guide like this one will save you money and time.

I’ve done the research for you. I’ve included information about overnight diapers and why you need them. I’ve also looked at cloth diapers – which is best between the disposable and reusable options. And, to make your life easier, I’ve listed important features to look out for.

Read on and let me help you make the best pick for your heavy wetter.

What are Overnight Diapers and Why do You Need Them?

Overnight diapers are designed to keep your baby dry. Nighttime sleep can be disturbed by a soaking wet diaper. The overnight diaper avoids this from happening. They’re made with extra-absorbent materials and include leak guards.

Diaper designers have gone one step further by ensuring the diaper is comfortable. This means no tightness around the waist or thighs. And, for those babies with sensitive skin, many overnight diapers are hypoallergenic.

Does your baby need extra-strong overnight diapers? If they’re waking you up several times during the night because of soaking diapers, the answer is YES! Overnight diapers for heavy wetters mean you both sleep through the night knowing your baby is dry.

Overnight diapers are also perfect for the older child battling to control their bedwetting. These designs are similar to underwear but offer extra absorbency and leak protection. Does your child get embarrassed wearing overnight diapers to bed? They needn’t feel this way anymore with some of the stylish designs available.

Is Cloth Diaper the Way to Go? What Type of Overnight Diapers is Best?

I know many parents love the cloth diaper for their babies as an alternative to disposable babies’ diapers. Disposable ones can be an expensive way to go. And, some parents don’t like the chemicals used in disposable diapers. The materials of cloth diapers include hemp, bamboo, and cotton. If you’re keen to stay with cloth diapers, your solution lies in using inserts.

Disposable Overnight Diapers vs Reusable Overnight Diapers

When comparing the two options – disposable vs reusable, here are some considerations:

  • Reusable, washable diapers are cheaper than disposable diapers and they’re eco-friendly.
  • Disposable diapers are not environmentally friendly. More trees and oil go into the production of disposable diapers compared to reusable diapers.
  • Disposable diapers land upon our landfill, creating 60 times more solid waste.
  • Reusable diapers mean more laundry which is why parents often choose disposable diapers for their convenience.
  • Disposable diapers offer more absorbency and prevent leakage.

What Should You Look for When Choosing Overnight Diapers?

When choosing the best overnight diaper, the key features are absorbency, leak protection, and comfort. The cost of overnight diapers needs to be factored in especially if you’re working with a tight budget:

Best Overall – ALVABABY Baby Cloth Diapers

ALVABABY Baby Cloth Diapers 6 Pack with 12 Inserts One Size Adjustable Washable Reusable for Baby Girls and Boys 6BM98

Also known as modern cloth diapers, this product is super-absorbent. They’re washable, breathable, and waterproof. This reusable diaper’s inner layer draws the moisture away from the insert keeping your baby dry.

Who It’s For

This is perfect for parents looking for a premium-quality reusable cloth diaper for overnight use.

Why You Should Consider It

Not only do they look stylish but they last for a long time. The outer layer is waterproof and breathable. Each diaper comes with two 3-layer microfiber inserts. Hip snaps and crossover snaps prevent the diaper from drooping. And comfortable legging design prevents leaking.

One size fits all with its adjustable features. Snap into different buttons and your baby or toddler will be able to wear this diaper in comfort.

Product Information

  • Number per pack: 6 diapers and 12 inserts
  • Size: Babies and toddlers
  • Weight range: 6.6 – 33 lbs
  • Type: Reusable cloth


  • Comes with a 1-year guarantee
  • Great value for money
  • Dries quickly after being washed


  • Inserts are not very absorbent
  • Strapping options can get confusing!
  • Too big for 6 lb baby
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Best Value – Huggies Overnight Diapers

This diaper offers your baby up to 12 hours of protection. They’re offering 25% more absorbency than the other Huggies diapers. The quilted inner lining keeps the wetness away while the outer cover offers breathability.

Who It’s For

This is perfect for babies who are prone to skin rashes and irritations.

Why You Should Consider It

If your baby has a sensitive skin, this diaper is the answer. They’re hypoallergenic and free of any chlorine bleaching. And, they’re fragrant-free, an otherwise culprit for skin rashes. They’re soft against your baby’s skin.

The double grip strips ensure the diaper stays in place all night long. And the double leak guard guarantees the best protection even for the heavy wetter. A wetness indicator will tell you when it’s time to change the diaper.

Product Information

  • Number per pack: Varies according to size/ 40 – 68
  • Size: 3 – 6
  • Weight range: 16 – 28 lbs
  • Type: Disposable


  • Elastic waistband to hold diaper in place
  • Center padding stays dry all the time
  • Gel lining keeps baby’s skin dry


  • Negative reviews about the new version
  • Low absorbency
  • Tends to leak
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Best for Toddlers – Goodnites Bedwetting Underwear

Goodnites Girls' Nighttime Bedwetting Underwear, Size S/M (43-68 lbs), 44 Ct (2 Packs of 22), Packaging May Vary

This product is better for the older child battling with bedwetting. It offers good night time protection with over 40% more than other training pants.

Who It’s For

This is perfect for kids struggling to manage overnight bedwetting.

Why You Should Consider It

The stretchy waistband will make these pants feel like underwear. They include 5-layer protection and extra absorbency. The Double Leg Barriers prevent leaks. The girls will love the Disney princess characters on the outer cover.

This works well for the younger, potty-trained toddlers with the XS sizes.

Product Information

  • Number per pack: 44
  • Size: XS, S/M, and L/XL
  • Weight range: 28 – 45 lbs, 38 – 65 lbs and 60 – 125 lbs
  • Type: Disposable


  • Perfect for sensitive skins
  • Not bulky
  • Kids love the designs


  • Can leak from the back
  • Slight odor
  • Expensive
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Best for Extra Protection – Sposie Overnight Diaper Booster Pads

The Viral TikTok Overnight Diaper Leak Stopper, Sposie Booster Pads, Adhesive-Free for Easy repositioning, Helps Reduce Nighttime Diaper Changes and Diaper Rash, Use with Sizes 4-6, 90 ct.

This 100% hypoallergenic product is perfect for stopping overnight leaks. They help to reduce skin rashes and discomfort. The universal design fits most diaper brands.

Who It’s For

This is perfect for parents looking for extra protection in their overnight diapers.

Why You Should Consider It

I included this product especially for parents using cloth diapers. They double up the absorbency of any diaper. And, they’re free of fragrance, latex, chlorine, and phthalates. Not only are they ultra-soft but they prevent leaks from happening.

The non-adhesive feature makes for quick, fuss-free diaper changes. Made with a fluff-based material, they’re soft against your baby’s skin.

Product Information

  • Number per pack: 30
  • Size: 4 – 6
  • Weight range: Not specified
  • Type: Disposable


  • Super-absorbent
  • Excellent customer service from the company
  • Great for babies in between diaper sizes


  • Can shift around the diaper if the baby is very active
  • Expensive
  • Not available for older children
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Best for Older Children – Pampers Ninjamas Disposable Underwear

Pampers Ninjamas Nighttime Bedwetting Underwear Girls Size S/M (38-65 lbs) 44 Count (Packaging & Prints May Vary)

This overnight diaper’s super-absorbency feature means your child stays dry all night long. The sleek, underwear design allows for comfort around the waist and sides.

Who It’s For

This is perfect for children looking for discreetness while wearing overnight diapers.

Why You Should Buy It

The quiet cloth feature of this product means no noise and embarrassment for the older child. They’re well-fitting and comfortable for any body shape. And the special odor-controlling feature prevents strong smells in the morning.

The diaper is completely free of parabens and latex. The kids will love the designs of these overnight diapers.

Product Information

  • Number per pack: 44
  • Size: S/M and L/XL
  • Weight range: 38 – 65 lbs and 64 – 125 lbs
  • Type: Disposable


  • Easy to pull up
  • Soft and comfortable
  • “Mature” designs for the older child


  • A strong scent can be overpowering
  • Not great for sensitive skins
  • Can rip if tugged up/down too hard
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When do you need overnight diapers?

Overnight diapers are designed to have extra absorbency and stronger leak protection. This will keep your baby dry overnight without waking up for nighttime diaper changing. If your baby is waking up often during the night with a soaking diaper, then they need extra protection. Booster pads are ideal for inserting into diapers for extra absorbency.

Should I size up when buying overnight diapers?

The only time you should size up is when your baby’s diaper is not giving adequate coverage. You should also consider the tightness of the waistband. If red marks are showing on the hips, groin area, or waist then size up. If your baby’s weight indicates they’re ready for the next diaper size up, then it’s a good idea to do so.

How can I use overnight diapers effectively?

Try to limit your baby or child’s fluid intake an hour before bedtime. Make sure the diaper is well-fitting and if necessary, use booster pads or inserts for extra absorbency.

A Final Word on The Best Overnight Diaper

With such a wide variety of overnight diapers available, choosing the best overnight diapers for heavy wetters can get overwhelming. And, it gets even harder when you’re deciding to switch over to reusable cloth diapers. This is why I picked the ALVABABY Cloth Diapers as one of the best overnight cloth diapers for heavy wetters.

A dry night not only means a good night’s sleep for your baby but it means you’re not up half the night changing diapers. Whether you decide to go with disposable or reusable cloth diapers, finding the right one for you is possible.

I found two products particularly noteworthy and this is why I wrote another article on the differences between a Pampers Ninjamas and Goodnites.

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