What to Bring on Your Day Out With Your Toddler

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Outdoor physical activity is essential for good health across all ages, but perhaps even more so for young children. During these early stages, motor skills and muscle health are still being developed. Findings show that only one in five children meet the WHO Global physical activity recommendations.

Because of this, several studies have recommended at least two-hour outdoor activities to be integrated into children’s routines. Given its importance, preparing just the right tools and necessities should be prioritized when heading out with your child. Here’s what to bring on a day out with your toddler.

Hygiene Kit

Kids can get their hands everywhere, so it is important to keep things hygienic when heading outdoors. A hygiene kit should have wipes, sanitizer, extra nappies, and disposable bags.

Wipe down unclean surfaces and be sure to sanitize your child’s hands, especially right before eating any snacks you have packed. Since your toddler may not have mastered their fine motor skills just yet, you can also anticipate spills or accidents to take place. Having an extra set of nappies will also come in handy in case your toddler needs a change. And of course, a set of disposable bags will ensure that you can dispose of your trash properly.

Water Bottle

Your toddler will likely be running around, climbing things, and generally moving about. This increased level of physical activity can quickly make children thirsty, so it is best to have a water bottle on hand. As shown by the water bottles by CamelBak, the best kids water bottle should ideally have easy-open caps, leakproof tops, and built-in straws – eye-catching design is just the cherry on top. When choosing a water bottle, be sure to get one that is appropriate for your toddler’s hand size so that they will have no trouble holding it as they drink.

Snack Box

You may not want to deal with a temper tantrum and cut a trip short because your little one needs to eat. Be sure to pack enough snacks for the playground, park, or any other place you are planning to go. Your toddler is likely to get hungry after a while of running around, so being ready with their favorite snack is a must. Aside from that, bringing snacks from home lets you save money and control the quality of nutrition your child is getting.

Multipurpose Pushchair

Children have bursts of energy, so they often get tired especially after running around for some time. It is best to have a pushchair at the ready to ensure your little ones can rest and remain mobile. As demonstrated by the pushchairs on iCandy, they should be travel systems that can transport your toddler and act as a car seat as well, if needed.

A pushchair also makes it easy for you to maneuver around public transportation and busy streets with a tired toddler. Additionally, a multipurpose pushchair with carrying space also relieves from juggling a toddler and their essentials on a long walk.

Change of Clothes

As your child plays throughout the morning or afternoon, they will likely get sweaty and dirty depending on where they wind up exploring. It is best to have a change of clothes to keep them clean and fresh when it is time to go home. It also helps to keep the car clean after a long adventure at the park! This is why it’s important to know how many socks your toddler needs or any other clothing items in different seasons.

First Aid Kit

Toddlers are full of energy, and the excitement of a day out might get the better of them. First aid kits are an absolute must-have wherever you go with your little one. Be sure to pack bandaids, alcohol wipes, and rubbing alcohol for sanitizing. You will need to pack medications, such as Benadryl for allergic reactions, ibuprofen and Tylenol for headaches, and hydrocortisone ointment to relieve any itching. It may also be a good idea to have nausea medication and finger splints — it never hurts to be extra prepared.

Fatherhood is a demanding time when your child is a toddler because of their near insatiable curiosity. Taking turns to spend time with a toddler is important for each parent, whether that is in an outing or the playroom. My post on Projectfather encourages dads to be completely immersed in the activity with their children. Being present while spending time with your toddler will not only show them your love but will also create memories you will cherish for years to come.

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