How Many Baby and Toddler Socks Do I Need? Which Types? When?

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As a busy father, I don’t always have time to do the laundry and sometimes this means that my baby girl may run out of clean attire such as socks. This got me wondering: how many baby socks do I really need for a newborn and a toddler? In winter my daughter wears more socks so I always need a clean pair on hand. 

In my experience having a busy baby means dealing with dirty socks more often than not. In this case, you may have to change your little one’s socks often. 

Let me give you some advice on this topic. I will also be giving you advice on the number of baby socks you’ll need for winter. Also the type of socks matters. Keep reading to find out more.

How Many Baby Socks Do I Need? 

With baby socks, you can never have too many. You should have at least 8 to 12 pairs of socks for your baby. If your baby is born in the colder winter months then you may need to increase that number to 15 pairs. 

Heat escapes from your baby’s head and feet, so keeping these areas protected is vital to having a happy, comfortable baby. Having soft, fluffy socks on, can help your newborn sleep for longer and that means a happy mommy and daddy. 

A good rule to follow is dressing your baby in one more layer than you are comfortable wearing, as their body temperature needs help to regulate. That’s why having enough socks is so important.

You can actually read more about the topic of whether babies or toddlers need socks at all and under what circumstances also in another article of mine.

My daughter has a special relationship with her socks: she loves pulling them off even in wintertime. But then I convince her to put them back. Or another new pair to make those dirty, too.

Having baby socks on hand has many benefits such as the following: 

  • They help regulate the baby’s body temperature: Babies can’t regulate their body temperatures like adults do. Especially if they are premature or have a low birth weight. That’s why you must always have clean socks on hand to keep your newborn warm. 
  • They protect little feet from being injured: Have you ever watched a baby in a walking ring? They can get quite rough and often bump into things. Socks will protect their feet while they explore that. It’s best to use socks that have a non-slip bottom. Make sure that you have enough pairs so you don’t have to worry about having to do washing every day.
  • Alternative to shoes: Some babies simply don’t like wearing shoes. Socks can be a great alternative to shoes if you want to keep your baby’s feet clean. 

How Many Baby Socks Does a Newborn Need?

It’s best to have at least 6 to 8 pairs of socks. That way, if some are in the wash, you will still have others. The great thing about having a newborn is that they don’t walk on their feet yet. That means that the socks won’t get dirty very easily. 

You might not be able to do washing every day, so having enough socks and clothing will prevent you from unnecessary parental stress. The great thing is that newborns don’t require as many socks as toddlers or babies that can stand because the socks don’t get dirty. 

The Number of Socks a Toddler May Need 

Toddlers on the other hand are a whole different ball game, they need as many socks as you can afford. You need at least 20 pairs of socks because they go through them very quickly.

These little joys are exploring the world around them and exploring means getting messy.

Most toddlers have mastered the art of removing their own shoes, and running around in their socks is quite commonplace. Mud, sweat, and all sorts of other sticky messes will end up on their socks. Just yesterday my little girl went through five pairs of socks in one day!

My rule of thumb is every time I go clothing shopping for my baby girl I buy a pair of socks to go with each outfit. 

This is because you can lose one sock out of the pair. So sometimes you’ll end up with socks without a partner. Luckily toddlers don’t know that socks need to match just yet, so you can get away with putting odd socks on them if you’ve run out of clean ones. 

How Many Baby Socks Would You Need If You Had Twins? 

Twins will need double the number of socks, so to be safe I would say buy at least 35 pairs for both of them. Since you have twins you’ll have double the mess to deal with and double the laundry load. So always make sure you have clean socks for both babies of yours at all times. 

Number of Socks Your Baby Needs In Winter 

In winter you need to double the number of socks you have. Winter means colder weather so you may want to bundle your baby up warmly and have at least 20 to 25 pairs of socks.

Rain also means you may not get to do washing every day, so it’s best to be prepared. Choose fluffy socks that will keep your baby’s feet warm, dry, and protected from the elements. 

Every dad knows that kids have a way of getting their socks wet, so adding an extra pair or two to your baby bag is a very good idea.  

Number of Baby Socks You Should Have When You Go Out

My baby bag is always stocked with extra clothing, diapers, and at least 2 pairs of extra socks in case of an emergency. You just need to remember to replace the extras once you have used them. I like to stash an extra pair in the car as well, just in case. That adds up to a total of 3 pairs of socks when you go out. 

Babies and kids may lose a sock while playing or wiggling around, so having extras on hand has saved me on many occasions.  

How Many Baby Socks to Take With You On Holiday? 

I would suggest at least 3 pairs of baby socks a day when going on holiday. Unless you have a toddler then double that!

This will vary depending on how long you are going on holiday, what the climate will be there, and if you have access to washing facilities. A good rule of thumb is to rather have too many than too few.

Remember to pack a variety of socks such as thin socks to wear under boots, thick socks to keep your little one warm in colder weather, and ankle socks to wear under sneakers. For the evening you can dress your baby in a onesie and save the socks for the day.

If it’s very cold you can layer socks on top of the onesie.

Consider Dressing Your Baby in a Onesie Instead of Socks

When your baby sleeps or hasn’t started walking yet, you can consider dressing them in a onesie instead of putting socks on them. A onesie will keep their feet warm and cozy. Once they have started walking then a onesie isn’t a practical solution as the bottom of the outfit will get dirty very quickly.

As soon as your child has learned the ability to walk, it’s best to use footless onesie options. Toddlers may not like to keep their shoes on, but you may have more success keeping socks on their feet. 

Just remember that they are messy. One step in juice or a spilled snack and they will pull those socks off fast. So have a clean pair on hand when that happens. 

What Type of Socks Does a Baby Need? 

A baby needs socks that are made from soft material so that it doesn’t irritate the skin. There shouldn’t be any tight elastic bands because this can cause a loss of blood flow in the foot. The socks should fit snugly over your baby’s feet so they don’t slip off when they’re sleeping or walking. You may want to try Luvable Friends Newborn Baby Socks. They are made from soft fabric and natural materials.

Toddlers are hard on socks so it’s important that the socks you choose are machine washable. These socks from Simple Joys Toddler Socks come in a pack of 12, they are fitted with non-skid soles, which are ideal for first-time walkers. 

It’s important that your baby’s socks fit correctly, you should be able to place a finger between the sock and your child’s legs easily. If you can’t it means the sock is too tight. Toddlers will benefit from skid-proof versions or those with sticky bits under them for added traction. 

Wearing socks that are too tight can lead to a condition called sock-line hyperpigmentation which, although harmless, can cause a permanent red line on the child’s ankle. This condition is harmless but looks very unsightly. 

Watch this helpful youtube video to see how to size socks.

Final Thoughts 

The number of socks your baby needs will depend on how active they are and how often you do the washing. It’s best to have too many socks, than too few. Once your child can pull off their own socks then it’s important to stock up on even more socks. Maybe put how many baby socks you want on your baby registry so you don’t have to go buy them yourself. 

Socks should be made of natural, breathable materials that are stretchy and warm. Doctors recommend that babies should learn to wiggle their toes. This is more difficult to do if they are constantly wearing socks. When the weather is warm, let your baby play barefoot so they can learn this skill.

As your child grows the number of socks they need will grow as well. So make sure you have many baby socks on hand.

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