Britax vs Graco – Which Brand for Which Car Seat?

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Car seat safety is paramount for all parents. With so many different brands manufacturing car seats, you may get overwhelmed with the choices. Both Britax and Graco are well-known names in the world of baby gear. So, when comparing Britax vs Graco car seats you’re likely to wonder which one is best?

Both brands have been in the baby business for a very long time. But, what makes them different from each other and how do you pick one over the other? I’ve done the legwork for you by reviewing the two brands and their differences and similarities. I’ve also put together all the information you need to know when comparing their infant car seats, convertible car seats and travel systems.

My top pick is the Graco FastAction Fold Jogger Travel System because it offers both a car seat and stroller combination. I love such versatility. The infant car seat gives all the protection your baby needs while traveling in the car and the stroller is perfect for the parent who wants to go jogging with the baby in tow! But, read on to decide for yourself which one you would pick for your baby.

My Top Picks

I’ll be comparing different car seats from each brand. For this review, I’ve divided the sections as follows:

  • Britax vs Graco Infant Car Seats
  • Britax vs Graco Convertible Seats
  • Britax vs Graco Travel Systems

Britax vs Graco – Key Differences and Similarities of the Brands

Britax and Graco are no strangers to my website and you’ll find I’ve talked/about these brands a few times. For more information about the Britax brand, you’ll find it here. Read about the Graco brand here to give you more about their story.

But what do these brands have in common? And what sets them apart? This is what I discovered.

Britax vs Graco – Key Differences

  • Britax was first founded in 1938 in the United Kingdom, formed out of British Accessories. The company’s main focus at the time was manufacturing automotive safety gear. Their focus moved over to child car seat safety in the 1970s’.
  • Graco is an American company that started in 1942. Their initial focus was on manufacturing machines and car parts. It was only in 1955 that they first branched out into childcare products with their revolutionary automatic baby swing.
  • Through acquisitions of various child car seat manufacturers in Germany, New Zealand and Australia between 1973 and 1988, Britax’s name became synonymous with child car seat safety.
  • Graco is now part of the Newell Brands company with 1500 associates worldwide.
  • Britax was first established in the U.S. in 1996 and introduced its Freeway car seat to the American market.
  • Graco’s first car seat was manufactured in 1998 and was a popular car seat choice for many American parents.
  • Britax’s products include car seats, strollers, travel systems and accessories for these products.
  • Graco has extended its products beyond car seats to include strollers, playards and bassinets, cribs, highchairs, baby swings, baby carriers and more.

Britax vs Graco – Key Similarities

  • Both Britax and Graco’s child car seat products meet the highest safety standards required by government regulations worldwide. Graco’s car seats are crash tested to meet or exceed the U.S. FMVSS safety standards. Britax also strives to meet all U.S. and Canadian standards with ongoing research and development through evolving technology.
  • Both brands manufacture infant car seats, convertible car seats, booster seats and travel systems. They also both produce strollers and accessories to enhance the features of these products.
  • Both brands offer a one year limited warranty on their car seat products.
  • Britax and Graco both receive excellent customer reviews from satisfied parents using their products.

What to Look Out for When Comparing Car Seats Between the Two Brands

I always use key features to help me decide which is the best product to buy no matter what baby product I am looking at. These criteria simply make the decision-making process less stressful and you’ll end up with the product best suited for your own personal needs.

When I look at car seats, I always consider the following key features:

  • Safety: Foremost, is the product certified to meet (and exceed) safety standards stipulated by regulation boards? When looking at car seats, you want to make sure they offer the latest in technology for crash absorbing features. Plus, you need to check out the seat offers side impact protection, head support, harness system and secure installation features. Other safety features could include a back tether system, build quality and whether it offers rear-facing or front-facing options.
  • Comfort: Your baby needs to be comfortable in the car seat or else you’re going to have it crying and fussing throughout any car trip you take with them. Features such as extra seat padding, recline positions, adjustable headrests, canopies for shade and more all adds to making your baby comfortable while riding in the car seat.
  • Weight / height limitations: It’s important to know these features so you get the right car seat for your baby’s weight/age and height. Not only is this essential for your child’s safety but also for their ultimate comfort while seated in the seat.
  • Convenience: These include features such as ease of installation, lightweight for portability, easy to clean, compatibility with travel systems, quick and easy folding systems (with the strollers) and any added features such as trays, cup holders and storage pockets.

Watch this informative video presented by the U.S. Department of Transportation. Some useful and valuable tips are shared when looking at the safe use of car seats for children.

Pricing is another consideration and may be the deal-breaker when deciding between two brands. While both the infant car seats and convertible seats reviewed here were comparable in price between the brands, Britax models were slightly more expensive. However, the difference was marginal. With the travel systems reviewed here, the Graco model was more expensive than the Britax. But, it’s important to note the Graco product is designed for both strolling and jogging.

Comparison Table of Key Features

The table below summarizes the key features of all the products I’ve reviewed in this article.

Britax B-Safe 35 Infant Car Seat- Rear facing up to 35 lbs.
- Safe center latch for secure installation
- Indicators for correct recline angle
- Built with high strength steel
- Side impact protection
- SafeCell technology to absorb crash energy
- Built-in lock offs
- Relax and recline positioning
- Large canopy
- Weight: 4 - 35 lbs.
- Removable seat cover for washing
- Easy to install
- Compatible with travel systems
Graco SnugRide SnugLock 35 LX Infant Car Seat- Rear facing up to 35 lbs.
- SnugLock technology for secure installation
- Advanced side impact protection
- 5-point harness system
- Silent shade canopy (opens quietly)
- Maximum Weight: 35 lbs.
- 4-position seat base for customize fit
- Adjustable handle with one hand
- Easy to install
- Lightweight at 9.75 lbs.
- Compatible with travel systems
Britax Marathon ClickTight Convertible Car Seat- Rear facing up to 40 lbs.
- Front facing up to 65 lbs.
- ClickTight technology for safe installation
- Side impact protection
- 5-point harness system
- Impact absorbing base
- V-shape tether on back for extra stability
- SafeCell technology to absorb crash energy
- High strength steel frame
- 7 recline positions
- Plush foam padding
- 14-position adjustable headrest
- 2-buckle fit for expansion
- Maximum weight: 65 lbs.
- Maximum height: 43 inches
- Easy to install
- One touch button to adjust headrest
- Seat cover removable for cleaning
Graco 4Ever DLX 4 in 1 Car Seat- Rear facing up to 40 lbs.
- Front facing up to 65 lbs.
- High back booster seat up to 100 lbs.
- Backless booster seat up to 120 lbs.
- InRight Latch attachment for secure installation
- ProtectPlus for extra crash protection
- 5-point harness system
- 10-position adjustable headrest
- 6 recline positions
- Maximum weight: 120 lbs.
- Easy to install
2 cup holders
- Seat cover removable for cleaning
Britax Pathway & B-Safe 35 Travel System- One foot braking system
- 4 wheels with no-flat tires
- All-wheel suspension
- Steel and aluminium build quality
- Near-flat reclining seat
- Large canopy
- Maximum weight of car seat 35 lbs.
- Maximum weight of stroller 55 lbs
- Quick, one-hand folding system
- Zippered storage pocket
- Large storage basket
- Lightweight
- Includes the B-Safe 35 Infant Car Seat
Graco FastAction Fold Jogger Travel System- One foot braking system
- Ultra-padded seating
- Maximum weight (car seat: 35 lbs
- Compatible with SnugRide 35

My top picks were selected based on the criteria stipulated by the key features discussed above. The products I picked and reviewed in this article are listed below:

Britax vs Graco Infant Car Seats

Infant car seats are designed to give your small baby the ultimate protection when traveling in the car. They’re both rear-facing seats which is one of the key safety factors when using car seats for the younger baby. Both seats reviewed here are suitable for babies from newborn to 35 pounds. If comparing prices, both models are priced similarly with the Britax product being marginally more expensive.

Britax B-Safe 35 Infant Car Seat

Britax B-Safe 35 Infant Car Seat - Rear Facing | 4 to 35 Pounds - Reclinable Base, 1 Layer Impact Protection, Ashton (E1A183D)

Manufacturers have designed this car seat for babies weighing between 4 and 35 pounds. It’s strictly for rear-facing purposes and makes use of the safe center latch for easy and secure installation in the vehicle.

The spring-assisted relax and recline feature gives added comfort to your baby’s ride while indicators will ensure the angle is best for the vehicle. It’s constructed with high strength steel and has side impact protection. The Britax SafeCell technology absorbs crash energy, minimizing any harm to your child during a collision.

An extra-large canopy keeps your baby protected from the sun and rain (when outdoors). The seat cover is easily removable for machine washing. The car seat weighs 12 pounds.

When looking for all-round protection for your small baby, you can rest assured you’re getting it with this infant car seat.

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Graco SnugRide SnugLock 35 LX Infant Car Seat

GRACO SnugRide 35 Lite LX Infant Car Seat (LX/TrueShield, Ion)

This car seat accommodates infants up to 35 pounds and is also for rear-facing seating arrangements. Graco’s SnugLock technology allows you to install this seat quickly and securely in just one minute.

Advanced side impact protection ensures your baby’s head, neck and torso are shielded during any collision. The 4-position seat base helps to fit the car seat properly to your vehicle’s seat. A 5-point front harness system keeps your baby safely restrained in the seat while also minimizing any crash force injury.

The handle of the seat is adjustable with one hand and a nifty feature is the Silent Shade canopy. Not only does it given your baby shade when they need it but it adjusts quietly without waking the baby up. This car seat is considerably lightweight, weighing 9.75 pounds.

Not only is this car seat lightweight, making it easier for mom to carry, it’s also simple and quick to install in your car. You can’t deny this is important when getting ready for a trip out in the car!

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Britax vs Graco Convertible Seats

Convertible car seats allow for both rear-facing and front-facing seating. The bonus of convertible seats is that you can use them for a number of years. They’re designed to accommodate both the smaller baby and the older child. Both brands offer a wide range of convertible seat options. The Britax product is slightly more expensive than the Graco model.

Britax Marathon ClickTight Convertible Car Seat

Britax Marathon ClickTight Convertible Car Seat, Ashton

Manufacturers recommend this seat for babies weighing from 5 to 65 pounds. Rear-facing can be used with babies weighing up to 40 pounds while the front-facing option is suitable for babies weighing between 20 and 65 pounds.

Britax patented ClickTight technology makes for easy, quick and secure installation. Your baby’s safety is also guaranteed with side impact protection, a 5-point harness, high strength steel construction and impact-absorbing base. The V-shaped tether on the back gives the seat added stability should you be in a collision. This seat also includes the SafeCell technology unique to Britax models, offering crash energy absorption.

Comfort is increased with the 7 recline positioning feature which includes an indicator for optimum recline angle. A 2-position buckle fit also gives extra comfort for the growing child. And your baby will be surrounded with plush foam padding and fabric. The seat cover is removable for easy cleaning. The height of the seat is also adjustable with the touch of a button and a 14-position headrest. The maximum child height is 43 inches. The car seat weighs 27 pounds.

I like the fact any baby will feel comfortable in this car seat because of its reclining features and extra padding. But, all the typical Britax safety features will give you peace of mind your baby is safe at all times.

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Graco 4Ever DLX 4 in 1 Car Seat

Graco 4Ever DLX 4 in 1 Car Seat, Infant to Toddler Car Seat, with 10 Years of Use, Fairmont , 20x21.5x24 Inch (Pack of 1)

This 4-in-1 convertible car seat will give you up to ten years of use with its maximum weight limit being 120 pounds. It starts as a rear-facing seat for the 4 to 40 pounds weight range, going to a front-facing seat for babies weighing between 22 to 65 pounds. It converts to a seat-belt positioning high back booster seat for the older baby weighing from 40 to 100 pounds while eventually transitioning to a backless booster seat for children weighing between 40 and 120 pounds.

The headrest adjusts by 10 positions for the growing child with an adjustable harness system. The Graco InRight Latch attachment ensures the seat is safely and securely installed with minimum fuss. A 6-position recline feature keeps your child comfortable while riding in the car. The ProtectPlus engineered design keeps your baby safe from side impacts, rollovers, frontal and rear crashes.

A 5-point harness system keeps your baby secure when using the rear-facing and front-facing options before moving to the booster seat option. The seat cover can be removed for washing without uninstalling the seat. Plus, two cup holders are included for easy storage of your child’s drinks. The seat weighs in at 22.8 pounds.

For parents looking for a long-lasting car seat (up to 10 years), this is the product to look at. Plus, it offers all the comfort features a child needs while traveling in the car.

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Britax vs Graco Travel Systems

The joy of having a travel system is having a car seat that’s compatible with your baby’s stroller. Both Britax and Graco offer you a wide range of travel systems to pick from. The Graco product came in more expensive than the Britax model.

Britax Pathway & B-Safe 35 Travel System

Britax Pathway & B-Safe 35 Travel System, Sketch

The Britax Pathway stroller is compatible with the B-Safe 35 infant car seat (which is reviewed in the infant car seat section above). While the car seat is only suitable for babies up to 35 pounds, the stroller will take your child up to 55 pounds. The maximum height recommendation is 44 inches.

The stroller has 4 wheels and is lightweight with a quick, one-hand folding system for easy transportation and storage. The seat is reclinable to almost flat so your baby can sleep or lie down in comfort.

The stroller has a one-foot parking brake, all-wheel suspension, and no-flat tires. A canopy gives your child adequate shading while a zippered storage pocket and large basket under the seat allow you to pack all the essentials your baby needs. The stroller is well-constructed with steel and aluminum and premium fabric.

Easy to fold, easy to transport and easy to install your baby’s car seat – what more could you ask for? And, the stroller has everything it needs to give you the best experience when out strolling with your baby.

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Graco FastAction Fold Jogger Travel System

Graco FastAction Fold Jogger Travel System | Includes the FastAction Fold Jogging Stroller and SnugRide 35 Infant Car Seat, Gotham

This Graco Jogger travel system is compatible with its SnugRide 35 Infant Car Seat reviewed above. Parents will love the one-second, one-hand fold feature of this stroller making it easy to get ready for transportation or storage.

Air-filled tires on all 3 wheels give the stroller even, all-round suspension no matter what terrain you’re exploring. The locking front swivel wheel means you can lock for walking and unlock when you go jogging.

The seat offers a range of reclining positions and is ultra-padded, giving your child ultimate luxury whenever out and about in this stroller. A large canopy also keeps your child protected from the sun while a child tray with cup holders is an added bonus. What’s more, the handlebar includes a parent tray with cup holders for extra convenience.

A large storage basket under the seat means you can pack all your baby’s essentials while strolling. Not only does this product give you the convenience of a car seat and stroller combo but it’s ideal for the active parent.

The design of this travel system is smart too. You’ll have every parent checking you out when you’re out strolling (or jogging) with your baby.

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Which brand is more expensive – Britax or Graco?

While Britax is generally more expensive than Graco products, the price difference is marginal in most cases. Even though Graco may have a cheaper product, they don’t compromise on quality or safety standards.

How do I decide which brand is best for me and my baby?

This is often a personal preference. However, by using key features such as safety, comfort, weight and height limitations and convenience as your criteria, you’ll be able to make a wiser decision.

Are Britax car seats tested according to the U.S. safety requirements?

Yes, all car seats sold in the U.S. are made in the country and crash tested to meet the U.S. FMVSS safety standards.

Final Thoughts

Comparing the Britax vs Graco brands highlighted that both brands take their child car seat safety requirements very seriously. They continue to meet the stringent safety standards set out by the government regulatory board. And, they strive to keep up with all the latest development in technology. This should give every parent peace of mind you’re getting a product that’ll keep your child safe while traveling.

I did pick the Graco FastAction Fold Jogger Travel System being an active father myself. But, everyone is different so which product and brand would you pick from this review? In my mind, they’re all of high quality, offering your baby the protection they need when out and about in the car.

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