Can I Bring My Baby to My Dentist Appointment? [All Details!]

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When your babysitter cancels at the last minute or hubby can’t take time off work to look after your baby, does it mean you must postpone your scheduled dental appointment? It’s always a good idea to call and ask if you can bring your baby to your dentist appointment before pitching up with your little one in tow.

Checking if you can bring your baby with you for your dentist appointment is recommended in most dental rooms. Asking a staff member to keep an eye on your baby or holding your infant on your lap are possible solutions. Using a mobile dentist lets you stay at home with your baby. 

Key takeaways

  • Always ask if a dentist allows you to bring your baby to their dental care center.
  • Sending an email asking if you can bring your baby to your dentist appointment allows you to plan ahead. You’ll either be told yes or no but it’s always better to check first. 
  • Finding ways to keep your baby occupied during your dentist appointment makes it easier to relax during your treatment.
  • There are alternatives to bringing your baby to your dentist appointment!

Do dentists allow you to bring your baby to their dental care center?

Blocking an appointment for both you and your baby is one way of getting around having your little one with you. But, what do you do before they’re ready for their first dental appointment between six months and their first birthday?

Finding a dentist willing to accommodate your little one while you’re getting your teeth checked out isn’t that easy. Some dental rooms offer fun games for all ages in the waiting room, which could be an option for older babies who are happy to entertain themselves. 

Some dental rooms are child-friendly and let you bring your baby when having your check-up. This mother on Reddit found her hygienist was more than happy to have her bring her newborn along saying, “Just bring the baby in with you! We love to see babies and they sleep a lot at that age anyway!”

While dentists encourage new moms to keep up with their postpartum dental care treatments, how willing are they to have your newborn come with you? Fortunately, there are dentists who understand this dilemma and encourage you to bring your little one along if there’s no one to take care of her – here’s what Three Trees Dental has to say about it.

Watch this video to find out when YOUR baby should have her first dental appointment.

Here’s an email template to use to ask your dentist if it’s OK to bring your baby with you

Title of the email: Can I bring my baby with me for my dental appointment?



I’m interested in potentially going for dental treatment at your Dental Care Center in [LOCATION NAME] but I have a crucial question. Can I bring my baby with me and is there some possibility of keeping her occupied while I get my treatment?

Thank you and best regards,


How to occupy your baby while you’re at your dentist

Let a staff member take care of your baby

If the dental care center has agreed to let you bring your baby in with you, a staff member may also be willing to keep your little one occupied while you see the dentist. Often there’s a receptionist who adores babies and doesn’t mind keeping an eye on your LO. 

Hold your baby in your car seat or baby bouncer

If your baby is content to sit strapped in their car seat or baby bouncer during your appointment, by all means, use these items. Checking with your dentist first if they’re happy to accommodate this option will give you peace of mind there’ll be no hassles when you arrive for your appointment. 

Ask your partner or friend to come with you

Asking your partner or friend to come with you and sit with your baby in the waiting room means you can relax while having your dental check-up. This way, you don’t have to bother staff members or the dentist with the presence of your baby in their rooms. 

Hold your baby on your lap 

Holding your baby on your lap while having dental treatment done is an option if your dentist is comfortable with it. While a newborn may be happy to lie in your arms during a check-up, a fractious or wiggly baby will make it difficult for your dentist to perform a safe treatment.

Use a dental care center with childcare facilities

Some dental care centers offer childcare facilities with minders watching over your baby or child while you’re seeing your dentist. Calling around to find out if there’s one in your local area will take the angst out of whether to bring your baby or not to your dentist appointment. 

Alternatives to bringing your baby to your dentist appointment

  • Mobile dentists: Some dentists offer home care services for clients who can’t leave their homes. 
  • Babysitting service: Hiring a babysitter while you go for your dentist appointment works if you can rely on them not to let you down at the last minute. 
  • Call on friends, family, or the neighbor: Having a trustworthy friend or neighbor, or extended family members to call on to look after your baby at home gives you the freedom to visit the dentist alone. 
  • Using a dentist with flexible hours: Finding a dentist who works in the evenings or on weekends allows you to leave your baby with your partner outside of working hours. 

Similar to asking if you can bring your baby to college with you, you need to ask yourself does your infant really need to go with you to your dentist appointment. Using these alternatives is sometimes the easiest and best solution if you plan well in advance. 

Should you bring your baby with you to your dentist after all?

Should you bring your baby along while having dental treatment? It really depends on your personal circumstances. Having dental treatment without worrying about your baby at the same time means you and your dentist can relax and get the job done, safely and professionally. Otherwise, check in beforehand to find out if the dental rooms are happy to have your baby

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