Can I Leave My Baby to Go to the Toilet? [Quick Read!]

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It’s not usual for newbies to parenting to wonder if you can leave your baby when you go to the toilet. This is one of the many daily struggles parents face when handling a little one on their own at home!

You can leave your baby alone while you go to the toilet as long as they’re safe. Placing them in a cot or an infant seat is a solution to leaving them alone for a few minutes. Alternatively, you can take your baby with you when you go to the toilet if it’s easier for you. 

Key takeaways

  • Separation anxiety is one of the biggest concerns about leaving a baby when going to the toilet.
  • There are factors to consider when leaving your baby alone or taking her with you to the bathroom.
  • Both options come with their own list of pros and cons!
  • There are solutions to either option.
  • Relying on friends or family will make it easier to use the toilet without your baby.

Your (probably) biggest concern: separation anxiety

It’s not unusual for babies to cry or get clingy between four to 12 months when their caregiver leaves them. If your main concern is separation anxiety there are ways to deal with it. 

  • Practice periods of brief separation: Put your baby in a safe place such as their cot before going to the toilet. When you return, your baby will learn that you’ll always come back.
  • Sing or talk to them: When you’re in another room or in the bathroom, reassure your baby by singing or talking to them so they can hear you while you’re out of sight.
  • Cuddle often: Build secure attachment by cuddling and comforting your baby whenever they’re distressed or scared. Reassure them that they’re always safe even if you have to leave them for five minutes. 

Separation anxiety in babies is a normal part of their growing up but it can be stressful! The important thing to remember is that as long as they’re safe, you can relax while in the bathroom. 

Leaving your baby alone vs taking her with you

Here are some factors to consider when deciding between leaving your baby alone vs taking her with you. 

Leaving your baby aloneTaking her with you
Crying or separation anxiety.Having to hold them or keep them entertained
Keeping baby in a safe place.Hygiene – bathrooms are germ-ridden places!
Toilet privacy matters to you.Teaching your baby that going to the toilet is a natural process.
Toilet space is limited.Having a large enough toilet for both of you.

Leaving your baby alone when going to the toilet


  • Lets you do your business in private
  • More hygienic
  • Gives you more space in smaller bathrooms


  • A crying baby makes you more anxious when using the toilet
  • Separation anxiety
  • Anxiety around baby’s safety while out of sight

Solutions for leaving your baby alone

Depending on the age and mobility of your little one, you could place them in their Moses basket or cot. Here are some other baby items that can be used while you go to the toilet on your own:

  • Baby bouncer: Placing your little one in a top-quality, secure baby bouncer will keep your LO entertained for the few minutes you’re out of sight.
  • Infant seat: Strapping your baby into their infant seat and giving them some toys to amuse themselves keeps your little one safe for short periods of time. 
  • Playpen: Putting your baby in their playpen with their favorite toys is a good option as long as you’re not away for too long.
  • Floor seats and loungers: Using baby loungers lets you be hands-free whenever you’re around the house or going to the toilet. However, be aware of safety concerns when using this product. 
  • Use a baby walker or jumper, or instead an exersaucer: For active babies, placing them in one of these items can work as long as they’re secure and contained in a room. 

Taking your baby with you to the toilet 


  • Baby feels secure with you close by
  • Less anxiety for parent
  • Teaches baby that going to the toilet is normal


  • Unhygienic
  • No privacy when using the toilet

Solutions for taking your baby with you

If you have a large toilet

Using items such as a small baby bouncer or the infant seat will keep your baby contained and close by at the same time. Placing clean towels on the bathroom floor and laying your smaller baby on top of them is another option. 

You can wear your newborn baby using a wrap or sling or bring them into the toilet while they’re laying in a bassinet design for a small space, e.g. in a toilet. 🙂 

If you have a small toilet

Consider using a baby wrap or sling to wear your little one while you’re on the toilet. You may go for a Baby K’tan Breeze or an Active version for some great baby carriers. Some parents let their little ones sit on their laps! An older baby can stand or sit at your feet as long as the floor is clean. 

Watch this video demonstrating how to wrap a newborn in a Baby K’tan wrap.

Leaving the toilet door open and keeping your baby in a Moses basket, baby bouncer, or infant seat just outside the room is another solution. This way, you can keep them within eyesight. 

Alternatives to leaving your baby alone or taking her with you to the toilet

If you’re home alone with your baby and anxious about leaving her alone for short periods of time, organize to have friends for a visit; or you have the privilege of benefiting from an extended family who might be able to help out!? This gives you some free time to go to the toilet without stressing about leaving your baby alone. 

Other concerns you might have

Your baby being cold

Wrapping your baby up warmly reassures you that your little one won’t get cold while you’re in the bathroom for more than five minutes. Keeping them in a wrap or sling keeps them warm with your body heat

Your baby is ill

If you’re concerned about leaving your ill baby alone while you go to the toilet, take her with you. Let her sit on your lap or lie in your arms or if space allows, lie them on the floor with towels. 

You battle digestive upsets

If you’re battling with an upset tummy or have digestive issues that require you to use the bathroom often, it might be easier to take your baby with you. This way, you can relax knowing your baby is in sight and not crying.


You can leave your baby alone while you go to the toilet as long as they’re safe and you don’t get too anxious about her being out of sight. Or you can use a baby wrap, as I suggested that solution when you’re looking for a safe place to put your baby while cooking.

Whether you leave them alone or take them with you, there are pros and cons in both situations. Use my solutions to help you ease the process either way!

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