Can You Return (& Exchange) Baby Wipes? Inc. w/o Receipt?

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One thing every expecting parent can guarantee getting at their baby shower is baby wipes. These items are normally added in as an extra goodie to the main gift and you could end up with more than you need! Which may get you thinking if you can return baby wipes or exchange them for something else. 

Baby wipes can be returned or exchanged depending on the store’s returns policy. Some stores request a receipt while others can check the purchase payment when the item was bought. Most stores will also refund or exchange baby wipes before the return-by date stated in the policy. 

Can you return or exchange baby wipes?

Having the option to return or exchange baby wipes depends largely on the individual store’s policy. It’s generally accepted that most retailers won’t refund any returned product without a receipt unless there’s a membership scheme for purchasers. In this situation, the store would be able to validate your purchase and consider returns or exchanges if its policy allows for it. 

Retailers in states such as California are obliged to clearly state their customer returns and refund policy to purchasers. If they fail to do this, they’re obligated to accept full refunds of any purchase within 30 days. If the retailer offers a full cash refund, store credit, or exchange within seven days of the purchase, they’re not required to post their refund policy. 

Other states such as Alabama allow retailers to refund or decline returns depending on the store’s policy. Other retailers in states such as Florida must clearly display they don’t offer refunds at the place of sale such as the cash register. When a store clearly displays information about its limited or no-refund policy, they’re not legally bound to accept returns. 

There are no federal laws in countries such as the United States declaring that retailers are legally required to give consumers refunds. Knowing the store’s return and exchange policy will help you when deciding whether you want a refund on baby wipes or not. 

If you don’t have the receipt or you’re not sure if a store will accept your baby wipes for a refund or exchange, give their customer services department a call. 

What happens when you try to return baby wipes

A retailer’s individual return and exchange policy will clearly state how refunds are handled.  In most cases and depending on the store itself, you can expect the following when returning baby wipes:

  • You get your money back: Depending on how the initial purchase was paid for, you may get a full cash refund or a credit on your credit card. When a purchase has been made with a credit card, the retailer won’t refund you directly. Instead, the available credit will reflect on your card several days after the return has been made to the store.  
  • You get a store credit: This is a popular refund option provided by many major retailers. Store credit is an amount that may be equivalent to the price of the returned item and is kept on the customer’s account for when they next want to make a purchase. 
  • You can exchange your wipes for another brand: If the store accepts exchanges, you can swap your baby wipes for another brand. Some retailers offer this option as a gesture of goodwill even if you don’t have a receipt. This is useful when returning unwanted gifts such as baby wipes in a brand you don’t prefer. 
  • You get a rejection so no return or exchange is possible: This can happen if the store clearly states they don’t accept returns or offer refunds. It can also happen if the baby wipes are returned after the purchase deadline for refunds. It’s important to note that retailers have no legal obligation to give you a refund, even more so if you don’t have a receipt. 

It’s worth noting that most store policies state that they’ll only accept returns if the item is still new and unused. If you can prove that the baby wipes were defective (and not caused by you) on the opening of the item, a retailer may consider offering a refund, store credit, or exchange. However, this is not a given and is dependent on each retailer’s returns policy. 

Return time frame of baby wipes (with receipt)

When returning baby wipes with a receipt, you’re still tied into the store’s returns timeline before expecting to receive a refund or opportunity to swap for another product or brand. Return windows normally fall within 30 to 90 days. However, this is dependent on the individual retailer and their specific terms and conditions for a refund such as the merchandise being new and unopened. 

I’ve listed below some major retailers and their standard return window. 

Standard Return WindowRetailer
90 daysWalmart
• 90 days
• 120 days if purchased on RedCard
• 365 days if Target brand
30 days (on receipt of shipping)Amazon
30 daysCostco
60 daysCVS
30 daysWalgreens
• 45 days for Shop Your Way members
• 30 days for non-members

Why you might want to return or exchange baby wipes

We’ve already spoken about parents wanting to return baby wipes after receiving more than they need at a baby shower. But, what are some of the other reasons you would want to return baby wipes for a refund or exchange? 

  • Exchanging baby wipes from one brand to another: You may prefer one baby brand over another for a number of reasons. Exchanging baby wipes to your preferred brand is an option if the retailer stocks a range of brands.
  • Your baby has sensitive skin: Some brands offer baby wipes specifically formulated for sensitive skin. Some parents prefer hypoallergenic products or those free from chemicals such as Pampers Aqua Pure or Water Wipes for their baby’s precious parts! If you’re gifted baby wipes that aren’t suitable for gentle skin, you could try asking for an exchange or a refund. 
  • Expiry date: Do you think baby wipes expire? Not generally although manufacturers do recommend using them within two to three years. However, if you’ve been given too many baby wipes and want to exchange them for something more useful, you could consider returning some of them. 
  • Damaged goods: On opening the baby wipes for the first time, you may notice they’re dried out, have a strange smell, or feel “off.” The packaging may also be damaged and you only notice this when you return home from the store. If this is the case, you could ask the retailer for a refund or exchange them. 
  • Product recalls: Sometimes, a product is found faulty and recalled by the FDA or the retailer themselves. Baby wipes can be prone to bacterial contamination which demands a product recall. When there’s a quality issue, retailers may remove baby wipes and ask customers to return their purchase for a refund. 

Returning baby wipes to Walmart

Believe it or not, there are 13 items Walmart won’t let you return after purchase. Some of these include breast pumps, gift cards, firearms, and diabetic supplies. Fortunately, baby wipes aren’t an excluded item for returns!

Can you return baby wipes to Walmart?

You can return baby wipes to Walmart, including those that are defective or damaged, within 90 days of purchase. The store strongly recommends you keep the receipt as proof of purchase for in-store items. However, they’ll issue a refund on your valid, government-issued photo ID if it matches with stored information on their secured database. 

Returning baby wipes to Target

Target makes it easy to return most goods if you don’t have a receipt. They’ll check your purchase and get confirmation if you have a RedCard, or use your Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or AmEx card. Target stores can also run checks on payments made with personal checks or when using a gift card

Can you return baby wipes to Target?

Baby wipes can be returned to Target stores. Return details are included in the product description when purchasing online. Some baby wipes can be returned within 365 days while others have a 90-day timeframe. 

Returning baby wipes to Amazon

Amazon allows all gifts including wipes bought on a baby registry to be returned if not wanted. Those purchased by the registry owner need to be returned within 90 days while those gifted can be refunded after 365 days. 

Can you return baby wipes to Amazon?

You can return baby wipes to Amazon as long as you do it within 90 days of purchase. This return window starts on receipt of the shipping date. However, all baby items aren’t eligible for free shipping when returning to Amazon for a refund. 

Returning baby wipes to Costco

Costco will refund your purchase price if you’re not happy with a product purchased from their stores. They do have some limitations on products such as electrical appliances, diamonds, and cigarettes. 

Can you return baby wipes to Costco?

You can return baby wipes to Costco for a refund as long as you do it within 30 days. They can be taken to a returns counter at any Costco warehouse or if purchased online, initiated through the retailer’s website for returned orders

Returning baby wipes to CVS

Most products, excluding prescriptions, can be returned to CVS for a refund or exchange. However, this is subject to a third-party verification process

Can you return baby wipes to CVS?

You can return baby wipes to CVS for a refund or exchange but they’ll only accept new and unopened items. You’ll need to produce a valid photo ID. If you don’t have a receipt, CVS will let you exchange it for the same item or give you a store credit. 

Returning baby wipes to Walgreens

Walgreens allows most purchases to be returned within 30 days as long as the item is in its original packaging and accompanied by a receipt. 

Can you return baby wipes to Walgreens?

Walgreens guarantees 100% satisfaction on their home brands including Smile & Save wipes. However, if you’re not happy with your purchase they’ll cover the full price including shipping if the baby wipes are returned within 30 days of purchase. 

Returning baby wipes to Kmart

Kmart allows most products to be returned as long as they’re still new and in their original packaging. The goods must be accompanied by a receipt. However, if you don’t have proof of purchase and the store agrees to give you a refund, they’ll ask for your valid photo ID before processing your return. 

Can you return baby wipes to Kmart?

Baby wipes can be returned to Kmart as long as you meet the store’s returns policy requirements. This applies to purchases made in-store and online. 

What to do with baby wipes in case you cannot return them

In most cases, you can return just about anything, including baby wipes, and get a refund as long as you’ve done your research! But, in those instances when you can’t return your baby wipes, here are some novel ways of using them:

  • Wipe away dust: Unused baby wipes make excellent dust wipers. They’re gentle and can be used even on house plants and delicate ornaments that need dusting.
  • Handy for manicures: Baby wipes can be used to clean hands pre-manicure as well as get rid of excess nail polish while painting your nails. They also give added moisture to dry cuticles.
  • Wiping up spills: Babies can be messy when drinking from a cup or when eating in their high chair. Wipes are great for cleaning up spills when you don’t have a damp cloth on hand. 
  • Toilet paper substitute for potty training: If you’re still stuck with a load of baby wipes when you hit potty training time, keep them for those days when you don’t have toilet paper. But, make sure they can be flushed down the loo. Adults can use baby wipes as a gentle alternative to toilet paper. 
  • Add some shine to leather products: if you have a leather couch or jacket, you can add some temporary shine by wiping them with a baby wipe. They’re also pretty good at removing stains on leather products!
  • Great shoe cleaner: Wiping your shoes and sneakers with a baby wipe will get rid of mud and other dirt in an instant. What better way to transform your footwear quickly and conveniently without resorting to water and soap?
  • Convenient toy cleaner: Baby wipes can be used to wipe down your kid’s toys, especially those made from plastic. In no time at all, you’ll have removed grime, dirt, and germs with a few wipes. 
  • Outdoor excursions rescuer: Camping, days on the beach, or a hike in the mountains all guarantee moments of getting dirty and sweaty. Keeping a pack of baby wipes in your bag is a good way for wiping away the dirt when you’re enjoying your outdoor excursion.  
  • Make-up removal: Baby wipes are great for removing make-up when you don’t want to fuss with using other cosmetic removal products. They’re gentle and efficient when used on the face.

There are a number of other ways you can use up baby wipes if you can’t get a refund for your stock. Clean your pet, remove deodorant marks on your clothes, wipe down the keyboard, and use it as a scented sachet in the baby’s room – the list is endless. There’s no need to despair if a store won’t accept your baby wipes! 

Watch this video demonstrating all the ways you can use baby wipes! This video might make you think twice if you want to return baby wipes after all.


While you may be wondering about how many baby wipes are needed for a baby, you’ll be amazed that it’s more than expected! Being a father myself, I find baby wipes extremely useful beyond diaper changing times! I’ve never had too many and still use them for my toddler daughter. 

However, having the option to return them is useful especially if you don’t like the brand or they’re defective in some way. Most stores do allow you to return baby wipes but they do have specific requirements such as timeframe and if the product is new or unopened. So, when can you exchange baby wipes? Check out the store returns policy and you’ll have all the answers you need!

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