Pampers Aqua Pure vs Water Wipes – which one is better for those precious parts?

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Are you, like so many other parents, short on time and want to know right now which is better between Pampers Aqua Pure vs Water Wipes? No worries – my top recommendation is right here! The aforementioned wins. Both brands are of similar quality, but it’s factors like affordability, resilience and premium packaging that give Pampers Aqua Pure wipes the edge.

Which brand is better? Parenting requires you to make tough decisions. Should you go for one of the two? How about WaterWipes or Up & Up wipes? Many parents ask these same questions and rightfully so. The wrong wipes can cause irritations in your baby’s most sensitive area and nobody wants that.

To cut to the chase, I picked the Pampers Aqua Pure wipes as the winner.

Wiping Up the Confusion

I’m going to dive right into discussing these two popular baby wipe brands. In this section, you’ll find out about the benefits each brand offers to parents and their little ones, the best ways to use baby wipes and how to go about picking the right brand for your needs.


WaterWipes and Pampers are both incredible brands that have earned their reputation of caring for babies’ skin as much as their parents do. Let’s take a look at the main benefits of each brand of wipes.

Pampers Aqua Pure Benefits

  • More resilient to tearing
  • Gentle for baby’s bottom, hands, feet and face
  • Made from premium cotton for a gentle yet thorough clean

Water Wipes Benefits

  • Ideal for sensitive skin
  • Textured to capture bigger baby messes
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Safe to use all over baby

How to Choose the Best Wipes for Your Baby

Hopefully I didn’t alarm you too much when I mentioned irritations on your baby’s precious part. But it’s a reality that all parents need to be aware of. Babies have extremely sensitive skin, especially around the diaper area, and so irritations, redness and rashes are a common occurrence.

Regularly cleaning your baby’s bottom is the key to avoiding flare-ups. But, as I’m sure you can imagine, you can’t just wipe their bottom with any wipe. So how do you go about picking the right wipe for your precious baby? Here’s how.


Take a close look at the ingredients found in the wipes. This information can usually be located right on the packaging for all to see. The ingredients must be safe to use on babies and it’s a good idea to opt for wipes that are free from chemicals and alcohol – both of which are common culprits of the dreaded diaper rash.


It should go without saying that you should want to pick wipes that are resilient. The last thing you need are wipes that tear easily during use – leaving your hands covered in poop! No thanks! Pick thin wipes and that will most likely be your fate because they tend to be extremely porous.


Of course, your baby’s comfort is a high priority. That’s why you must consider the texture. How will the wipes feel against your baby’s bottom? Soft wipes that are gentle on your baby’s skin are the way to go. But the problem with soft wipes is that they are SO soft that cleaning up messes can be a slippy, sloppy process. Textured wipes have a little more grip and so they’re better and more effective at cleaning up messes but you may need to compromise on comfort.


Unlike most of the packaging that floods our supermarket shelves, the packaging of baby wipes serves a purpose that spans far beyond looking pretty. The reason for this is simple: wipes are only effective when moist. Dry wipes are not only ineffective but they may be abrasive to your darling’s delicate skin. Pick wipes that come in packaging with rigid flip-up lids rather than a flimsy plastic sticker. An added benefit to this is that you can reuse the packaging and purchase refill packs instead of whole new packs of wipes.

The F Word – Fragrance

Fragranced baby wipes are a highly debated topic as some sensitive-skinned babies react adversely to the minimal amount of fragrance in the wipes. Given the option between scented and non-scented wipes, but the latter. Rather be safe than sorry and eliminate the risk of your baby having an adverse reaction.

What’s the Best Way to Use Baby Wipes

Fortunately for you, using baby wipes isn’t rocket science. No need to fret if you’re a first-time parent. Simply pull the wipes out of the packet one by one and use them to wipe your baby’s bottom, face, body or even messes. The wipes should feed through the opening with ease as you pull them out. When not in use, always keep the pack closed via the lid or sticker to retain moisture. If your sticker loses its stickiness or is accidentally ripped off during a hasty, half-asleep, middle of the night diaper change simply use a strip of duct tape in its place. Alternatively, you can place the wipes in a zip-lock bag.

Pampers Aqua Pure Wipes

Pampers Aqua Pure wipes are both hypoallergenic and unscented making them safe to use on your baby’s delicate skin. Because they’re relatively thick, these wipes aren’t likely to tear up during use. Also, they’re made using premium cotton which makes them extremely soft which your hands and your baby’s bottom alike will appreciate.

Who it’s for

Pampers Aqua Pure wipes are ideal for all babies including newborns. They’re versatile enough to be used on all parts of your baby’s body.

Why you should consider it

Get value for your money with these affordable but high-quality wipes. They’re extremely moist and promise to be very gentle on your baby’s skin.

Product Info

  • Ingredients: 99% pure water, sodium benzoate, sodium citrate, sodium caprylate
  • Fragrance: Non-scented
  • Packaging: Flip-top lid
  • Number of wipes: 620


  • Easy to pull out
  • Alcohol-free
  • Affordable


  • No textured pattern
  • Some parents find them to be overly wet

Water Wipes Super Value Box

These chemical-free wipes are safe, gentle and ideal to use on your baby free from the worry of causing harm to his or her precious parts. I’ve chosen the Water Wipes Super Value Box as it comes with 720 wipes, meaning you won’t run out anytime soon.

Who it’s for

Water Wipes are designed for all babies, regardless of their age. They are also a fantastic product for babies with extremely sensitive skin.

Why you should consider it

I love how these wipes don’t leave behind a feeling of stickiness that is common when using other baby wipes. Plus, they are totally safe from harsh chemicals that may harm your little one’s skin.

Product Info

  • Ingredients: 99% pure water, grapefruit extract, benzalkonium chloride
  • Fragrance: Non-scented
  • Packaging: Non-rigid container
  • Number of wipes: 720


  • Don’t leave behind any sticky feeling
  • Safe and gentle on baby’s skin
  • Versatile uses


  • Prone to drying out due to inferior packaging
  • On the expensive side


What are hypoallergenic baby wipes?

Hypoallergenic baby wipes pose very little risk of your baby having an allergic reaction to the wipes. Bear in mind that this doesn’t mean they are totally allergy-proof just that the chances of your baby reacting adversely are minimized.

What are biodegradable baby wipes?

Biodegradable baby wipes are wipes that disintegrate completely when disposed of and as such, they are incredibly eco-friendly. Sadly, neither option discussed today is biodegradable.

Do Baby Wipes Expire?

That’s a great question. I was wondering about the same and that’s why I wrote a separate article about this fascinating topic of whether baby wipes expire.


You have all the facts. Now it’s time to make a decision. I’m all for economical options – especially when it comes to products like baby wipes that we as parents will be using for many, many years!

Because of this, I pick Pampers Aqua Pure baby wipes. The lower price tag doesn’t compromise its quality or performance and its packaging ensures they’ll last. In my eyes, it’s a no-brainer. How about in yours?

The question is now: how many baby wipes does your baby or toddler need? Answering this question allows you to buy the right quantity. Nevertheless, keep in mind that you can buy more than you need as you can return or exchange baby wipes in many stores.

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