Do Men (including Dads) Go to Baby Showers?

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Do men go to baby showers? Many people have been asking this question because times are changing. Traditionally, men weren’t invited to baby showers because it’s a female event. However, more people are starting to take part in any event regardless of what gender it’s intended for.

Men, especially dads, want to be a part of everything that involves their children. It would be a shame not to allow a father to attend his baby shower simply because it’s a female event. So why not let them join?

On the other hand, if you’re about to host a baby shower you may want to read my article. With my (I believe) strong researcher background, I’ve done some research to find out if men and dads actually attend baby showers if they’re invited. I went through forums, talked to other parents, friends, and last but not least my fiancée. I’d also like to share how to create invitations to start inviting men and dads to attend baby showers.

Do Men Go to Baby Showers?

Traditionally men don’t go to baby showers because they don’t get invited. Baby showers are known to be a female event. Some men prefer not to go to baby showers because it’s seen as “too girly”. But times are changing and more men are wanting to attend baby showers with their partners.

More women are also open to inviting their male friends and family members to join baby showers so they can be more involved.

Do Dads Go to Baby Showers?

Dads don’t usually attend female baby showers. However, fathers usually have a party called a Dadchelor party, Man Shower, or Baby Stag which is similar to a female baby shower. The man shower is a newly developed tradition that only includes fathers-to-be.

Can You Have a Co-Ed Baby Shower?

Co-ed means co-educational. A co-ed baby shower is when men and dads are included in the baby shower. This means females are allowed to bring their male partners along when they get invited to the event.

There are some advantages to having a co-ed baby shower such as the following:

  • You get to invite more people to the shower
  • Dads can help set up decorations and plan games
  • Male family members can get involved
  • Mothers can share the spotlight with the dads
  • Parents-to-be can get more presents for the baby

If you’d like to get your male friends and family involved in your baby shower then you should consider having a co-ed event.

Why Men and Fathers Don’t Get Invited to Baby Showers

Some men and fathers feel uncomfortable going to baby showers. Women use baby showers as an opportunity to discuss details about childbirth. Older mothers may want to provide advice to the mother-to-be about how to handle childbirth and this can involve intricate details.

Most men would prefer not to hear about the details of childbirth or to be involved in any female discussions because it makes them feel uncomfortable. On the other hand, discussions of childbirth and other female-empowering topics are being encouraged and more men are becoming more open to these discussions.

Do Guys Go to Baby Showers if They’re Invited?

If guys are invited to baby showers they tend to show up. For the father-to-be, any event involving his unborn child will be important to him so he’ll want to take part from the get-go. What’s more, male siblings, uncles or friends may want to be included in the event especially if they’re close with their parents.

When planning your baby shower or even a friend’s baby shower, consider inviting the men and dads to break the tradition of a female-only baby shower.

What Do Men Do at Baby Showers?

There are plenty of activities for dads and men at baby showers. If you’re going to have a barbeque the men can light the fire and grill burgers. The men can also help the females set up the decorations for the party and plan the activities for the day.

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The father-to-be can also say a speech while older dads can provide advice to men who haven’t become fathers yet. Men can also take part in fun and exciting games that are usually created for baby showers such as the following:

  • Baby food tasting: This one is for moms and dads. Choose several baby foods and peel off their labels. Allow people to taste the food to see if they can recognize the flavors.
  • Diaper balloon game: The game shows who can diaper a baby with their eyes closed. Blindfold the players and place a balloon, diaper, and pins in front of them. On the count of three, allow the players to diaper the balloons but without popping them with the pins. Both men and women can play this game.
  • Don’t say “baby” game: This one is difficult. Give all your guests a tiny pin and tell everyone at the party that they’re not allowed to say the name “baby”. If they do say the b-word then they must hand their pin to the person sitting next to them. The person with the most pins wins.

What Should Men and Dads Bring to a Baby Shower

There are plenty of items men and dads can bring to a baby shower. If your male friend has created a baby registry then pick one of the items on the list to gift either the father or mother-to-be or the baby.

Here is a list of items men and dads can bring to a baby shower:

If you want something specific as a father or mother-to-be make sure you add the items to your baby registry so you get the item you wanted.

How to Create a Baby Shower Invite That Includes Men and Dads

Creating invites is easy. All you need is a suitable online template and then add your event’s details to it. You can either email the invites or send them by post. Creating an invite that includes men and dads is just as easy. Follow these easy steps:

  1. Stipulate in the invite that females are allowed to bring their male partners along to the baby shower.
  2. Make the invite man-friendly. Think of things men would enjoy such as refreshing beers or a poker section that they can retreat to.
  3. Include the name “father-to-be” on your invite so people know that it’s a co-ed party.
  4. Add gender-neutral decorations to your invite so that it doesn’t look like it’s only aimed at the ladies.
  5. Mention that there will be co-ed activities that both men and women will enjoy taking part in during the baby shower.
  6. Don’t forget to add important details such as the address of where the baby shower will take place and the date of the event. Add your mobile number or email address for RSVPs.
  7. Include your baby registry so that the men and women invited know what to bring to the baby shower.

Pick a baby shower theme that’s gender-neutral so that both men and women can enjoy the event. You want everyone to have fun and take part in the activities you’ve created for the day. The perfect way to get men involved in baby showers is to include them.

Final Thoughts

Since times have changed baby showers are no longer only for females. This is a positive change because it allows fathers to be a part of an important event. Men and dads get to learn more about female pregnancy and birth when attending baby showers. What’s more, men and dads have an opportunity to speak to older fathers about the joys of parenthood.

As a man, would you ever go to a baby shower?

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