115 Great Middle Names for Aidan [Cool, Unique, Short]

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Are you looking for unique middle names for your little boy Aidan? These days parents are moving away from traditional and classic name choices for their little ones. In fact, some strange name choices are doing the rounds. In addition to that, some parents are also going back to a few names from old folktales and mythology which have been dormant for many years.

One such name is Aidan. It’s traditionally used as a boy’s name, spelled as “Aiden”, with its meaning of “little fire”. With it being such a rare name, your little one is certain to have a very unique name. Keep reading to find the perfect option for a middle name. Whether you’re looking for something short, classic, or even Spanish, I’m certain you’ll find a favorite on this list!

How To Choose A Middle Name For Aidan

Deciding on the first name is usually a lot easier than the middle name because the name that’s most special to you and your partner usually gets the first slot. So, just how do you go about choosing a middle name? The tips below might help.

  • Find a personal reason: The middle spot is the perfect place to add a name that pays tribute to a friend or family member who has significant meaning in your life.
  • Double-up: If you and your partner can’t agree on which relative to honor, consider doing both! Just pick the order that flows better with the first name and surname.
  • Be creative: Another option for parents who can’t agree on the middle name is to create a whole new name based on letters from the two names you can pick between. Creating a whole new name gives a unique spin to your baby’s moniker.
  • Pick something trendy: If you have a traditional first name with a traditional surname, you might want to add a modern and trendy twist to it by adding a different middle name. Examples of this could include Star or Jet. If your little one grows not to like the traditional names too much, they can always use the middle name as a nickname.
  • Consider the monograms: When choosing a second name, don’t forget to check how the monograms look when they’re written down. Initials of A.S.S. might represent great names, but as a monogram, don’t represent well. The last thing you want is for your little one to be bullied at school because of their names!
  • Use relative/spouse maiden names: The middle spot is a perfect space to honor your partner’s family by using a maiden name.

Cool Middle Name Ideas For Aidan (boy)

Some parents prefer to break the flow of the traditional name and surname with something trendy or cute such as the options listed below:

  1. Aidan Bradly 
  2. Aidan Vance
  3. Aidan Wesley 
  4. Aidan Luke
  5. Aidan Shake
  6. Aidan Armando 
  7. Aidan Zeek
  8. Aidan Max
  9. Aidan Lorant
  10. Aidan Arturo 
  11. Aidan Lex 
  12. Aidan Mordecai
  13. Aidan Harper 
  14. Aidan Billie
  15. Aidan Carter 
  16. Aidan Amir 
  17. Aidan Rolton
  18. Aidan Jake 
  19. Aidan Vincent 
  20. Aidan Kirk 
  21. Aidan Greyston 
  22. Aidan Marion 
  23. Aidan Lenny 
  24. Aidan Lance 
  25. Aidan Neil 
  26. Aidan Miles 
  27. Aidan Nate 
  28. Aidan Memnah
  29. Aidan Andre 
  30. Aidan Knoxville 
  31. Aidan Carlile 
  32. Aidan Ryder 
  33. Aidan Elon 
  34. Aidan Bertus
  35. Aidan Maxwell
  36. Aidan Kelso 
  37. Aidan Thorn 
  38. Aidan Jinx
  39. Aidan Martin 
  40. Aidan Jol

Unique Middle Name Ideas For Aidan (boy)

  1. Aidan Grant  
  2. Aidan Declan
  3. Aidan Zane
  4. Aidan Zinzan
  5. Aidan Xaviar 
  6. Aidan Lucian
  7. Aidan Elorado 
  8. Aidan Sauran 
  9. Aidan Avery 
  10. Aidan Elian 
  11. Aidan Steele 
  12. Aidan Walker 
  13. Aidan Axel 
  14. Aidan Maddon
  15. Aidan Saxon
  16. Aidan Reese 
  17. Aidan Triston 
  18. Aidan Rodrick 
  19. Aidan Raiden 
  20. Aidan Jaime 
  21. Aidan Edard 
  22. Aidan Nico 
  23. Aidan Reno 
  24. Aidan Nicolas 
  25. Aidan Jackson
  26. Aidan Carlton
  27. Aidan Clause
  28. Aidan Grent 
  29. Aidan Theadon
  30. Aidan Argon 
  31. Aidan Denathor 
  32. Aidan Mortemiar 

One-Syllable (Short) Middle Name For Aidan (boy)

If you prefer a shorter middle name between Aidan and your surname, you can consider one of the options below:

  1. Aidan-Rue
  2. Aidan-Ken
  3. Aidan-Joe
  4. Aidan-Nic
  5. Aidan-Sam
  6. Aidan-Blake
  7. Aidan-Hop
  8. Aidan-Rey
  9. Aidan-Fern
  10. Aidan-Ron
  11. Aidan-Lee
  12. Aidan-Wen 
  13. Aidan-Jax
  14. Aidan-Fen
  15. Aidan-Van
  16. Aidan-Boe
  17. Aidan-Lin
  18. Aidan-Kit
  19. Aidan-Zen
  20. Aidan-Abe
  21. Aidan-Jett
  22. Aidan-Kim
  23. Aidan-Cole
  24. Aidan-Cain
  25. Aidan-Chad
  26. Aidan-Ash
  27. Aidan-Flynne
  28. Aidan-Gage
  29. Aidan-Guy
  30. Aidan-Ayn
  31. Aidan-Blaise
  32. Aidan-Bay
  33. Aidan-Drake
  34. Aidan-Jace
  35. Aidan-Huge
  36. Aidan-Roe
  37. Aidan-Jude
  38. Aidan-Max
  39. Aidan-Taj
  40. Aidan-Gaz
  41. Aidan-Kim
  42. Aidan-Zack
  43. Aidan-Seth

Nicknames For The Name Aidan

Almost everyone has a nickname. Often a nickname is a shortening of either your first or middle name. Some popular choices for Aidan include:

  • Addie
  • Ade
  • Den
  • Aide
  • Aden
  • Denni

Meaning Of The Name Aidan

Traditionally, the name Adian originates from Irish mythology and means “little fire”. In Gaelic, Aodh is the Celtic god of sun and fire. Aedan is the diminutive form and over the years evolved to the spelling of Aiden for boys and Aidan for girls. Interestingly, Aidan means crystal in Japanese!

Spanish Middle Names For Aidan

A middle name is a perfect way to honor you or your partner’s Spanish heritage. A few unique and beautiful options include:

  • Aidan Alejandro
  • Aidan Samuel
  • Aidan Lucas
  • Aidan Jose
  • Aidan Pablo 
  • Aidan Thiago 
  • Aidan Carlos 
  • Aidan Valentino 
  • Aidan Maximo 
  • Aidan Dante
  • Aidan Lorenzo 
  • Aidan Juan
  • Aidan Hugo 
  • Aidan Luciano
  • Aidan Miguel
  • Aidan Caleb
  • Aidan Jacobo 
  • Aidan Gonzalo 
  • Aidan Filipe 
  • Aidan Elias 

Different Ways To Spell Aidan

Some of the different easy to spell Aidan include the following:

  • Aidan
  • Aydan
  • Aydin
  • Aedan
  • Aadyn
  • Aidyn

Final Thoughts

My list provides you with a wide variety of middle name options. Whether you’d prefer a longer traditional name or a shorter, more unique name, this list is the place to look. All you have to do is choose the name you feel fits perfectly between Aidan and your surname!

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