Magna-Tiles vs Connetix – Which One is Best Choice?

magna tiles and connetix comparison

Playing with magnetic tiles is a great way for kids to learn about building while being creative and having fun at the same time! There are a number of brands to choose from when deciding to buy a set for your child. I’m comparing the Magna-Tiles vs Connetix sets in this article, two popular magnetic building blocks available for children. 

To help you make the right pick for your child, I’ve discussed the differences and similarities of Magna-Tiles and Connetix. Plus, I’ve reviewed two popular models from these brands. My top pick is the Magna-Tiles 32-Piece Set. You’ll also find that Manga Tiles are compatible with Connetix. Find out more below. 

Differences and Similarities – Magna-Tiles vs Connetix

Magna-Tiles and Connetix are both magnetic tiles for children to play with while learning to build and construct different shapes. While these building sets serve the same purpose and share many similarities, they do have some differences worth taking note of. 


The Magna-Tiles’ prices vary depending on the number of pieces in a box. The building blocks are premium-priced but affordable for most families. Connetix prices also differ based on the number of pieces in a set, but compared to Magna-Tiles, the price per piece is more expensive.


Magna-Tiles are made with materials that are BPA-, phthalates-, and latex-free, giving you peace of mind that your child isn’t playing with toxic products. Every block is ultrasonically welded, keeping the magnet inside, out of the way of curious fingers! The building sets also undergo stringent testing to ensure they meet high safety standards stipulated in the toy industry.

Connetix tiles are BPA- and phthalates-free. The tiles are well-sealed and riveted for ultra safety. This Australian brand also ensures all magnetic tiles building sets undergo testing to meet the high safety standards required for children’s toys. You can rest assured your child will be safe while playing with these building blocks. 

Design (shape)

The open-end Magna-Tiles toys include shapes such as triangles, squares, and rectangles, for creating prisms, and polygons. Depending on the set you buy, your child can create various 2D and 3D shapes. Kids can create animals, vehicles, rocket ships, and buildings with these tiles.

Connetix tiles are designed with beveled edges and are available in triangles, rectangles, hexagons, and squares. Children can build simple shapes with more advanced 2D and 3D designs possible for older children. Towers, houses, ball runs, and rockets are some of the designs children can build with these tiles. 


The Magna-Tiles building sets come in a range of sizes depending on the number of pieces in a box. The smallest set includes 15 pieces while the largest box has 110 pieces

The Connetix brand launched with a 62-piece set but has since introduced a range of building sets with different numbers of pieces. The largest set includes 212 pieces while the 24-piece is the smallest box. 

Magnetic Strength 

Magna-Tiles magnets are powerful, making a “clicking” sound whenever the tiles connect. The magnets are smaller compared to Connetix but strong enough for the shapes and designs to hold together.

Connetix claims its magnets are the strongest compared to similar products made by other brands. The magnets are heavier than Magna-Tiles. 


The Magna-Tiles are made with premium food-grade materials such as ABS plastic. The tiles can withstand both indoor and outdoor playing environments. Connetix tiles are constructed with non-toxic ABS plastic. 


You can get the Magna-Tile Storage Bin and Interactive Play Mat for storing up to 300 Magna-Tiles pieces. This bin is collapsible, has handles for easy carrying, and is made with colorful, durable materials. The playmat is a bonus offering kids free play with its various colors and patterns.

Connetix pieces can be stored in the original box. Or, you can use a storage bin such as the mDesign Plastic Stackable Toy Box Storage Organizer for keeping all the pieces safely in one place. 


Magna-Tiles materials are tough and durable, being able to withstand hours of playtime. The press-sealed edges ensure the tiles don’t come apart easily. These sturdier tiles will give your kids years of entertainment. 

The Connetix tiles are riveted to prevent them from coming apart at the edges. The materials are strong and durable, making the building sets long-lasting. The tiles don’t scratch easily which is essential if you don’t want the appearance of clear pieces to be marred. 

Are Magna-Tiles Compatible With Connetix?

Magna-Tiles are compatible with Connetix magnetic tiles. This means you can include both brands in your child’s toy box, knowing they can mix and match easily. Including both Magna-Tiles and Connetix will provide your child with more shapes and sizes to play with. 

Are Magna-Tiles Compatible With Other Brands?

When deciding between Magna-Tiles or Picasso magnetic blocks, you’ll also discover the two brands are compatible with each other. 

However, if you’re doing a Magformers vs Magna-Tiles comparison or Magna-tiles / Playmags, it’s important to point out that the Magformers magnetic blocks aren’t compatible with other brands. Magna-Tiles are compatible with most other brands, making them a more flexible toy for your child.  

Magna-Tiles 32-Piece Set Reviewed

MAGNA-TILES Classic 32-Piece Magnetic Construction Set, The ORIGINAL Magnetic Building Brand

This is Magna-Tiles’ original 3D magnetic building set. Your kids have the option of getting creative with both 3D and flat shapes. 

What It Contains

This building set contains 32 clear colored pieces. The translucent shapes include 2 large and 14 small squares as well as 8 equilateral, 4 right, and 4 isosceles triangles. 

Why You Should Consider It

If you want to introduce your child to math and science in a creative way, this original building set is a good place to start. It’s also a great set for developing your kid’s spatial and tactile skills. The tiles are made with high-quality and durable materials. The manufacturer’s age recommendation is for children over 3 years old

High safety standards are met with approval from agencies such as CPSIA. All tile edges are smooth and include a criss-cross lattice (similar to the Union Jack pattern) for adding more strength. Ultrasonic welding prevents the tiles from falling apart while keeping the magnets contained. 


  • Comes in pretty translucent colors
  • Various shapes can be created
  • Great for learning and developmental skills
  • Durable and long lifespan


  • Magnets aren’t as strong as other brands
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Watch this video as it talks about the Magna-Tiles brand story.

Connetix 30-Piece Set Reviewed

Connetix Rainbow Geometry Pack, 30 Pieces

Your children will discover the world of geometry using this set of magnetic tiles. Both 2D and 3D shapes can be constructed with the pieces, opening up your child’s imagination during playtime.

What It Contains

The Rainbow geometry set contains 30 pieces made up of 6 hexagons, 12 equilateral triangles, and 12 isosceles triangles.

Why You Should Consider It

The slightly convex shapes of each tile add an extra dimension when creating different shapes. Your child can create patterns, pyramids, buildings, stars, and mandalas with the translucent tiles that come in a wide variety of colors, and refractions. Magnetism is strong with magnets being well-contained with steel rivets holding the pieces together. 

The non-toxic ABS plastic is strong and durable, giving your child years of play. This building set isn’t recommended for children under the age of 3 years old. The product meets the high safety standards required in the toy industry.

This brand is also my top choice when I compared Connetix with PicassoTiles, another popular magnetic block brand, as one of the alternatives to MagnaTiles.


  • Durable and long lasting
  • Very powerful magnets
  • Builds child’s developmental skills
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Compatible with other magnetic tiles brands


  • More expensive compared to Magna-Tiles
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Watch this cool video showing an eight-year-old building a Connetix castle!


Magna-Tiles were my top pick because of their compatibility with other brands, high-quality materials, and premium safety standards. Connetix offers all the same features but with stronger magnets. However, Magna-Tiles do come in slightly cheaper per tile compared to Connetix without compromising on their superior quality. 

Magna-Tiles also offers a wider range of models to pick from compared to Connetix with fewer options available. The rainbow colors are bright, sparking your child’s imagination. Both magnetic building sets encourage STEM learning from a young age. With both brands offering similar features, which one will you pick for your child’s magnetic playtime?

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