Connetix vs Picasso Tiles – Which One is Best Choice?

Connetix and Picasso comparison

When deciding which magnetic building set to buy your kids, you’ll find there’s more than one brand selling this STEM toy. Magna-Tiles is a popular brand and has been around for over twenty years. But, alternatives should be explored which is why I’m talking about Connetix vs PicassoTiles in this article.

Read on to discover the differences and similarities between these two brands’ magnetic open-ended toys. Based on my research and because of its high quality and safety standards, my top pick is the Connetix 30-piece Set. Additionally, you’ll also find that Connetix and Picasso tiles are compatible giving your child more of a variety to play with. 

Differences and Similarities – Connetix vs PicassoTiles

To help you make an informed decision around which magnetic building blocks you should buy for your child, I’ve reviewed and compared specific features of each brand. There are many similarities but it’s the differences that’ll make you decide which one is the best choice. 


One of the huge differences that stands out between Connetix and Picassso magnetic building sets is the price. Picasso wins hands down, coming in at very affordable prices compared to Connetix. If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to introduce your older toddler to developing STEM skills through creative play, Picasso magnetic building blocks really are your best choice. 


Connetix is serious about safety when it comes to manufacturing magnetic tiles. The pieces are made with non-toxic ABS plastic, with each one sealed and riveted. This prevents the tiles from coming apart, safely keeping the magnets out of the hands and mouths of curious kids! Connetix, as an Australian brand, ensures its building sets meet the highest standards for Australian toy safety

Picasso tiles are glued together which may lose their adherence over time. This could result in the smaller magnets falling out and becoming a safety hazard for children. 

Design (shape)

Connetix magnetic tiles come in various shapes such as triangles, rectangles, hexagons, and squares. Kids can create both 2D and 3D shapes with the tiles. The unique beveled design of the Connetix tiles is a feature many other magnetic building sets don’t include.

Picasso tiles are available in various triangles and squares. Kids aren’t limited by the number of designs they can create, be it 2D or 3D shapes. 


Picasso magnetic building sets come in various sizes from 100-pieces in a box to 28-pieces being the smallest set. Connetix also offers various sizes with their mega pack being made up of 212 pieces. Their smallest set is made up of 24 pieces

Watch this video to see what you’ll find in the Connetix mega pack!

Magnetic Strength and Size

PicassoTile’s magnets are very strong, keeping the blocks securely in place when put together. But, Connetix also believes their magnets are stronger than most other brands! If I had to compare which magnets were better, I would go with their size. Picasso magnets are smaller than Connetix so I guess that would make the latter stronger!


All Connetix magnetic tiles are made with ABS plastic which is BPA-, phthalates- and latex-free, making them non-toxic. The rivets are steel, adding more strength to the tiles. Picasso tiles are also constructed with plastic which is BPA-free. 


Picasso tiles can be stored back into their original packaging when your child has finished playing with them. However, the box is made with cardboard and may not last as long as the tiles do. In this case, it would be a good idea to store the magnetic tiles in a plastic container such as the Citylife Storage Bins With Lids for easy storage and organizing. 

The same can be done with Connetix building sets once the original box starts to deteriorate. The pieces of both the Picasso and Connetix sets are easy to take apart when stored out of the way. 


Connetix magnetic tiles are made with premium-quality, tough food-grade plastic. This means they’re durable, giving your child years of quality playtime. The ultrasonic welding and steel rivets add to the sturdiness of these tiles. What’s more, the materials are scratch-resistant

The lattice-style design of the PicassoTiles does make them stronger while the plastic construction is durable. Your children should get many years of creative play using these magnetic blocks. 

Are PicassoTiles Compatible With Connetix?

PicassoTiles are compatible with Connetix which means you can build up your kid’s magnetic building sets using pieces from both brands. With both brands, your child will have more colors and shapes to create unique structures. 

Are PicassoTiles Compatible With Other Brands?

What’s more, both Connetix and PicassoTiles are compatible with most major brands such as Attactiles, and Playmags. When comparing Magna-Tiles vs PicassoTiles magnetic blocks, you’ll discover the two brands are also compatible. 

Picasso Tiles 32-Piece Set Reviewed

PicassoTiles 32 Piece Magnetic Building Block Rocket Booster Theme Set Magnet Construction Toy Educational Kit Engineering STEM Learning Playset Child Brain Development Stacking Blocks Playboard PT32

This building set from Picasso resembles closely to the Connetix 30-piece set when comparing the number of pieces and shapes offered. The Picasso tiles are colorful and translucent. Your child can spend hours creating geometrical shapes both in 2D and 3D. 

What It Contains

The set contains 32 pieces made up of the following shapes:

  • 2 x pentagons
  • 5 x right triangles
  • 5 x isosceles triangles
  • 20 x squares

Why You Should Consider It

The set is affordable for families on a tight budget. The different pieces allow your child to build rockets in various designs and sizes. Your child will develop skills such as counting numbers, understanding geometrical designs, and structural engineering. The tiles are also good for hand-eye coordination and problem-solving skills. 

There are enough pieces for more than one child to build the rockets and the magnets are strong enough to keep the final construction together. This building set is recommended for children over 3 years old


  • Well-priced 
  • Great for developing child’s STEM skills
  • Can be used on magnetic play boards
  • Sturdy construction


  • Smaller magnets 
  • Insufficient number of triangles in the set
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Connetix 30-Piece Set Reviewed

Connetix Rainbow Geometry Pack, 30 Pieces

The rainbow colors of these translucent magnetic tiles will fire up your child’s imagination while building various 2D and 3D shapes. Kids will be kept entertained for hours while playing with this building set.

What It Contains

The set contains 30 pieces made up of the following shapes:

  • 6 x hexagons
  • 12 x triangles
  • 12 x isosceles triangles

Why You Should Consider It

This geometry set allows your child to build both flat shapes such as colorful mandalas or 3D designs resembling stars or pyramids. The magnets are strong, helping your kid to keep the pieces together while building. Children will learn more about lines, angles, and dimensions when playing with these magnetic tiles.

The tiles are constructed with durable and non-toxic materials while being strongly sealed with steel rivets, meeting high safety standards. You can rest assured these tiles will last a long time, giving your child years of fun and educational play. This building set is recommended for children over 3 years of age


  • Premium quality and long lasting
  • Unique and attractive beveled design 
  • Extra-strong magnets


  • Expensive compared to other major brands
  • No squares included in this set
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When it comes to quality and high safety standards, you can’t go wrong with Connetix magnetic tiles. They’re also compatible with other brands, making it easy to build up a large collection of magnetic tiles ranging in shapes, sizes, and colors. 

But, if looking for an affordable way to introduce your children to magnetic building sets, Picasso is a good alternative. They offer various designs and construction can be 2D or 3D shapes. The colors are varied and the magnets are strong enough to keep the pieces together. Which is your best choice?

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