40 Best Middle Names for Charlotte – Which Name Are You Picking?

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Are you considering naming your new bundle of joy Charlotte? Yes, it’s a long name to write down but short to pronounce. And, it’s a beautiful name for any girl. But what about the middle name for Charlotte? Should it be equally long or short? Well, that’s up to you.

Choosing a baby’s name, be it the first or middle name is a huge responsibility. Your daughter’s name is an integral part of her identity. It’s easy to get carried away given the multiple captivating names you can pick from. But ultimately, you want to make a sensible decision by choosing a name that won’t serve as a social barrier in the future. Or, one that people will have a hard time pronouncing later.

As a master of research (see my bio below), I waded through tons of data from baby name databases, discussion forums for parents, articles by notable magazines to actually discussing it with other parents what they think. Of course, also my opinion has been considered.

Middle Name Ideas for a Girl Named Charlotte

Your child’s middle name is equally important as her first. That’s why special consideration is crucial when picking it. You can decide to pair Charlotte with a short or long second name. Both cases are acceptable.

If you prefer a middle name with more than one syllable, consider the following:

  1. Charlotte Olivia
  2. Charlotte Scarlett
  3. Charlotte Emma
  4. Charlotte Louise
  5. Charlotte Elizabeth
  6. Charlotte Nicole
  7. Charlotte Josephine
  8. Charlotte Riley
  9. Charlotte Taylor
  10. Charlotte Alice
  11. Charlotte Autumn
  12. Charlotte Chloe
  13. Charlotte Eden
  14. Charlotte Hazel
  15. Charlotte Hannah
  16. Charlotte Lauren
  17. Charlotte Megan
  18. Charlotte Willow
  19. Charlotte Zoey
  20. Charlotte Molly

One-Syllable Middle Name Ideas for Charlotte

In some cases, your baby’s middle name might end up being her nickname. If that’s what you have in mind, then it’s best to keep the second name short and sweet. Besides, Charlotte is slightly long, so a cute short name will work well.

What do you think of the following names?

  1. Charlotte June
  2. Charlotte Grace
  3. Charlotte Ava
  4. Charlotte Chloe
  5. Charlotte Lynne
  6. Charlotte Paige
  7. Charlotte Skye
  8. Charlotte Anne
  9. Charlotte Belle
  10. Charlotte Blue
  11. Charlotte Eve
  12. Charlotte Faye
  13. Charlotte Joyce
  14. Charlotte Kate
  15. Charlotte Lynn
  16. Charlotte Meg
  17. Charlotte Pam
  18. Charlotte Quinn
  19. Charlotte Rae
  20. Charlotte Rose

Meaning of the Name Charlotte

Charlotte is a popular girl’s name. It’s ranked number six in the U.S. But what exactly does it mean? The name Charlotte has French origins and it means petite or “free man”. Most people named Charlotte are very down-to-earth and some of the happiest people you’ll ever meet.

It’s the female version for Charles. You might not have to search high and low for your next baby’s name if he’s a boy! Charlotte and Charles would go well together!

Nicknames for the Name Charlotte

Not keen on using your baby’s middle name as her nickname? That’s perfectly understandable. A cute little nickname gives your precious baby a sense of belonging and unique identification. Even if there are five Charlottes in the playground on any given day, your little one will feel like the only girl in the world when daddy calls her by her nickname.

Charlotte’s nickname can be:

  • Charlie
  • Lotte
  • Lottie
  • Lola

Spanish Middle Names for Charlotte

Need ideas on charming Spanish middle names for your daughter? Spanish names are adorable. Plus most of them carry a rich meaning. Whether you want to honor your child’s heritage or simply adore Spanish names, here are a few examples that go well with Charlotte:

  • Pliar
  • Alba
  • Emilia
  • Lucia
  • Valeria
  • Isabel
  • Susana
  • Catalina
  • Siera
  • Cecilia

Different Ways to Spell Charlotte

You can spell Charlotte in different ways if you want your child’s name to be truly unique. Some people might argue spelling the classic name differently might mess it up. But at the end of the day, you want to make a decision you’re comfortable with.

Have a look at the different ways you can spell Charlotte:

  • Charliote
  • Charlette
  • Charlote

Wrap Up

You have the recommendations, now it’s time to make a decision. Which middle name for Charlotte are you opting for? Don’t be the parent that regrets the baby name they choose! Your daughter’s second name can make or break her confidence in the future. Make her proud!

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