25 Best Middle Names for Noah – Which One for Your Son?

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I’m guessing you’ve named your precious baby Noah, which in my opinion is perfect. It’s a sweet name for a boy and will sound manly when he’s an adult. Actually, one of my favorite marketers is called Noah Kagan. Probably also your son will love his first name! But what of a middle name for Noah?

Baby naming is fun but challenging. I know in the past parents paid more attention to the first name than the second. But to date, the middle name carries as much weight as the first. Besides, you never know, your son might end up preferring to be called by his middle name when he’s older. Make his decision a tough one by picking an equally brilliant second name!

As a master of research (see my bio below), I waded through tons of data from baby name databases, discussion forums for parents, articles by notable magazines to actually discussing it with other parents what they think. Of course, also my opinion has been considered.

Middle Name Ideas for a Boy Called Noah

It’s a good thing you picked the name Noah because there are plenty of middle names that go well with it. You can decide to pick one that’s classic or modern. Or, you can decide on one that’s unique. The choice is yours. Just make sure it’s at least easy to pronounce.

I’ll start by listing a few examples of middle names for Noah with more than one syllable. Noah is a short name, so you can get away with picking out a longer second name. Decide which one stands out for from this list:

  1. Noah Jacob
  2. Noah Reuben
  3. Noah Taylor
  4. Noah Benjamin
  5. Noah Simon
  6. Noah Julian
  7. Noah Baxter
  8. Noah Branden
  9. Noah Malcolm
  10. Noah Christopher
  11. Noah Vincent
  12. Noah Dominic

One-Syllable Middle Name Ideas for Noah

Even though Noah is a short name, it doesn’t necessarily mean the middle name should be longer. It can be equally short and concise. If you’re looking to give your son a one-syllable name then check out these cool suggestions:

  1. Noah Scott
  2. Noah Zac
  3. Noah Luke
  4. Noah George
  5. Noah Blake
  6. Noah Grant
  7. Noah Paul
  8. Noah Tom
  9. Noah Jude
  10. Noah Brooke
  11. Noah Jake
  12. Noah Blair
  13. Noah Ben

Meaning of the Name Noah

Noah is an extremely popular name for boys. You might be familiar with the biblical story of Noah and the Ark. And it’s believed that’s where the name was derived from. It’s a Hebrew name originating from the Babylonian word “nukhu” which basically means rest and peace.

The name is also derived from the word “nahum” which means comfort. From what I’ve heard, raising boys can be challenging because they’re a handful. Maybe picking this name will allow your son to grow into character and embrace everything his name stands for!

Nicknames for the Name Noah

Are you wondering what’s the nickname for Noah? One could argue the name is already short enough so there’s really no need for a nickname. While that may be so, there’s no harm in personalizing your son’s name to create a special bond between the two of you.It’ll make him feel extra special too.

Common nicknames for Noah include:

  • No
  • Noey

Spanish Middle Names for Noah

Thinking of giving your son a Spanish middle name? Spanish is the fourth most popular language spoken in the world. Spanish names carry a lot of meaning and are deeply rooted in culture and history.

Even if you aren’t Hispanic, it’s understandable why you would consider giving your baby a Spanish middle name. Take your pick from the following suggestions which go well with Noah:

  • Mateo
  • Rafael
  • Alfonso
  • Alejandro
  • Mario
  • Julian
  • Lorenzo

Different Ways to Spell Noah

Are there any different ways to spell the name Noah you might ask? Yes, there are. Consider one of the following recommendations if you want to give your son’s name a unique twist:

  • Noa
  • Noaah

Wrap Up

A baby’s name will shape his identity and character going forth. Some people believe the name molds your child’s personality. Whether it’s factual or hearsay, you owe it to your son to choose the right one. Which name have you set your sights on as the best middle name for Noah from my list?

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