111 Good Middle Names for Caroline [Cute, Unique, Short]

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You’ve decided on the name Caroline for your baby girl. But, your family now wants to know which middle name for Caroline you’re going to pick. You could always go with someone’s name from the family but that could lead to some serious family disputes.

How about the mother’s name? That’s always an option but if you’re looking to give your little Caroline her own cute, unique, short middle name here are some ideas I’ve found for you.

I’ve listed both unique and one-syllable names and they’re all cute when you say the whole name out loud. And, if you want to find a nickname for Caroline, I’ve given you some options and other ways of spelling the name.

I’ve even included some Spanish middle names so read on and find your favorite middle name for your baby daughter, Caroline.

How to Choose a Middle Name for Caroline

Choosing a middle name for Caroline does require some careful thinking. Middle names do stick and sometimes they even become your child’s most used name. So, you want to make sure your daughter is going to be comfortable with her middle name.

Here are some tips to help you choose a meaningful middle name for Caroline:

  • Maiden name: Instead of double-barreling surnames, how about using the mother’s surname as your daughter’s middle name? Of course, it must ring nicely with her name and be cute so if the surname is long and difficult to pronounce, leave it out.
  • Heritage: If either parent was born in another country, consider picking a name from your cultural background. By doing this, you’ll be acknowledging a parent’s heritage while giving your daughter a unique and cute middle name.
  • Meaningful: A middle name should be meaningful, both for you and your daughter. Is there someone you admire in your life or a place that holds special memories to you that could be used as a middle name (you had your honeymoon in Rome, so how about Caroline Roma?)
  • Initials: Be careful that the initials of the middle name together with the name Caroline and your surname don’t spell out something ridiculous that’ll embarrass your daughter when she’s old enough to understand.
  • Rhythm: Always say out the full name when picking a middle name to hear what it sounds like. Some names simply won’t work with Caroline and there’ll be no rhythm when you say it out loud.
  • Google: Take advantage of modern technology and Google a middle name for your daughter.

Cute Middle Name Ideas for a Girl Called Caroline

  1. Caroline Amber
  2. Caroline Bailey
  3. Caroline Callie
  4. Caroline Daisy
  5. Caroline Haley
  6. Caroline Jolie
  7. Caroline Lark
  8. Caroline Oaklee
  9. Caroline Poppy
  10. Caroline Tiggy
  11. Caroline Winny
  12. Caroline Wren
  13. Caroline Yuki
  14. Caroline Destiny
  15. Caroline Gracie
  16. Caroline Journey
  17. Caroline Kaylee
  18. Caroline Opal

Unique Middle Name Ideas for a Girl Called Caroline

  1. Caroline Annabelle
  2. Caroline Avery
  3. Caroline Aster
  4. Caroline Ava
  5. Caroline Bella
  6. Caroline Brita
  7. Caroline Belle
  8. Caroline Charlotte
  9. Caroline Cuyler
  10. Caroline Christie
  11. Caroline Darcy
  12. Caroline Danielle
  13. Caroline Ella
  14. Caroline Ember
  15. Caroline Eva
  16. Caroline Eliza
  17. Caroline Freya
  18. Caroline Frida
  19. Caroline Farah
  20. Caroline Giselle
  21. Caroline Gaia
  22. Caroline Hazel
  23. Caroline Harper
  24. Caroline Ivy
  25. Caroline Iris
  26. Caroline Isla
  27. Caroline Isabella
  28. Caroline Kendall
  29. Caroline Kayla
  30. Caroline Lisa
  31. Caroline Lily
  32. Caroline Leandra
  33. Caroline Mia
  34. Caroline Myles
  35. Caroline Marie
  36. Caroline Madison
  37. Caroline Nerys
  38. Caroline Nora
  39. Caroline Nyla
  40. Caroline Nellie
  41. Caroline Nova
  42. Caroline Nyomi
  43. Caroline Olivia
  44. Caroline Ophelia
  45. Caroline Oakleigh
  46. Caroline Ola
  47. Caroline Petra
  48. Caroline Pearl
  49. Caroline Phoenix
  50. Caroline Quenna
  51. Caroline Quest
  52. Caroline Roma
  53. Caroline Rosa
  54. Caroline Ruby
  55. Caroline Riley
  56. Caroline River
  57. Caroline Suri
  58. Caroline Sara
  59. Caroline Taylor
  60. Caroline Tiana
  61. Caroline Tillie
  62. Caroline Uma
  63. Caroline Uriel
  64. Caroline Victoria
  65. Caroline Violet
  66. Caroline Vyda
  67. Caroline Willow
  68. Caroline Wanda
  69. Caroline Xena
  70. Caroline Xyla
  71. Caroline Xia
  72. Caroline Yael
  73. Caroline Yasmin
  74. Caroline Zoe
  75. Caroline Zyla
  76. Caroline Zara

One-Syllable (Short) Middle Name for Caroline

  1. Caroline- Ash
  2. Caroline-Blue
  3. Caroline-Cate
  4. Caroline-Elle
  5. Caroline-Faye
  6. Caroline-Gem
  7. Caroline-Hope
  8. Caroline-Joy
  9. Caroline-Jade
  10. Caroline-Kay
  11. Caroline-Lark
  12. Caroline-Mae
  13. Caroline-Paige
  14. Caroline-Quin
  15. Caroline-Sage
  16. Caroline-Sky
  17. Caroline-Zen

Nicknames for the Name Caroline

  • Callie
  • Caro
  • Carol
  • Cal
  • Cara
  • Cat
  • Carrie
  • Cori
  • Lina
  • Lila
  • Roo-Roo

Meaning of the Name Caroline

The name Caroline is the feminine equivalent of the boy’s name, Charles. It can mean a strong woman or a free woman. Caroline can also mean “happiness” or a “song of happiness”.

The meaning of the name also depends on the cultural root you take it from. Caroline can be of Italian, Scottish, or French origin. In French culture, if a girl is named Caroline, the meaning refers to a little but strong woman.

Spanish Middle Names for Caroline

Picking a Spanish middle name for Caroline is often a beautiful way of naming your daughter while keeping it truly unique. Here are some enchanting Spanish names that go well with the name Caroline.

  • Caroline Lucia
  • Caroline Elena
  • Caroline Luciana
  • Caroline Lucia
  • Caroline Catalina
  • Caroline Sofia

Different Ways to Spell Caroline

You can change the way Caroline is spelled to add some originality to your daughter’s name without losing its true meaning. It’s essential to keep it simple though without making it a difficult name to pronounce. You also want to make sure it doesn’t sound like a nickname and make sure it’s still easy to spell.

  • Carolyn
  • Carolynne
  • Karolyn
  • Carolyne
  • Carolinne
  • Caraline

Final Thoughts

Finding a cute, unique, short middle name for Caroline can be difficult if the family is demanding you use one of their names. However, you can persuade them to change their minds when you come up with the names I’ve shared in this article.

There’s no shortage of special middle names for Caroline so if you can’t find it here then take advantage of Google or go to your local library and find some name books for girls. Whatever middle name you do give your daughter, make sure it enhances an already beautiful name, Caroline.

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