111 Great Middle Names For Maddox [Cool, Unique, Short]

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You’ve decided to call your baby boy Maddox after your Welsh ancestors. Picking your child’s first name was relatively easy but now you need to think of a cute, unique, short middle name for Maddox. It’s an unusual name, so do you go with a unique middle name too? Or, do you pick a name from someone in the family? How about your partner’s maiden name?

You have all these questions and you’re still not sure what middle name to choose. You know you want it to be cool but not too cheesy. Unique and short is also a good idea especially as Maddox is different and a two-syllable name.

In my research on the name Maddox, I found 111 awesome middle names for you to choose. I will share some tips on how to choose a middle name and the origins of this first name. No matter the name, nicknames will crop up and I’ve shared some possibilities. And, if you want to honor a special Spanish relative, I’ve also included some Spanish middle names that go well with the name, Maddox.

How To Choose A Middle Name For Maddox

Choosing a middle name should take as much time and consideration as it did to pick your child’s first name. Your child’s names are what identifies them through their school years, working life, and beyond. So, make sure your son will not only be proud of his middle name but comfortable too.

When choosing a middle name for Maddox, always ask yourself what is your intention for a middle name. Is it to honor someone special in the family or is it simply because you like a name and want to use it? Is there a loved one you want to remember?

Take into consideration the following when picking a middle name:

  • Family tree continuation: A middle name can be used to keep the family tree growing and alive, continuing the family’s legacy.
  • It sounds pleasant: Make sure the middle name sounds nice when said out loud with both the first name and the last name.
  • It’s cool but not silly: Be wary of names that may end up sounding silly or worse, can be chopped down to a ridiculous nickname. Also, watch out for the initials of the full name and make sure they don’t spell out a silly name.
  • Gender-neutral: Picking a male or female middle name works nicely if it rings well with Maddox.

Your intention for your child’s middle name should be one of meaning and love.

Cool Middle Name Ideas For Maddox (boy)

  1. Maddox Zion
  2. Maddox Wilder
  3. Maddox Emmette 
  4. Maddox Riley
  5. Maddox Zuke
  6. Maddox Xander 
  7. Maddox Luke
  8. Maddox River
  9. Maddox Orion
  10. Maddox Quinn
  11. Maddox Braxon
  12. Maddox Kato 
  13. Maddox Carter 
  14. Maddox Lebron
  15. Maddox Leo 
  16. Maddox Garth
  17. Maddox Amoz
  18. Maddox Steve 
  19. Maddox Ray
  20. Maddox Reese
  21. Maddox Hopper
  22. Maddox Jon
  23. Maddox Danny 
  24. Maddox Astrid
  25. Maddox Sonic 
  26. Maddox Radagas 
  27. Maddox Erin

Unique Middle Name Ideas For Maddox (boy)

  1. Maddox Allan
  2. Maddox Kingsly 
  3. Maddox Ray
  4. Maddox Reggie 
  5. Maddox Joey
  6. Maddox Tate
  7. Maddox Kai
  8. Maddox Rudy
  9. Maddox Jackson 
  10. Maddox Richie  
  11. Maddox Bryan
  12. Maddox Denny
  13. Maddox Sky
  14. Maddox Jack
  15. Maddox Trent
  16. Maddox Warner
  17. Maddox Jaz
  18. Maddox Olwen
  19. Maddox Alex
  20. Maddox Grant 
  21. Maddox Kent 
  22. Maddox Lorant 
  23. Maddox Cloud 
  24. Maddox Credence 
  25. Maddox Clause 
  26. Maddox Brent 
  27. Maddox Rupal
  28. Maddox Salome
  29. Maddox Cuyler
  30. Maddox Louie 
  31. Maddox McKellen
  32. Maddox Mort
  33. Maddox Gray 
  34. Maddox Lourde 
  35. Maddox Lenin
  36. Maddox Vincent 
  37. Maddox Joules 
  38. Maddox Cole 
  39. Maddox Diggory
  40. Maddox Jin
  41. Maddox Anders 
  42. Maddox Pollock
  43. Maddox Wolf 
  44. Maddox Kellen
  45. Maddox Phoenix 
  46. Maddox Fen
  47. Maddox Jex
  48. Maddox Adu
  49. Maddox Dion 

One-Syllable (Short) Middle Name For Maddox (boy)

  1. Maddox-Ben
  2. Maddox-Kel
  3. Maddox-Fin
  4. Maddox-Blue
  5. Maddox-Jase
  6. Maddox-Ross
  7. Maddox-Jay
  8. Maddox-Skye
  9. Maddox-Star
  10. Maddox-Nox 
  11. Maddox-Fox
  12. Maddox-Shaw
  13. Maddox-Ren
  14. Maddox-Roy
  15. Maddox-Lee
  16. Maddox-Britt
  17. Maddox-Bal
  18. Maddox-Dee
  19. Maddox-Will
  20. Maddox-Dean
  21. Maddox-Jean
  22. Maddox-Jade
  23. Maddox-Jules
  24. Maddox-Vin
  25. Maddox-Dax
  26. Maddox-Harl
  27. Maddox-Kit
  28. Maddox-Mont
  29. Maddox-Lo
  30. Maddox-Lex 
  31. Maddox-Rae
  32. Maddox-Reese
  33. Maddox-Ty
  34. Maddox-Mat
  35. Maddox-Zin

Nicknames For The Name Maddox

  • Maddie
  • Maddy
  • Mad Maddie
  • Addie
  • Dax
  • Madd
  • Maxie

Meaning Of The Name Maddox

Angelina Jolie made the name popular when she adopted her son in 2003 and renamed him Maddox. While it’s commonly used as a boy’s name, many parents have opted to use it for their daughter. It’s a strong name and originates from the meaning, “son of Madoc” in the Welsh culture.

Madoc was a famous Welsh prince who sailed to the New World long before Christopher Columbus did. The name also means “fortunate” having been derived from the Welsh word, “mad”.

Spanish Middle Names For Maddox

  • Matheo 
  • Samuel
  • Marco
  • Diego
  • Anthony 
  • Alejandro 
  • Nicolas 

Different Ways To Spell Maddox

  • Madoxx
  • Madox
  • Madocks
  • Mattex
  • Madog
  • Madix
  • Maddoix
  • Madoc

Final Thoughts

Maddox is a strong name for a boy if you’re honoring a Welsh legacy in your family. And, you can find many middle names that’ll enhance it while keeping them cute, unique, and short. Add a Spanish name to give your son a truly mixed-cultural name or spell it slightly differently to make it really stand out.

Whichever middle name you choose for Maddox, make sure your son will be proud to say it out loud no matter how old he is.

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