111 Best Middle Names for Christian [Cute, Unique, Short]

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Finding a middle name for your little one means taking a lot of factors into consideration. Should it be a family name or should you come up with something original? When picking middle names for Christian, you also need to be careful of how it sounds when the whole name is spoken out loud. 

Let’s delve into middle names and how to choose the best one for Christian. I’ve listed 111 options for you to pick from PLUS some Spanish names if you want to honor your Hispanic heritage. And, I’ve added some extra information about the name Christian if you’re still deciding whether to use it as a first name or not!

How to Choose a Middle Name for Christian

Christian is a strong, solid name for a boy. Its popularity has dropped since 2011. But, it still ranks relatively high as a popular name for boys in 2020 according to Social Security Administration stats

Choosing a middle name for Christian requires following some rules so you don’t regret your decision later. Here are some guidelines to help you pick a middle name for your boy called Christian:

  • It sounds good: When you say the whole name – first, middle, and last – it should sound good, have rhythm, and flow smoothly off the tongue. If the middle name breaks up the flow, you’ll need to look for another one.
  • Can’t be ridiculed: Make sure the initials of all the names don’t make a ridiculous nickname your child gets landed with for the rest of their life! Nicknames often come about when your child gets older and peers or siblings manage to create a silly name out of the initials. Make sure this doesn’t happen to your child!
  • Honors a loved one: One of the easiest ways to find a middle name is to choose it from a loved one that has passed. This could be a relative or special friend that you love dearly and want to honor them for their role in your life.  
  • It’s your maiden name: This is a good option if you want to honor your mother’s line.
  • Reflects your personality: Going with an unique middle name is a good way to stamp your own personality. Be adventurous with your choice of middle name but be careful it doesn’t become too far fetched!
  • Dubious connotations: Avoid names of famous people who have or had a dubious reputation. You don’t want your child to become a reminder of someone who was a well-known criminal such as Jack the Ripper!
  • Turn to Google: Do research online and discover what middle names are being used for Christian. 
  • Use name books: There are many name books you can use to find the perfect middle name for Christian. 
  • It’s meaningful: Picking a middle name that has a deep significance for you adds a whole lot of meaning to the naming of your child. 

By following these simple golden rules to finding a middle name, you can rest assured your child will be proud of it too as they grow older. 

Cute Middle Name Ideas for a Boy Called Christian

  1. Christian Adler
  2. Christian Asher
  3. Christian Ajax
  4. Christian Asterix
  5. Christian Bale
  6. Christian Baxter
  7. Christian Benito
  8. Christian Brady
  9. Christian Calix
  10. Christian Camilo
  11. Christian Cash
  12. Christian Cody
  13. Christian Dexter
  14. Christian Diego
  15. Christian Duke
  16. Christian Eli
  17. Christian Enzo
  18. Christian Ezra
  19. Christian Falco
  20. Christian Falcon
  21. Christian Felix
  22. Christian Finn
  23. Christian Gray
  24. Christian Guv
  25. Christian Grady
  26. Christian Harley
  27. Christian Hawk
  28. Chrsitian Hunter
  29. Christian Jack
  30. Christian Jackson
  31. Christian Kade
  32. Christian Knox
  33. Christian Levi
  34. Christian Max
  35. Christian Milo
  36. Christian Onyx
  37. Christian Red
  38. Christian Skye
  39. Christian Stone
  40. Christian Wolf

Unique Middle Name Ideas for a BoyCalled Christian

  1. Christian Aaron
  2. Christian Alcott
  3. Christian Anakin
  4. Christian Bancroft
  5. Christian Blaze
  6. Christian Bronx
  7. Christian Cairo
  8. Christian Campbell
  9. Christian Colton
  10. Christian Demetrius
  11. Christian Dawson
  12. Christian Dempsey
  13. Christian Easton
  14. Christian Essex
  15. Christian Everett
  16. Christian Fairbanks
  17. Christian Fields
  18. Christian Forrest
  19. Christian Galen
  20. Christian Garrett
  21. Christian Granger
  22. Christian Hamilton
  23. Christian Hendrix
  24. Christian Huxley
  25. Christian Jeremiah
  26. Christian Julian
  27. Christian Kingston
  28. Christian Kinglsey
  29. Christian Kylo
  30. Christian Landon
  31. Christian Lancet
  32. Christian Lennox
  33. Christian Maddox
  34. Christian Paxon
  35. Christian Phoenix
  36. Christian River
  37. Christian Wade
  38. Christian Yeltsin

One-Syllable (Short) Middle Name for Christian

  1. Christian Ash
  2. Christian Brent
  3. Christian Burke
  4. Christian Chase
  5. Christian Cliff
  6. Christian Clyde
  7. Christian Cole
  8. Christian Dale
  9. Christian Dex
  10. Christian Flynn
  11. Christian Fox
  12. Christian Frey
  13. Christian Gus
  14. Christian Guy
  15. Christian Heath
  16. Christian Jace
  17. Christian Jake
  18. Christian Jax
  19. Christian Jett
  20. Christian Kane
  21. Christian Kris
  22. Christian Kirk
  23. Christian Lance
  24. Christian Lee
  25. Christian Mann
  26. Christian Reed
  27. Christian Reid
  28. Christian Rex
  29. Christian Seth
  30. Christian Starr
  31. Christian Tom
  32. Christian Ty
  33. Christian Wills

Nicknames for the Name Christian

Nicknames are often given as a sign of endearment. These names can also be a recognition of someone’s particular trait or character! Most times nicknames can be funny but sometimes, if you’re not careful, they can be silly or ridiculous. Nicknames are often a shortened version of the full name.

Here are some common nicknames for Christian:

  • Chris
  • Kris
  • Chrissy
  • Crix
  • Tian
  • Ian
  • Ris
  • Stan

Meaning of the Name Christian

Christian came about as a take on the  medieval Latin name “Christianus.” It means “follower of Christ.” While predominantly a male name, it became a popular female name in the 17th century spelt and pronounced as “Christiana.” During the middle ages, the name Christian was often used for both boys and girls. 

Christian is a good biblical name for families of faith. There’s no doubt of your Christian values when you give your boy this name. 

Spanish Middle Names for Christian

If you want to honor your Hispanic heritage, using a Spanish middle name for Christian is a nice way to do it. Here are some Spanish names that flow nicely with the first name. Make sure it does the same with the last name as well when you pick a Spanish middle name:

  • Christian Antonio
  • Christian Alonso
  • Christian Bruno
  • Christian Carlos
  • Christian Emilio
  • Christian Diego
  • Christian Luciano
  • Christian Pablo
  • Christian Ricardo
  • Christian Santino

Different Ways to Spell Christian

The name Christian can also be spelt in different ways so if you want to be a bit more unique, use these spellings instead:

  • Christiaan
  • Krisztian
  • Kristijan
  • Krystian
  • Cristiano
  • Krystiano
  • Kristijono
  • Chrestian

Final Thoughts

Christian is a popular name for boys. Many famous celebrities carry this name such as Christian Dior, Christian Slater, and Christian Bale. Note how any of these last names could make good middle names too! Always remember to follow the general rule of thumb though when choosing a middle name you and your child will love. 

Finding a second name for your son called Christian that’s cute, unique, or short is simple when you make use of my list of recommendations. Which one will you pick?

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