111 Best Middle Names for Lena [Cute, Unique, Short]

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You’ve done the legwork as parents and after much research, have decided to name your daughter, Lena. Now everyone is asking you what middle name you’re going to give her! Finding middle names for Lena comes with a whole lot of other potential pitfalls. Do you honor a family member or should you stick to something cute and sweet? Or, maybe you want to go with a name that’s unique and different?

To save you doing more legwork on your own, I’ve come up with a list of cute, unique, and short middle names that go well with the first name, Lena. Read on to discover what they are. But, first, let’s talk about how to choose a middle name for Lena.

How to Choose a Middle Name for Lena

Lena is a short and pretty name that would work with most second names. But, as with any middle name, you need to take into consideration some general factors so you don’t regret your choice later. 

If you follow the tips below, you can rest assured your daughter will always be proud of her middle name:

  • Make it personal: If you chose your daughter’s first name to honor a loved one or Grandma who has passed away, you have more leeway with the middle name. This is the time you can get creative and find a second name that reflects your own personality. 
  • Mix controversial with traditional: If your child’s first name is traditional, opt for a second name that’s controversial. And, vice versa. This way, if your child needs to tone down her name because of a career choice (controversial may work in the movie industry but not so much if your child becomes a president!), she can lean on her traditional title. 
  • Use a maiden name: Using your maiden name or that of your mother’s, is a good way to give a nod towards your own family lineage if it’s not being reflected in the last name. 
  • Make it flow: When saying out the first, middle, and last names altogether they should flow smoothly. If the middle name sounds out of place then drop it and look for a more suitable one. By saying out all the names aloud, you’ll hear if they sound good together or not. 
  • Look out for a monogram: What do the initials of all the names spell out? Be careful your child doesn’t get landed with a weird, rude, or plain ridiculous nickname because of a monogram created by the initials of her names. 

Another great way to pick a second name for Lena is to Google the top middle names for the current year. Online research will also give you hundreds of other names to consider when looking for the best second name for your daughter. 

Cute Middle Name Ideas for a Girl Called Lena

  1. Lena Ash
  2. Lena Belle
  3. Lena Bella
  4. Lena Brooke
  5. Lena Carlie
  6. Lena Destiny
  7. Lena Dove
  8. Lena Emsie
  9. Lena Eppie
  10. Lena Fawn
  11. Lena Fern
  12. Lena Haylee
  13. Lena Hope
  14. Lena Jade
  15. Lena Jess
  16. Lena Josie
  17. Lena Mele
  18. Lena Millie
  19. Lena Monnie
  20. Lena Moon
  21. Lena Orbie
  22. Lena Nellie
  23. Lena Pattie
  24. Lena Rain
  25. Lena Rose
  26. Lena Rox
  27. Lena Saffron
  28. Lena Shye
  29. Lena Skye
  30. Lena Starr
  31. Lena Venus
  32. Lena Quinn
  33. Lena Willow
  34. Lena Wynter

Unique Middle Name Ideas for a Girl Called Lena

  1. Lena Abigail
  2. Lena Adrianna
  3. Lena Alexandria
  4. Lena Alexia
  5. Lena Ashton
  6. Lena Auguste
  7. Lena Ayanda
  8. Lena Blythe
  9. Lena Brigette
  10. Lena Brianna
  11. Lena Brina
  12. Lena Cecile
  13. Lena Cornelia
  14. Lena Cristina
  15. Lena Charlotte
  16. Lena Cuyler
  17. Lena Deanna
  18. Lena Darlene
  19. Lena Eleanor
  20. Lena Emmanuella
  21. Lena Erin
  22. Lena Elyse
  23. Lena Faith
  24. Lena Fleur 
  25. Lena Fraser
  26. Lena Gabriella
  27. Lena Hilaree
  28. Lena Isabella
  29. Lena Iris
  30. Lena Isla
  31. Lena Jadee
  32. Lena Jayne
  33. Lena Jeanette
  34. Lena Joslyn
  35. Lena Kyler
  36. Lena Kaidence
  37. Lena Kayce
  38. Lena Lillibet
  39. Lena Mona
  40. Lena Margene
  41. Lena Niala
  42. Lena Nerys
  43. Lena Nichola
  44. Lena Oceana
  45. Lena Olwen
  46. Lena Paige
  47. Lena Patricia
  48. Lena Ramona
  49. Lena Reese
  50. Lena Samone
  51. Lena Sofia
  52. Lena Tanith
  53. Lena Tamara
  54. Lena Tiana
  55. Lena Vale

One-Syllable (Short) Middle Name for Lena

  1. Lena Bea
  2. Lena Blair
  3. Lena Cate
  4. Lena Dawn
  5. Lena Elle
  6. Lena Eve
  7. Lena Jo
  8. Lena June
  9. Lena Kris
  10. Lena Li
  11. Lena Lou
  12. Lena Mae
  13. Lena Pax
  14. Lena Pearl
  15. Lena Rue
  16. Lena Sage
  17. Lena Shay
  18. Lena Tate
  19. Lena Tess
  20. Lena Viv
  21. Lena Wyn
  22. Lena Wren

Nicknames for the Name Lena

Nicknames are often shortened versions of a first or middle name. Lena is already a short name derived from names such as Marlena, Magdalena, or Helena. But, Lena can have nicknames as well and they’re often used as terms of endearments

Here are some examples of nicknames for the name, Lena:

  • Li
  • Lia
  • Len
  • Leni
  • Lele
  • Lenchen
  • Lee

Meaning of the Name Lena

What does the name Lena mean? It’s found in many languages, normally derived from another name. It was also the most popular baby girl name in Poland in 2012! Lena has its origins in Hebrew, meaning “The woman of Magdala” (from Magdalena.) It can also mean “light”, “ray of light”, or “bright” if taken from the name Helena or Jelena

Spanish Middle Names for Lena

While Lena is an actual place in Asturies, Spain, you could continue with a Spanish second name. If you have Hispanic blood in your family, you may want to acknowledge it in your choice of a middle name. By giving your child a family name, you’re honoring your heritage and culture

Here are some pretty female Spanish names you could use as a second name to Lena:

  • Lena Ava
  • Lena Aurora
  • Lena Camila
  • Lena Daniela
  • Lena Julieta
  • Lena Lucia
  • Lena Maya
  • Lena Sierra
  • Lena Triana
  • Lena Victoria

Different Ways to Spell Lena

Lena can be spelt in different ways and you may decide to do this if you want your daughter’s name to stand out in the crowd. While this is a good way of adding your own personal style to the name Lena, make sure it doesn’t sound or look silly. You also need to make certain it can’t be turned into a nickname that’ll embarrass your child as she grows up.

Use some of these suggestions to add a different slant to the way Lena is spelt:

  • Leena
  • Leenah
  • Lenah
  • Leana
  • Lina
  • Lenke
  • Lene
  • Lenai
  • Lenae

Final Thoughts

Lena is a popular girl’s name and one that suits both young children as well as adults. Finding the perfect middle name for Lena is easy to do once you take into consideration the rules for picking second names. You can also use my list of 111 middle names for Lena or pick one of the Spanish options to add a Hispanic touch to your daughter’s first name.

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