111 Best Middle Names for Leilani [Cute, Unique, Short]

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When looking for middle names for Leilani, you can pick ones that are cute, unique, or simply short and sweet. There are some hard and fast rules when picking the best middle name for Leilani. By following these rules, you can be sure your child won’t rue the day you picked a middle name for them!

Read on to find out what middle names I found for Leilani plus nicknames often used for this first name. I’ve also included different ways to spell Leilani as well as some Spanish middle names. 

How to Choose a Middle Name for Leilani

When wondering how to choose a middle name for Leilani, be sure to note the following rules:

  • Rhythm: The middle name needs to sound good with both the first and last name. You can check by saying the whole name out loud. When pronouncing all the names given to your child, they should all flow smoothly, with rhythm. 
  • Initials: The initials of all the names shouldn’t end up spelling something ridiculous that sticks with your child. Avoid this from happening by always checking the initials of all the names. Swap the initials around to make double-sure weird names don’t suddenly crop up. 
  • Meaningful: The middle name should have significant meaning such as honoring a family member or loved one. A middle name that’s meaningful will also make your child feel special. 
  • Heritage: Picking a cultural name to honor your heritage is a good way to find a middle name. This way, you’re also carrying on the family heritage by including a name that gives a nod to your family’s place of birth. 
  • Connotations: Be careful your chosen middle name isn’t associated with a famous criminal, unpopular political figure, or worse, a porn star! Children are very quick on picking on names that have bad connotations and your child could end up being teased for this. 
  • Maiden name: If your maiden name won’t be your child’s last name, why not use it as a middle name? This way, your maiden name will always be remembered. 
  • Mutual agreement: Make sure both you and your partner mutually agree to the choice of middle names. This, by the way, applies to all names you give your child! This way, you can avoid any unhappiness down the line should one partner feel they’ve been left out of picking a middle name for your child. 

There are a number of ways for finding middle names, but the easiest is to Google it or read name books to give you some ideas. You could also make use of an online baby name generator to throw out some ideas for middle names.

Make a list of the middle names that stand out for you and try them out with the first name, Leilani, and the last name. And, always use the above rules to make sure you don’t make a serious mistake when choosing a middle name for your daughter. 

Cute Middle Name Ideas for a Girl Called Leilani

  1. Leilani April
  2. Leilani Amber
  3. Leilani Belle
  4. Leilani Blue
  5. Leilani Capri
  6. Leilani Daisy
  7. Leilani Dawn
  8. Leilani Dior
  9. Leilani Emsie
  10. Leilani Fern
  11. Leilani Jazz
  12. Leilani Jewel
  13. Leilani Josie
  14. Leilani Jude
  15. Leilani Jules
  16. Leilani Lane
  17. Leilani Lark
  18. Leilani Mae
  19. Leilani Opal
  20. Leilani Peri
  21. Leilani Pearl
  22. Leilani Quinn
  23. Leilani River
  24. Leilani Sage
  25. Leilani Skye
  26. Leilani Starr
  27. Leilani Thi
  28. Leilani Vale
  29. Leilani Wren

Unique Middle Name Ideas for a Girl Called Leilani

  1. Leilani Annabelle
  2. Leilani Adri
  3. Leilani Ashton
  4. Leilani Arabella
  5. Leilani Ariel
  6. Leilani Arlette
  7. Leilani Brigitte
  8. Leilani Blake
  9. Leilani Blythe
  10. Leilani Briar
  11. Leilani Brielle
  12. Leilani Brita
  13. Leilani Brooke
  14. Leilani Camilla
  15. Leilani Celine
  16. Leilani Cara
  17. Leilani Candace
  18. Leilani Courtney
  19. Leilani Cuyler
  20. Leilani Daniella
  21. Leilani Daelene
  22. Leilani Estella
  23. Leilani Elaine
  24. Leilani Evita
  25. Leilani Faith
  26. Leilani Fleur
  27. Leilani Flor
  28. Leilani Giselle
  29. Leilani Harper
  30. Leilani Haze
  31. Leilani Isabella
  32. Leilani Isabelle
  33. Leilani Iris
  34. Leilani Isla
  35. Leilani Jeni
  36. Leilani Jessabelle
  37. Leilani Janelle
  38. Leilani Joelle
  39. Leilani Katrina
  40. Leilani Lucille
  41. Leilani McKenna
  42. Leilani Mai
  43. Leilani Morag
  44. Leilani Minerva
  45. Leilani Nicolina
  46. Leilani Nerys
  47. Leilani Neve
  48. Leilani Olwen
  49. Leilani Olive
  50. Leilani Paige
  51. Leilani Rain
  52. Leilani Reese
  53. Leilani Selena
  54. Leilani Sloane
  55. Leilani Snow
  56. Leilani Tatum
  57. Leilani Vera
  58. Leilani Willow

One-Syllable (Short) Middle Name for Leilani

  1. Leilani Ann
  2. Leilani Bay
  3. Leilani Bo
  4. Leilani Cate
  5. Leilani Cass
  6. Leilani Dew
  7. Leilani Elle
  8. Leilani Fawn
  9. Leilani Gem
  10. Leilani Jade
  11. Leilani Jo
  12. Leilani Kit
  13. Leilani Lark
  14. Leilani Mai
  15. Leilani Nell
  16. Leilani Prue
  17. Leilani Rose
  18. Leilani Rae
  19. Leilani Sade
  20. Leilani Shae
  21. Leilani Tate
  22. Leilani Val
  23. Leilani Viv
  24. Leilani Wyn

Nicknames for the Name Leilani

Nicknames are often the shortened version of the full name. They may come about as a sign of affection or because it was an easier way of pronouncing the full name. Nicknames are sometimes used to highlight a particular characteristic of a person.

Whatever the reason, if you’re looking for a pretty nickname for the name Leilani, consider the following options: 

  • Lani
  • Leila
  • Nani
  • Leila
  • Lei
  • Lele
  • Lala
  • Lali

Meaning of the Name Leilani

Leilani is a beautiful name to give a daughter and its meaning is equally special. Leilani is a Haiwaiin name and it means “heavenly child.” It’s commonly known as a Christain name and can also mean “heavenly blossoms” or “heavenly flower.” 

Spanish Middle Names for Leilani

If you have Spanish heritage in your family, on either side, why not honor it by using a middle name which has its origins in Spain? There’s no reason why you shouldn’t blend a Hawaiin first name with a Spanish middle name!

Here are some ideas of Spanish middle names that go nicely with Leilani:

  • Leilani Antonia
  • Leilani Gabriella
  • Leilani Lucia
  • Leilani Mariana
  • Leilani Marie José
  • Leilani Sofia
  • Leilani Valentina

Different Ways to Spell Leilani

You’re not bound by the traditional way of spelling Leilani. If you like this name but want to spell it differently to give it your own personal stamp, try the following ways:

  • Leilanni
  • Lailanni
  • Laylonni
  • Lauralei
  • Lailani
  • Lelani
  • Leylani

Final Thoughts

Leilani is a special name to give your baby girl. It’s a name that’ll grow with them and the nicknames are just as pretty. Finding a middle name for Leilani is simple when you use my comprehensive list of names. But, always make sure they fit in nicely with your child’s last name before deciding on your favorite.

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