A Toy for Montessori Learning for Kids Above 3 Years by KidX

Montessori Toy for leaning

Educational toys that take advantage of digital technology are being used more for Montessori learning for kids above 3 years old. KidX encourages both online and offline learning using multimodal AI technology. While still using real-life physical play, children have an interactive video and learning experience with KidX products. 

What is Kidx Toy All About? 

KidX educational toys, in particular its KidX Classbox, was designed to meet the needs of Montessori children missing out on a classroom-based experience because of the COVID-19 pandemic. KidX toys are powered by AI-technology. 

While digital learning technology can hamper a child’s developmental progress, KidX has taken this into consideration. Their product is designed to allow your child to interact with the video platform while incorporating real-life play.

What Age Group is the Kidx Classbox For? 

Based on the principles of Montessori learning, KidX Classbox teaches your child the basic essentials of mathematics. The product is most suitable for children aged 3 to 8 years old.

The Benefits of the Kidx Classbox

While the key benefit of KidX Classbox is to encourage a real-play learning experience while still using a digital platform, there are many other benefits to using this product. And, it’s ideal for parents who want their children to benefit from the Montessori method of learning. 

Teaches Brain and Logic Training 

KidX Classbox is built on the principles of Montessori Brain and Logic training. This means your child will be incorporating the Montessori method while engaging with an interactive video platform that encourages both physical and digital engagement. 

Designed for Both iOS and Android Users 

If you’re looking for an educational toy that can be used for both iOS and Android users, then KidX Classbox can be your answer. The product is made up of a hardware board that can be connected to either an iOS or Android device and a box of physical toys for hands-on play. 

Ability to Play During the COVID-19 Pandemic 

One of the biggest challenges every parent has faced during the COVID-19 pandemic is keeping their child’s educational progress on track from home. With KidX Classbox, young children stuck at home are able to use their imagination and curiosity to still learn in a fun and interactive way. 

And, for the Montessori teacher, they can rest assured they can apply the principles of this teaching method whenever using KidX Classbox with their learners. 

Uses Advanced Technology for Teaching 

AI technology is proving to be one of the most advanced tools available for teaching. It allows teachers and learners to have a virtual experience while teaching and learning new subjects. 

And, with KidX Classbox it goes one step further by ensuring your child engages physically on a multisensory level. This is done by developing a design that allows physical toys to interact with the hardware platform. 

Final Thoughts

With their Kickstarter campaign, KidX aims to reach the Montessori community on a wider scale, bringing their AI-powered educational toys to more children and their teachers. 

If you want to keep your child’s inquisitive mind alive then take advantage of the latest developments in digital and physical interactive learning tools. KidX Classbox will stimulate any kid over 3 years old even if they are forced to learn from home! Go and check out their campaign!

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