7 Baby Car Mirrors With No Headrest incl. Installation

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Baby backseat mirrors can be the ideal attachments to allow you to see what your baby is doing. However, installing a baby car mirror with no headrest on the backseat can be challenging since you have not a lot to attach it to. This is especially a problem when your car seat is the rear-facing type! What do you do in this instance? 

Here are baby car mirrors with no headrest for your rescue. 

My Top Picks

  1. Best OverallQIXI Baby Car Mirror – Rear View Baby Car Back Seat Mirror
  2. Best Value Ideapro Baby Car Backseat Mirror
  3. Best BudgetCozy Greens Rear View Baby Car Mirror Windshield 
  4. Best with Pivot OptionHeart Horse Store Baby Car Mirror Suction Cup Mirror
  5. Best One with Flexible ArmPilot Automotive MI-442 Convex Baby Mirror
  6. Best with SuctioniBoBoy Backseat Mirror Baby Mirror for Car Rear View Mirror
  7. Best SafetyAltom Car Mirror for Baby (shatterproof)

Main challenges of finding a baby mirror for a car with no headrest

The main challenge is where to attach the baby car mirror. The solution is suction cups! Using a baby mirror with suction cups means the unit can be attached to the back window or roof just above the area where the car seat will be positioned. 

Types of baby mirrors on a car without a headrest

While it’s true that most models on the market are for headrests, the good news is, there are several models that aren’t! Here are three of the most popular “no headrest” models.

Baby car mirror with suction cups

This is the most popular no headrest option – one with suction cups. Essentially, these units are mirrors with an arm or lever that uses suction cups to stick to the roof or more commonly, to the rear window. 

Unlike the easier strap-on versions used on headrests, the suction cup models will require you to regularly check the suction. Here you’ll also need to consider the size of the mirror so that you get an accurate view of the baby without obstructing your view of the road. You might also opt for convex glass to improve the viewing angle

Suction cup with adjustable arm

Some of the suction cup options have a longer, more adjustable arm. Models that offer a wider scope for adjustments will provide you with a better angle of the view of your baby. While some only offer the up and down option, other models make use of an extendable goose arm that offers a bigger range of motion.

These types of models are very beneficial for diagonal or vertical views. Unlike the models without extendable arms, these goose arm models can be secured higher up in the middle of the rear window, or even the roof. This provides a completely unobstructed view of your little one.

Clip-on Sun Visor 

Another popular type of baby mirror is the type that clips on your sun visor. These types are perfect for front-facing car seats and allow you to simply look up and see what your baby is up to. 

Clip-on sun visors are also convenient if you’re often driving around in warm temperatures. Warm temperatures are often the reason why suction cups come loose and a sun visor option avoids that situation altogether. 

Made with a convex mirror, the view of your baby will be expanded and easy to see. Baby mirrors that clip onto your sun visor are suitable for most vehicles, so irrespective of the type of car seat your vehicle has, this type will work for you, provided your little one’s seat is forward facing! 

Best Overall – QIXI Baby Car Mirror – Rear View Baby Car Back Seat Mirror

KINSEI Baby Car Mirror - Rear View Baby Car Back Seat Mirror - Child Observation Mirror Wide Convex and Shatterproof - 2 way of Connection Suitable for both Rear-facing and Forward-facing

This model is impressive because it suits both front and rear-facing seats. Strong suction cups keep the unit secure whether you’re attaching it to the front or the rear window. It also comes with straps which you can use on a headrest if you need to switch cars. The convex shape mirror makes it easy to see all the little people in the back seat without any hassle!

Product Information

  • Best suited to: Front and rear-facing
  • Dimensions: 7.3” x 4.8” x 3.4”
  • Material: Glass, Acrylic and plastic
  • Position: Front or back window


  • Different installation methods for different vehicles
  • Shatterproof acrylic prevents the risk of broken glass
  • Suitable for most vehicles


  • Loss of suction in high temperatures
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Best Value – Ideapro Baby Car Backseat Mirror

Ideapro Universal Car Rear Seat View Mirror Baby Child Safety Car Adjustable Baby Mirror Safety Seat mirror in car mirror a child in the backseat (5.78' * 2.16')

This baby mirror securely fits onto any windshield without vibrating or moving. Since there’s no distortion or glare, it’s easy to see your little one clearly in the daytime as well as the nighttime. Designed as a universal car mirror, it can fit on any windshield or rear window. Simply pivot or rotate to get the clearest view! 

Product Information

  • Best suited to: Front and rear-facing
  • Dimensions: 5.78” x 2.16”
  • Material: Glass, Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
  • Position: Front or back window


  • No fog or night glare
  • Easy installation
  • No vibration while driving


  • Doesn’t stick to textured surfaces, like roof material
  • Can be too big for small cars
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Best Budget – Cozy Greens Rear View Baby Car Mirror Windshield 

Rearview Baby Car Mirror Windshield Infant Front Facing, Shatterproof Child Safety Mirror, Adjustable Suction Cup (S) by COZY GREENS

One of the biggest advantages of the Cozy Green model is that it’s more versatile than advertised. While you might think it’s only for front-facing car seats, you might be surprised to know many parents actually use it for rear-facing car seats as well. The suction cup is also considerably stronger than most models and this unit offers a basic solution at an affordable price!

Product Information

  • Best suited to: Front-facing
  • Dimensions: 5.91” x 4.41” x 3.9” 
  • Material: Acrylic
  • Position: Front window


  • The mirror can rotate to 360-degrees for having a better view on your baby
  • Excellent suction for a budget model
  • Can actually work for front and rear-facing


  • Can’t adjust as much as some of its competitors
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Best Pivot Option – Heart Horse Store Baby Car Mirror Suction Cup Mirror

Baby Car Mirror Suction Cup, Baby Mirror for Car Rear Facing Seat Infant Adjustable Forward Facing Baby Rear View Mirror, Back Seat Infant Car Mirror Rearview Mirror for Cars without Headrest

This nifty model is made of upgraded material with a 7cm diameter suction cup which easily provides stronger adhesion on your car windshield. It also means there are no vibrations while you’re driving. An extra-large convex mirror provides you with a clear and full sight of your little one. An advantage is that this model easily fits most vehicles. With a 360-degree pivot, it allows for full maneuverability, ensuring you have the best view possible!

Product Information

  • Best suited to: Forward facing
  • Dimensions: 5.35” x 4.45” x 3.27”
  • Material: Glass
  • Position: Front window


  • Can work for front and rear-facing car seats
  • 360-degree pivot allows for different angles
  • The round mirror gives you a better view than the square alternatives


  • Mirror smaller than expected
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Best One with Flexible Arm – Pilot Automotive MI-442 Convex Baby Mirror

Pilot Automotive MI-442 Convex Baby Mirror with Suction Cup & Flexible Arm

If you’re looking for a baby mirror with a flexible arm to give the best view, this is it! With its flexible arm, this model reduces blind spots and provides a secondary angle that can easily be adjusted to keep an eye on little ones in the back seat. Made from high-quality materials, it’s guaranteed to be durable and reliable!

Product Information

  • Best suited to: Front and rear-facing
  • Dimensions: 3.25” x 6” x 7”
  • Material: Plastic and convex glass
  • Position: Front or back, depending on which type of baby seat you’re using


  • Can stick to the rear or front windows or interior such as the roof or side panel
  •  The flexible arm allows secondary angles for better and wider view
  • Secure suction cup mount 


  • Smaller diameter compared to other mirror brands
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Best with Suction – iBoBoy Backseat Mirror Baby Mirror for Car Rear View Mirror

Backseat Mirror Baby Mirror for Car Rear View Mirror Car Seat Mirror for Infant Toddler with 360 Degree Adjustable Suction Cup Small

This model is popular because of its superior suction power. Since it’s made from Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU), it’s strong enough to stick to your windshield without moving or vibrating. It’s easy to install and simply pivot or rotate the mirror for the best view!

Product Information

  • Best suited to: Front and rear-facing
  • Dimensions: 5.91” x 4.69” x 3.98”
  • Material: Glass, Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
  • Position: Front, right upper


  • No distortion or night glare
  • Quick to install
  • Easily view multiple angles


  • The reflected image is smaller than expected
  • The suction cup weakens over time
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Best Safety – Alotm Car Mirror for Baby (shatterproof)

Car Mirror for Baby, Alotm Back Seat Baby Mirror - Rear View Baby/Infant In Back Seat - Shatter-proof Safety - Suction Cup on Windshield or Clip on Car Sun Visor

This model is made from laminated plastic and not glass like so many of its competitors. This type of Acrylic plastic makes the unit not only shatterproof but durable and lightweight as well. This is why it’s the best in terms of safety.

This unit is ideal for almost any type of vehicle since the suction cup allows it to be stuck on the windshield or simply use the clip to attach to the sun visor. 

Since it’s remarkably stable, it won’t fall down or vibrate as the car moves. While the mirror might look small, the inflection is much larger, giving you a clear and unobstructed view of your little one!

Product Information

  • Best suited to: Front-facing for sun visor option, rear-facing for suction to the windshield
  • Dimensions: 11.2cm x 5.2cm x 7.9cm
  • Material: Acrylic with convex mirror
  • Position: Suction cup on windshield or clip-onto the sun visor


  • Easy to install
  • 2 types of installation methods (clip and sucker)
  • No distortion


  • Image isn’t magnified
  • Tends to fall off the windshield in warmer temperatures
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How do you put a baby mirror on a car without a headrest? (step-by-step installation)

Once you’ve purchased the most suitable baby mirror for your vehicle, it’s time to install it. The good news is, it’s not as difficult as you might think. Simply follow the steps listed below. 

Installing the suction cup (used for rear-facing car seats)

  1. Clean the windscreen using a clean cloth and rubbing alcohol
  2. Choose a spot higher up on the windscreen to ensure you get full visibility of the baby and ensure that it’s not obstructing your view
  3. Dry with a separate cloth
  4. Use rubbing alcohol to clean the interior of the suction cup, ensuring there’s no dust or dirt trapped as this will cause the cup to pull off the window
  5. Dry this area as well
  6. Wet the suction cup with a drop of non-abrasive lubricant such as skin oil
  7. Spread oil around to wet the whole suction cup
  8. Open the lever of the suction cup and press against the part of the window you cleaned
  9. Press till the suction cup is in place and release the lock latch or lever back into place
  10. Pull the cup and ensure it’s firmly in place
  11. Press the mirror’s socket onto the back of the rolling ball till it snaps into place
  12. Rotate the mirror till you achieve the perfect view of your baby, while still maintaining a clear view of the road
  13. This process will require you to sit in the driver’s seat to ensure you get the best view and you might have to adjust a few times
  14. If you have trouble keeping the suction cup on the window, ensure the cup is properly cleaned. Many parents have had success with putting a layer of oil or toothpaste around the edges of the suction cup

Clipping onto the sun visor (used for front-facing car seats)

  1. Lower the sun visor
  2. Open the child auto mirror clip by pressing it to open
  3. Attach firmly to the sun visor
  4. Double-check that it’s securely fixed
  5. Press the car mirror socket onto the rolling ball until it snaps securely into position
  6. Adjust the mirror angle until the required view is achieved
  7. (You can put a doll in the car seat while you’re testing this, to avoid dealing with a fussing baby while installing and adjusting the mirror)

Safety and reliability concerns of baby car mirrors 

Baby mirrors have some safety and reliability concerns which you need to be aware of. Let’s look at the most common concerns parents have. 

Distracting to the driver

When driving with a baby in the back, the anxiety of not knowing if your baby is choking or sleeping can cause you to try and see what’s going on. This is especially the case if your little one drops a toy or a bottle and starts fussing. 

Continuously turning around might be a lot more distracting than occasionally looking up into the reflection. Your little one will be able to see you in the reflection and calm down if they’re fussing. 

Mirrors might reflect other vehicles headlights, causing a degree of background glare

Night glare is a valid concern, but one that can easily be avoided. Simply install the mirror in the middle position and tilt it away from other vehicles’ headlights. If you’re going to be driving at night, ask a friend to come over so that you can use the reflection of their headlights to adjust your mirror accordingly.

Can fly off in an accident and injure baby or parent

The reality is, there are many objects in the car that could fly around in the event of an accident. Objects such as bottles, toys and diaper bags. Installing the mirror in the middle of the window and adjusting it will reduce the risk of it flying off directly into the baby

Test the mirror on different spots of the window to find the best spot that gives you a clear view of the whole seat. 

Final Thought

Just because your car doesn’t have headrests where your little one sits, doesn’t mean you won’t be able to see what they’re doing. With the many options available, keeping an eye on your little one has never been easier!

My overall recommendation, the QIXI Baby Car Mirror is a great product to consider. It can be used for front and rear baby seats. It also comes with straps which you can use on a headrest if you need to change cars. It’s the ideal way to keep an eye on your precious cargo without taking your attention off the road!

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