229 Pet Names for Pacifiers (Cute, Funny)

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Children love it when you name the toys they play with or the items they use every day. One item used regularly to soothe a baby is a pacifier and many parents, incl. myself encourage, their children to name them. Here’s my list of funny and cute pacifier names used around the world!

Funny and cute names for pacifiers

After deciding how many pacifiers you’ll need for everyday use, it’s time to come up with cute and funny names for them all. Naming your baby’s pacifiers keeps your little one entertained. It also allows your baby to let you know which one they want if they ask for it. Here are some names to give you inspiration for your baby’s pacifiers. 

  1. Abby
  2. Abooboo
  3. Abu 
  4. Adeedo 
  5. Agaba
  6. Abab
  7. Ba
  8. Baggy 
  9. Bailey
  10. Baloomp
  11. Bambam 
  12. Basbas
  13. Beebee
  14. Binka 
  15. Binkus
  16. Binty
  17. Blip 
  18. Bloop
  19. Boaba 
  20. Boba Fett
  21. Bonbon
  22. Bonker
  23. Bonko 
  24. Bookoo 
  25. Boomchee
  26. Booper
  27. Bowow 
  28. Bubber
  29. Bubs
  30. Buggie
  31. Bumma
  32. Bumpie
  33. Bumsie 
  34. Bungbunga
  35. Bunty 
  36. Button 
  37. Capa 
  38. Cappy
  39. Cheeka 
  40. Cheeky-boom
  41. Chochi
  42. Choo
  43. Chumpi 
  44. Chunki
  45. Clippy
  46. Coodie 
  47. Cubby
  48. Dampee
  49. Dashie
  50. Deebee
  51. Dewey 
  52. DiDi 
  53. Doh-Doh 
  54. Doli 
  55. Doobadee
  56. Doompie
  57. Dookie 
  58. Doonkee
  59. Doot doot
  60. Dooda
  61. Duggie 
  62. Dum-dum 
  63. Ee-ee 
  64. Eeepie 
  65. Eegie-neegie 
  66. Efalump 
  67. Eggy 
  68. Faba 
  69. Faloo
  70. Fee-fee
  71. Fifa
  72. Flipper 
  73. Foofoo
  74. Gaggle 
  75. Gah-Gah
  76. Galampie 
  77. Gammie
  78. Gee
  79. Glee
  80. Goofy 
  81. Goo-gee
  82. Goonie 
  83. Goosie
  84. Groot 
  85. Gum-gum 
  86. Gumpy 
  87. Hoopee
  88. Hulu 
  89. Ikki
  90. Inka 
  91. Ipi
  92. Jar-Jar 
  93. Jiggly 
  94. Joogjoog 
  95. Jubey 
  96. Kayo 
  97. Keekee 
  98. Klippy
  99. Kiks 
  100. Kirby 
  101. Kluckluck
  102. Kootie
  103. Kuku 
  104. Lala 
  105. Leeloo
  106. Libee
  107. Lompy 
  108. Loompster 
  109. Loonie 
  110. Lub-Lub
  111. Lumpy 
  112. Meeko
  113. Meema
  114. Mee-mee
  115. Meesa
  116. Micky 
  117. Migg
  118. Minkie 
  119. Moey 
  120. Moggie 
  121. Mooga
  122. Moonmoon
  123. Moop 
  124. Moppet
  125. Mumpy 
  126. Mushu 
  127. Nah-nah
  128. Nammie 
  129. Neggie 
  130. Newbie 
  131. Nibby 
  132. Nibs
  133. Nig-nig 
  134. Ninny 
  135. Nobby
  136. Noi-Noi
  137. Nommie 
  138. Nomp 
  139. Noni 
  140. Noob
  141. Noot
  142. Nucki 
  143. Nugga 
  144. Nuki 
  145. Num-noo
  146. Numpsy 
  147. Nunu
  148. Ompa 
  149. Oogie 
  150. Ottie 
  151. Patchy 
  152. Patsy 
  153. Peanut 
  154. Pepi
  155. Piffin
  156. Piffle
  157. Pip
  158. Pixie 
  159. Pleeky 
  160. Plonkie
  161. Ploompie
  162. Ploopee
  163. Pompom 
  164. Ponpon 
  165. Pompee
  166. Poppet 
  167. Poppy
  168. Puffy 
  169. Pugga 
  170. Pygmy 
  171. Raggie
  172. Rama
  173. Roo
  174. Scampi 
  175. Schnoolie
  176. Shnook
  177. Sissy 
  178. Skeeble 
  179. Skiddy 
  180. Skippy 
  181. Skittle 
  182. Skeddi
  183. Spoofie
  184. Snoopy 
  185. Snowgee
  186. Soogie 
  187. Sooshie 
  188. Speetie 
  189. Suggee
  190. Taffy
  191. Tata
  192. Tafata
  193. Tagolong
  194. Tappy
  195. Tatti 
  196. Taytay 
  197. Teef-teef
  198. Teek
  199. Tetee 
  200. Tetti-Tatti
  201. Tiggy 
  202. Tinkee
  203. Tippy 
  204. Tito
  205. Tonka
  206. Toodi 
  207. Toogee 
  208. Toomie 
  209. Towa Towa
  210. Tulipee
  211. Twitchee
  212. Uggie
  213. Ugo
  214. Unagie 
  215. Ubub
  216. Ubber
  217. Veedee
  218. Wan-wan
  219. Weeba 
  220. Wibnib
  221. Wompa
  222. Worbler 
  223. Wubbee
  224. Ya-ya
  225. Yippee 
  226. Yogi 
  227. Zimmy 
  228. Zippy
  229. Zum-Zum

How to decide the right name for your child’s pacifiers

Now that you have an entire list of pacifier names, how do you pick the best one? Here are some pointers to help you pick a pacifier name your baby will love: 

  • Easy to pronounce: Babies have a limited vocabulary and they’re still learning to enunciate their words. So you want to pick a name that’s easy for your baby to say. Some babies have a difficult time pronouncing words with F or K. So choose a name with softer consonants and vowels that are easy for babies. Choose names starting with N or B.  
  • The ending of the name: Babies love words ending in A or E because it’s easy for them to learn. Choose a pacifier name such as Toogee or Nugga. 
  • Repetition: Babies also tend to love doubling names such as Nah-Nah or Mee-mee. Dum-dum is also a popular choice because it’s another way to say “dummy” (another word for pacifier). 
  • Choose a name from a movie: Sometimes objects or character names from Disney movies can give you cute names for your baby’s pacifier. Or you can simply change the way you say it. For example, you can change the name Tinkerbell to Tinkie and use it as a pacifier name. 
  • Gibberish: The name you choose doesn’t have to make sense or have a meaning behind it. It can be complete gibberish. Sometimes the most funny-sounding names are the best choices to name pacifiers because babies learn the word quicker. 

Finding cute and funny names are easy but choosing the best one can be difficult. Whether you’re looking for cute stuffed animal names or names for your baby’s pacifier you can use the method above.  

Why You Should Name Your Baby’s Pacifier 

The reason why it’s so important to name your baby’s pacifier is that children are able to remember objects with unique names better. 

Did you know that naming your baby’s toys or objects such as pacifiers can help with their linguistic and cognitive development? The research examined how naming objects influenced infants and young childrens’ interpretation of objects and their categories.

Furthermore, the research also suggests that 10-month-old babies devote greater visual attention to objects that have been named compared to ones that aren’t. You can read more about this research here

Tips on How to Get Your Baby to Remember the Pacifier Name

Want to help your baby remember the cute name you’ve given his or her pacifier? Here are some tips that will make the process easier: 

  • Repetition is key: When you sing the same nursery rhymes or if you say a word over and over again, your baby will start to pick up on the repetition. If you repeatedly name the pacifier when giving it to your baby, he or she will start to remember its name. 
  • Use melodies: Babies learn information faster when it’s paired with a song or a melody. Use a fun melody to sing the name of the pacifier to your baby to help your little one remember the object’s name. The melody or rhyming words help your baby with memory retention. 
  • Talk to your baby: To help your baby remember the pacifier name you should create conversations with your little one when presenting the pacifier. Talking to your baby helps build their vocabulary. So ask questions such as “do you want your nummy?” or “Where’s your dum dum?” This will encourage your baby to answer and it will help your little one place an object to a name to remember it easily.
  • Smile: Your baby is more likely to remember something when it’s accompanied by a positive emotion. So when you show your little one the pacifier, say the name of it while smiling and using a happy tone. Positive emotion heightens a baby’s attention so use positivity when presenting your baby with his or her pacifier with a cute or funny name. 

Use these methods whenever you want your baby to remember something such as a toy name, or even yours or their own name. 

Final Thoughts

You can invent your own pacifier name or choose one from the list I’ve created above. No matter what your choice is, a cute and funny name is the ideal way to keep your little one happy. Your baby may even come up with his or her own pacifier name that you can use. But if you’re not feeling creative use the list I created above to choose a funny or cute name for your baby’s pacifier. 

The advantage of names for toys, pacifiers, or other items your baby uses is that the names become a tradition. Sometimes they’re passed down from generation to generation. This means these names become part of your family’s tradition. So which one will you choose? And once you have the right name, how do you actually keep it clean so the pacifier won’t turn yellow?

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