NAN Pro vs Lactogen – DIFFERENCES? Best One?

nan pro and lactogen comparison

Are you looking for infant formula for your baby and trying to decide between NAN Pro vs Lactogen formulas? Making the right pick depends on a number of factors and both NAN Pro and Lactogen are good infant formulas which can make it difficult to decide. But, there are some differences worth taking note of so read on to find out they are!

NAN Pro and Lactogen are Nestle brands. NAN Pro is available in two stages while Lactogen comes in four stages. Both products include probiotics for easy digestion but NAN Pro includes 2’ FL-HMO, a prebiotic found naturally in breastmilk. NAN Pro is more expensive than Lactogen. 

Comparison Table: NAN Pro vs Lactogen

DescriptionNAN Pro Lactogen 
Vitamins and Minerals2726
Protein2.1g – 4gUp to 14.2g (depending on stage)
Immune supportYes (with probiotics and 2’ FL-HMO))Yes (with probiotics)
Bone supportYesYes
Brain development supportYesYes
Age0 – 12 months+12 months0 – 6 months6 – 12 months+12 months18 – 24 months
ConveniencePowder formula in resealable tin canister with feeding  scoopPowder formula in 400g packaging with feeding scoop (needs to be transferred to an air-tight container once opened)

NAN Pro vs Lactogen – Similarities and Differences 

NAN Pro and Lactogen are Nestle brands. NAN Pro is manufactured by Gerber, a subsidiary of Nestle USA while Lactogen is a brand of Nestle India

Stages/Age Group

NAN Pro is an infant formula designed in the following stages:

Lactogen is also a spray dried infant formula and is available in the following stages:

  • Lactogen 1: For babies from newborn to six months old
  • Lactogen 2: For babies six to 12 months old.
  • Lactogen 3: For older babies over 12 months old. 
  • Lactogen 4: For toddlers from 18 to 24 months old. 


NAN Pro infant formula includes probiotics, L. reuteri, and 2’- FL HMO (human milk oligosaccharide), a crucial prebiotic found naturally in the mother’s breast milk. Both of these ingredients are vital in supporting your baby’s gut health, and keeping it healthy and in balance. 

All Lactogen infant formulas do include probiotics (L. reuteri) for easy digestion. Probiotics also play a role in reducing the risk of allergies from a young age. 

Nutrition and Ingredients

NAN Pro and Lactogen use a similar combination of vitamins and minerals. NAN Pro infant formulas have a combination of 27 vitamins and minerals compared to Lactogen with 26 variations. Both products include protein, fats, carbohydrates, water, and linoleic acids. 

Side Effects

It’s not unusual for babies fed infant formula to experience some side effects including gas, upset tummies, constipation, vomiting, and diarrhea. Both NAN Pro and Lactogen can result in side effects but it’s not common. However, it’s important to watch for any signs that indicate your baby isn’t comfortable drinking either formula.

Manufacturers of NAN Pro advise not feeding NAN Pro to preemies or infants with immature immune systems as the powdered infant formula isn’t sterilized. This may compromise their immune system. 

Nestle NAN Pro

The Nestle NAN Pro 1 is a special combination of ingredients and probiotics for easy digestion while supporting and protecting the infant’s immune system. It provides high-quality nutrition, giving you peace of mind your baby is getting all it needs when you’re not breastfeeding or supplementing.

Why consider it

If you’re looking for a balanced, nutritious infant formula for your baby from birth or need to switch over from the breast during your baby’s first year, this is a good pick. Your baby’s digestive health will be taken well care of with the inclusion of both L. reuteri probiotics and 2’ FL-HMO prebiotics. It also means your baby will have a happier tummy with easier digestion! 

The formulation also includes iron for healthy brain and growth development. Experts have formulated the powder milk to imitate breastmilk, giving you peace of mind all your baby’s growing needs will be met with the right nourishment. Preparation is simple. All you have to do is add the right quantity of formula to your baby’s bottle and mix it with clean water. 

NAN Pro infant formulas come in a tin canister with a resealable lid, keeping the contents air-tight once opened. A feeding scoop is also included to help you get the right measurements when preparing your baby’s bottle. A quick tip: using wide-neck or narrow-neck bottles make it easier to use with formula. You’re less likely to spill powdered milk when scooping it into a wide-neck bottle!


  • Reduces gas and colic
  • Helps underweight babies gain weight
  • Reduces constipation
  • Very few side effects


  • Can cause runny green or yellow poo 
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Lactogen is also a Nestle product. The Nestle Lactogen Stage 3 is a follow-up infant formula for babies older than 12 months. It’s available in 400g recyclable packaging and includes a feeding scoop to get the right quantities when making up a bottle. 

Why consider it

Once your baby reaches 12 months, you need to switch to an infant formula with the right ingredients and nutrients to support this growing stage. This follow-up powdered infant formula has all the vitamins and minerals plus proteins, fats, and carbohydrates your active toddler needs. It also includes probiotics, essential for easy digestion while protecting your little one’s gut health. 

Preparation is simple by adding lukewarm, clean water to your baby’s water before scooping in the exact amount of formula. Shake the bottle and you’re ready to feed your baby. Depending on where you purchase your product from, Lactogen often comes in a 400g carton which isn’t air-tight once opened. This means you need to transfer the powdered milk into a resealable container. 


  • Comes in larger quantities
  • Babies love the taste
  • Very few side effects
  • Well-priced


  • Packaging not air-tight
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Can I change from Lactogen to NAN?

If you find your baby isn’t doing well on Lactogen (or any other type of infant formula), you can switch to NAN Pro. NAN Pro is gentler on the stomach with its additional probiotics including 2” FL-HMO. When switching from one formula to another, there may be some fussiness and stool changes until your baby settles down with the changeover.

Is NAN Pro good for babies?

NAN Pro is particularly good for babies who may struggle with digesting infant formula. What’s more, the inclusion of high-quality probiotics also reduces the risk of your baby developing allergies. 

Does NAN Pro make babies fat?

NAN Pro, as with any other infant formula, can make your baby gain weight. It’s important to monitor your baby’s growth pattern. Weight gain on infant formula can happen if your baby isn’t active enough or you’re overfeeding your little one

Watch this video to find out about NAN Pro and weight gain in babies.


While NAN Pro and Lactogen are both Nestle products, making them good infant formulas, my top pick in this review is NAN Pro 1. Why? Because its formulation, which includes essential probiotics and 2’ FL-HMO, closely resembles mom’s breastmilk. You can rest assured your baby is getting all the nutrients they need for healthy development and growth while benefiting from good digestive health. 

And how about the differences between Nan Pro and Enfamil?

You could also look at Gerber Gentle / Soothe / Soothe Pro / Enfamil Gentlease for alternative formulas if you want to use another Gerber infant formula. But, when it comes to choosing between NAN Pro and Lactogen, the former is my pick!

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