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Nanit Floor Stand vs Wall Mount – Which is Best for Your Nanit Baby Monitor?

You’ve been researching baby monitors and like the look of the Nanit brand. Now, your next decision is to choose between the Nanit floor stand vs wall mount. Which is the better option when mounting your baby monitor’s camera? I’d go for the floor stand option because of the flexibility it offers.

Baby monitors help parents to stress less when their baby is out of sight. This equipment monitors your baby during sleep time and when they’re awake. This piece of equipment, considered as essential by many parents, gives you peace of mind when tracking your baby.

Wall Mount or Floor Stand? Which One When Using the Nanit Baby Monitors

I’ve covered baby monitors extensively in on my site. I’ve discussed Nanit Plus Smart Baby Monitor and Wall Mount in detail, as well as comparing it with other top-notch baby monitors. The Nanit Plus Smart Baby Monitor offers parents everything its predecessor does but with some major upgrades. Your research will have told you it has two-way audio, advanced user permissions, and is able to play nature sounds. And, it plays white sound to help your little one fall asleep.

These features and more are what make the Nanit Plus Smart Baby Monitor seem like a good buy. But is wall mounting the way to go? Or floor stand?

After diving into the brand, I explored this question some more. My findings should help you make your decision easier.

Who is Nanit? Get to Know the Brand

I always like to know the story behind a brand when I decide to use one of their products. Nanit takes its business seriously! Their products are innovative and come about through a collaboration of experts. These include parents, designers, and scientists.

The Nanit team consists of sleep researchers, clinicians, pediatricians, computer vision experts, and human-centric design leaders. Pretty impressive! And I guess it’s safe to say their products are focused on high safety standards. With a smart approach to parenting.

The Nanit Sleep System: How Does it Work?

The Nanit sleep system’s purpose is to help you and your baby sleep more soundly. It can be used at night-time, for naps, and any other time in between.

The system is designed to be your baby’s personal sleep trainer. The Nanit Plus Camera gives you a wide, clear view of your baby with either the wall mount or the floor stand.

It gives you sensor-free breathing motion monitoring, vital for peace of mind. The two-way audio lets you connect with your baby without having to leave your bed. Simply sing a lullaby or say hello without resorting to holding your baby in the middle of the night.

What’s more, your baby’s sleep patterns are tracked and you won’t have to guess what is happening with their sleeping. If they’re grumpy in the morning, you can check what kind of night’s sleep they had.

This product even monitors the temperature and humidity of the baby’s room. So, if it gets too uncomfortable for your little one, you’ll get a notification. Before your baby is disturbed, you can adjust the temperature or throw an extra blanket on your baby.

Nanit has gone one step further and includes a free one-year of Nanit Insights – giving you video history and sleep tracking and coaching. Tips and guidance from some of the best baby sleep experts will guide you through your Nanit app.

Memories are created with Nanit’s videos and you can share them with the grandparents, no matter where they are.

Nanit Smart Baby Monitor: Is This the Right One for You?

Nanit has thought of everything when it comes to their Nanit Plus Smart Baby Monitor. Is this the perfect baby monitor for you? It is if it solves the following problems for you:

  • It helps to calm your anxiety when your baby is not sleeping in the same room as you.
  • Keeps you connected when you’re away from home on business and want to stay in touch with your baby.
  • Allows for smoother transitioning of your baby from your bedroom to their nursery.
  • Highlights what may be causing your baby to wake frequently during the night (it could be as simple as the room temperature being too hot or too cold).
  • Trains your baby to sleep on their own without you needing to get up constantly during the night to reassure them.
  • Gives you expert advice and guidance on your baby’s sleeping patterns.
  • Lets you hold onto every memory of your baby’s moments with its digital album – even during sleep time, your baby’s moments are special!

Key Features of Nanit Plus Smart Baby Monitor and Floor Stand

To save you some time, I’ve listed the key features of the Nanit Plus Smart Baby Monitor and Floor Stand which is my top choice:

  • Precise and clear overhead HD view of your baby, day and night with flexible floor stand
  • You can use your iOS, Kindle Fire, Echo Show, or Android device
  • Hear and speak to your baby with the two-way audio
  • Monitor the temperature and humidity of your baby’s room and receive notifications
  • Sleep stats are given every morning and a time-lapse highlight video of their sleep
  • Personalized advice and guidance from sleep experts on your Nanit app
  • The capture of memories which can be shared with friends and families
  • Winner of the 2019 National Parenting Product Award (NAPPA Awards)

Floor Stand vs Wall Mount: What are The Differences?

Now you know the Nanit Plus Smart Baby Monitor is your best choice. Let’s talk about the options for mounting the camera.

  • Floor stand: This option gives you flexibility. You can place the camera anywhere by the crib. It can lean against the wall or used in freestanding mode. If your baby’s crib is not against the wall, the floor stand can be moved rather than rearranging the baby’s furniture in the nursery.
  • Wall mount: This is attached directly onto the wall. Once fitted in place, you have no option to move the camera. If your baby’s crib is next to the wall, then the wall mount works perfectly.

Here’s a great introductory video by the Nanit team.

Either way, Nanit ensures your camera has:

The price is different for the two different options, the floor stand being more expensive than the wall mount option.

Ask yourself the following questions when deciding which option to go with:

  • Is the space in my baby’s nursery big enough to take a floor stand without it getting in my way?
  • Will my baby’s crib stay in one place against the wall if I decide to go with the wall mount option?
  • Which option suits my budget?

And if you’re still needing more advice about mounting your baby monitor, read my article about different mounting options.


Does Nanit work with Echo Show?

Yes, it does. Creators of Nanit announced the integration with the Alexa Show line of products in 2019. This allows users of the Nanit Smart Baby Monitor to work with the Amazon Echo Show and Echo Spot effortlessly. The voice control capabilities give you access to your baby without disturbing their sleep or disrupting your own routine.

What’s the cost of the Nanit subscription?

Three options are available for you to choose from. They include:

  • Nanit Insights: $5/month
  • Insights Premium: $10/month or $100/year
  • Nanit Unlimited: $30/month or $300/year

Each option gives you a different number of days, number of users, and number of shared memories.

Does the Nanit Plus Smart Baby Monitor monitor breathing?

Nanit’s Breathing Wear product can work together with your Nanit Plus Smart Baby Monitor. It’ll monitor your baby’s breathing and alert you should your baby need your attention. This product is sold separately from the Nanit Plus Smart Baby Monitor.

Final Word: Wall Mount or Floor Stand?

The Nanit Plus Smart Baby Monitor is exactly what they say it is: smart, reliable, and effective. Choosing the right mounting option between the Nanit wall mount vs floor stand will optimize the features. The floor stand stands out for me because of its better features.

But the choice depends on your personal needs and requirements. If you’re moving your baby around often, the floor stand makes sense. But, if the wall mount gives you the ease of use knowing your camera is securely in one place, then it works just as well.

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