Singer 4432 vs 4452 – Ultimate Comparison of Two Sewing Machines

Singer sewing machine comparison

When you’re into serious heavy-duty sewing, you’ll discover there’s a range of Singer models to choose from. It took me a while before I decided the Singer Heavy Duty 4432 sewing machine would be my pick from the Singer 4432 vs Singer 4452 comparison.

When you end up looking at two models that are almost identical, you start to wonder which one is better. This is what happened when I looked at the Singer 4432 and Singer 4452 Heavy Duty models. I was curious to find out more and was surprised by what I discovered in the end.

Head to Head: Singer 4432 vs 4452

Since entering the realm of sewing machines, especially when it comes to Singer’s models, I’ve been blown away by the wide variety available. I’ve spoken about why you want to choose an industrial sewing machine over a domestic machine. I’ve reviewed models 4411, 4423, and the 44S. But, there’s more, and today’s review will help you look at two models that are head to head: The Singer Heavy Duty 4432 and the Singer Heavy Duty 4452. If you’re looking to demonstrate your skills as a sewist, these two models could be the best ones to pick. Of course, which one is always the question, isn’t it? The choice should be simple especially if you know what you want to achieve from your sewing projects. By the way, fathers can use sewing machines just as much as mothers can! Guys, watch this video to find out more!

4432 vs 4452 – Similarities and Differences

At a glance, I was left wondering what exactly sets these two models apart. They share so much in common. After some research, I found what made the two machines different. These two sewing machines aren’t exactly as head-to-head as I originally believed. Find out for yourself what features they do share and what sets them apart:

  • Stitch Applications: Both models have 110 stitch applications. They both share the same 32 built-in stitches feature as well.
  • Sewing Speed: They both have a sewing speed of 1 100 stitches per minute.
  • Presser Feet: Here’s a feature that did set the two models apart. The Singer 4432 Heavy Duty has 4 presser feet included while the Singer 4452 has 9 presser feet included.
  • Buttonhole Feature: Both models share the automatic 1-step buttonhole feature.
  • Automatic Needle Threader: This feature is included in both machines.
  • Easy-to-load Bobbin: Another feature both the Singer 4432 and Singer 4452 Heavy Duty sewing machines was the bobbin load from the top making it easy to insert.
  • Metal Frame: Both sewing machines have heavy-duty metal frames for overall stability and durability.
  • Drop Feed Capabilities: They each have simple to use drop feed levers to disengage the feed dogs.
  • Accessories: Both sewing machines include standard accessories such as the all-purpose foot zipper, buttonhole foot, button sewing foot, seam ripper/lint brush, quilting guide, needles, bobbins and tools such as a screwdriver.
  • Pricing: The Singer Heavy Duty 4452‘s price was relatively comparable with the Singer Heavy Duty 4432.

What is the key difference between Singer 4432 and Singer 4452?

So, despite the pricing and the presser feet differences, what really set these two sewing machines apart? It’s all in the accessories. There’s a bonus assortment of heavy-duty accessories included with the Singer 4452. It includes four bonus heavy-duty optimized accessories which include:

  • Even feed/walking foot for layers of fabric
  • Non-stick foot for leather and vinyl
  • A 5-pack of Size 16 needles
  • A clearance plate for thick seams

Do both the Singer 4432 and 4452 work well for heavyweight fabrics?

Yes. Both models work well on heavyweight fabrics although the bonus heavy-duty accessories that come with the Singer 4452 can make the job easier. So both work well e.g. if you want to repair the canvas on your outdoor furniture.

What colors do the Singer 4432 and Singer 4452 come in?

These models both come in gray.

Things to Look for in a Sewing Machine

Is this the first sewing machine you’re buying? There are some important things to look for in a machine before purchasing one. Keep your eyes peeled for the following features.

  • Stitching Applications: How many stitches do you want from your machine? If it’s basic repairs you’re doing then you don’t need as many stitch applications as you would for making a beautiful garment. Stitch speed is also useful to know especially if you want to get through items quickly.
  • Adjustable Stitch Length/Width: It’s useful to be able to tighten your stitching for those intricate jobs and lengthen for design variability. Not all machines offer this flexibility.
  • Motor Power: This is important if you intend on doing heavy-duty sewing jobs using materials like denim and canvas. The stronger the motor the heavier the fabric you can work with.
  • Mechanical vs Computerized: While computerized machines seem like fun, they’re more expensive than mechanical machines. It’s easier to maintain mechanical machines and servicing is cheaper.
  • Affordability: Your budget will determine the type of machine you can afford without compromising on quality. If you’re on a strict budget look out for features such as warranty and accessories.
  • Accessories: Accessories are important in a sewing machine. Additional accessories not included with your sewing machine can be purchased separately. They are extremely useful for those specialty jobs and for adding quality to your end-product. Singer always recommends you buy their branded accessories if you’re using their sewing machine. I found this fascinating accessory that would make any quilter’s heartbeat pick up in an instant! It stops the fabric from shifting while sewing and it easily matches plaids and stripes. It’s the best presser foot for quilting as it allows for even feed. It can be used comfortably with pile fabrics, another bonus for quilters.

My Top Picks

Product Reviews

Best Overall – Singer Heavy Duty 4432

SINGER Heavy Duty Sewing Machine With Included Accessory Kit, 110 Stitch Applications 4432, Perfect For Beginners, Gray

While this model did not have the bonus heavy-duty accessories included, I chose this model as it will do most sewing jobs comfortably. With its standard accessories, both creative and repair sewing jobs could be achieved. The soft-sided dust cover can be easily thrown over the machine when not in use, keeping it dust-fre

Who It’s For

This is perfect for parents looking for an all-rounder sewing machine.

Why You Should Buy It

As with all Singer sewing machines, the heavy-duty metal frame adds stability and durability. An accessory tray houses all the accessories included, keeping them neat and tidy.

Product Information

  • Dimensions: 15.2 x 6.25 x 12″
  • Weight: 14.6 lbs
  • Warranty: Limited 90-day for adjustments, belts, rings, bulbs, attachments/ 2-years for motors, light assembly, wiring, switches, speed control, and electronics
  • Color: Gray


  • High-quality
  • Versatile
  • Clear bobbin window


  • Hard on needles
  • Difficult to find English instructions
  • Can seem noisy for some sewists
View on Amazon

Runner-up – Singer Heavy Duty 4452

SINGER | Heavy Duty 4452 Sewing Machine

Why would you end up choosing this sewing machine over the Singer 4432? If you’re going to be making a habit of sewing heavyweight fabrics and materials, the bonus heavy-duty accessories will come in handy. The heavy-duty interior metal frame ensures skip-free sewing and the stainless-steel bedplate lets you sew smooth fabric effortlessly. The large variety of stitches gives you more scope for getting creative with your products. And the 1,100 stitches per minute speed rate means you’ll get your job done in a flash!

Who It’s For

This is perfect for parents who are into manufacturing heavyweight fabric/material items.

Why You Should Buy It

Many parents are always looking for a way to earn some extra cash. If you’re a skilled and creative sewist, you could use this model to help you with manufacturing large quantities of your product. Singer calls this model a true workhorse. You can rely on its durability and solidity.

Product Information

  • Dimensions: 15.5 x 6.25 x 12″
  • Weight: 15.71 lbs
  • Warranty: Limited 90-day for adjustments, belts, rings, bulbs, attachments/ 2-years for motors, light assembly, wiring, switches, speed control and electronics
  • Color: Gray


  • Can handle multiple layers of materials
  • Affordable heavy-duty sewing machine
  • Built-in light


  • Only uses small thread spools
  • Not easy to manage speed
  • Disappointing decorative stitches
View on Amazon

An accessory to consider – Singer Black Universal Canvas Tote

SINGER | Machine Carrying Case, Black, Spacious Case Fits Most Standard Sewing Machines and Sergers, Fully-Padded Interior, Durable Canvas Exterior, Easy Zip, Large Front Pocket, Easy Transport

This carrying case is great for a Singer machine as it protects it from bumps and scratches. It’s also helpful for dust-free storage of your sewing machine.

View on Amazon


It was interesting to note the only major difference between the two models was the four bonus heavy-duty accessories. Extra accessories can be the deal-breaker when choosing your sewing machine. I felt the Singer Heavy Duty 4432 would cover the scope of sewing we are likely to do in our home. But I would understand why some sewists would choose the Singer 4452. You know the difference lies in the extra heavy-duty accessories and only you can decide how important this factor is. Would it make you choose the Singer 4452 when comparing the Singer 4432 vs Singer 4452 models?

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6 thoughts on “Singer 4432 vs 4452 – Ultimate Comparison of Two Sewing Machines”

  1. Helene Mercier

    Merci beaucoup cela m’a beaucoup aidé à choisir. Ce que j’ai compris ce ne sont que les pieds supplémentaires.

  2. While both are heavy duty machines, can either/both be used for sewing fine lightweight fabrics as well?

    1. Balint Horvath, PhD

      Thanks, Susan for the great question. By adjusting the pressure of the presser foot on both the Singer 4432 and 4452 heavy-duty sewing machines, you can use these machines for sewing lightweight fabrics. Choosing the right needle is also essential when sewing fine, lightweight fabrics. Singer recommends using regular point machine needle type and 9 – 11 (70-80) needle size for the following lightweight fabrics: thin cottons, voile, silk, muslin, interlocks, cotton knits, tricots, jerseys, crepes, woven polyester, shirt & blouse fabrics.

      The manufacturer also recommends using the right thread such as polyester or cotton-wrapped polyester for best results.

  3. Jill Padgette

    Thanks for the comparison. One question I have is whether the gears in these machines are metal or plastic. I see they both have metal frames, but would you let me know about the gears? Thanks!

    1. Balint Horvath, PhD

      Thank you for your question regarding the gears of the two sewing machines, the Singer 4432 and the Singer 4452. I spoke to a representative from Singer today and she confirmed that all sewing machines, regardless of brand or model, are made with nylon gears. The decision to change over from metal to nylon was based on research that determined nylon is far more resistant to strain than metal gears. As a result, they last longer giving you more service from your sewing machine for years to come.

      Thank you for reading my comparison review and I hope this answer encourages you to still explore using either the 4432 or 4452 models.

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