Singer 4452 vs 4423 Comparison – Which Industrial Machine?

Sewing machine 4423 and 4452 comparison

People pursue sewing for different reasons, but one thing you can agree with is that sewing is a useful skill to have. Whether you need to add an extra pocket to your child’s shirt, or make a quilt or a tent, a sewing machine will come in handy for you and your family. Shopping for a machine, however, can be a daunting task. Which industrial machine should you go for? Besides the features you’ll get, you need a long-lasting machine and one that will not break your bank.

We compared Singer 4452 vs 4423 to give you the best option. As you’ll see, choosing the best one really depends on your needs.

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Singer 4452 vs 4423 – differences and similarities

Perhaps the most notable difference between the two is the built-in stitches. Singer 4423 has only 23 stitches, while singer 4452 has 32 built-in stitches. The basic stitches in both are the same, but the 4452 model has three extra stitches and six decorative stitches, which makes it the superior model.

Singer has many heavy-duty sewing machines in their ‘44’ series, but Singer 4452 and 4423 are the most famous. They came with a high stitch quality and still have the same great features Singer machines are known for. Yet, you don’t need to spend a fortune to own one.

Although the two models have the same basic accessories, Singer 4452 also has a walking foot, clearance plate, non-stick foot, and you can use heavy-duty needles up to size 16. The two models appear to be of the same color, but Singer 4423 is lighter than its counterpart 4452, which has a shade of slightly darker grey.

Both machines, however, come with an automatic needle threader, drop feed, extra high-pressure foot filer, free arm, top drop-in bobbin, and an excellent heavy-duty motor, which gives both machines consistent stitches.

What is an Industrial Sewing Machine?

Unlike a domestic machine, an industrial machine is built to last longer, take more abuse, and it comes with superior quality parts and a motor. A domestic machine will be made of plastic and nylon, but the industrial counterpart will have its gear, housings, body, and connecting rods made of aluminum or cast iron.

Some industrial machines may perform specific tasks, have different types of stitches, and go through heavy materials like leather without glitches. This gives you greater flexibility compared to what a domestic machine offers.

Advantages of An Industrial Sewing Machine

Fast Sewing

Sewing with a needle and thread is common in many households, but what turns off most people is the time it takes to get through a simple repair. A sewing machine goes through the task quickly, making it the best option, especially if you have tons of projects to finish. If you are pursuing sewing for business purposes, then you understand how crucial time is. An industrial machine comfortably does 1,000 plus stitches a minute so you can finish with one project quickly and move on to the next.

Neat and Accurate Stitches

Industrial sewing machines give you the flexibility to choose decorative stitches, make beautiful laces, couch decoration ribbons, and sew bindings. If you need to embroider a garment, you will have a field day with an industrial machine because of how fast and accurate the stitches will be. While such tasks are difficult and time-consuming to perform by hand, a sewing machine will breeze through it.

Sew Heavy Fabrics

Perhaps this is the most essential benefit of having an industrial machine. Sewing heavy fabrics like denim is a pain when you need to do it by hand, but an industrial machine is made for precisely this. Even when layering fabrics, you need a machine that will maintain neat, consistent stitches, strong, durable stitches, and nothing can do it better than in an industrial machine.

Make Your Own Clothes

One reason to buy a sewing machine is the possibility of making your own clothes. At first, it seems like a major task, but after you follow a few simple patterns, you can become a pro. You can pick out fabrics, colors, designs, and accessories for your clothes. Your clothes become a true reflection of your style. Also, a sewing machine helps you tailor-make clothes you love that don’t fit you as you’d like. By becoming your own tailor, you save money, and you stop drowning in your clothes.

You Can Start Your Own Business

When you start, it will be hard to sew with all the intricacies involved in making items. But with time you will master the skill and sew like an expert. Once you learn the skill, you can start a sewing business where you make quilts, bags, curtains, clothes, furniture covers, and other items for people. A business requires that you have a high-quality machine that guarantees neat stitches and durable garments. You can even customize your home by sewing bedspreads, throw pillow covers, curtains, etc.

Great for Your Mental Health

Sewing and crafting are great ways to have your creative juices running. As you create, you naturally release endorphin, the happy hormone, which helps you relax and remain happy. Also, sewing does not make you feel guilty, even when you don’t do a perfect job. This makes you relax as you make something you will end up using. The look on your kid’s faces when you sew them something they like will also keep you happy and boost your self-esteem.

Best Performance – Singer 4452

SINGER | Heavy Duty 4452 Sewing Machine

As a heavy-duty machine, singer 4452 comes with 60% motor power compared to its series counterparts, which makes it suitable for stitching thick materials like denim, layers of materials, and canvas. This might be a good choice for you if you intend to interact with other materials apart from the general cotton and silk. Like other Singer machines, the 4452 model is long-lasting, has a stainless-steel bedplate, and has a 48% faster-stitching speed compared to other industrial Singer machines.

Product info:

  • Stitches: 32 built-in stitches
  • Speed: 1,100 stitches per minute
  • Motor: 60% stronger than other Singer ‘44’ models
  • Accessories: 4 bonus accessories
  • Electricity ratings: 110 V / 0.7 A / 200 W/ 60 Hz


  • Can go through a tack of layers
  • You can use a 16-inch needle for heavy materials
  • Has a quick threading tool, yet it’s light and has the size of a regular machine
  • Comes with a cover
  • Stable when sewing and has a razor on the size to cut threads as you sew


  • Has a little tension before you get used to it
  • Pestle is a little sensitive at first
  • You can only use the small spools of thread
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Best Price – Singer 4423

SINGER | 4423 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine With Included Accessory Kit, 97 Stitch Applications, Simple, Easy To Use & Great for Beginners

Singer 4423 is designed to support heavy-duty stitching and easily sews its way through layers of fabrics without a glitch. It’s a versatile machine that will do everything you set it up for, including sewing totes and bags, quilts, leather bags, among other items. The model has a strong motor and automatic needle threader, which makes it ideal to sew all kinds of fabrics.

Product info:

  • Stitches: 23 built-in stitches
  • Speed: 1,100 stitches per minute
  • Automatic needle threader
  • Heavy-duty metal case and stainless-steel bedframe
  • Accessories: basic


  • A budget-friendly option
  • Can handle heavy fabrics in multiple layers
  • Fast and precise when sewing
  • Clear set-up instructions
  • Quiet and lightweight
  • Beautiful consistent stitches


  • Has a little thread tension
  • The foot control is sensitive
  • Might move when you move heavy stock through
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Owning a sewing machine comes with tons of advantages, but you won’t be enjoying any of them if you don’t have the right industrial machine. Depending on your needs, you could choose between Singer 4452 and 4423. If you need a lot of decorative stitches and accessories, or an industrial machine for business purposes, then the 4452 model is your best option. If you don’t need anything fancy, then the 4423 model will serve you well.

If you want to compare the 4452 model to another great one, 4432, I wrote another article about it which you might want to check out. Or are you interested to see the difference between 4423 and 4411 or 44S?

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